Generous, my ASS!

You know what?
I think I hate Oprah.
I do. She gives away a new car to her entire audience and everyone is all “ohhhh Oprah is so kind and giving and generous! She’s amazing! She gave everyone a new car! LET’S ALL WORSHIP OPRAH!!!”
No, let’s not.
Oprah didn’t give anyone a car, Pontiac did.
But Oprah gets the glory. She gets credit.
The woman is a billionare, no? Yet every time “she” gives something away, it’s donated.
Gah, that irritates me. BADLY.
And don’t even get me started on how she had the NERVE to tell her audience that fake flowers are unacceptable to put in your home, because, yeah Oprah, we all can afford to have freshly cut, totally REAL flowers in our houses just like you, right?

34 thoughts on “Generous, my ASS!

  1. J.Nel

    She did give a great deal of money to the kids in Africa…. I don’t like Oprah, she just annoys me, but I do feel like she gives a lot. Seriously, I bet she gives a shit ton more then most of the gabizllionaires in this country.

  2. mrsG

    How can you trust someone that takes 2 hooours to put on her face? She single handedly keeps the make-up industry from going belly up!

  3. yvonne

    I’m sure she donates her money to worthy causes, I just can’t stand the way she gives stuff away on her show and just makes a small mention of the company. Buy the damn cars yourself.

  4. Mia

    Oprah annoys me for so many reasons…numero uno being that when she gets excited she repeats everything a gabillion times…lemme guess she said something on todays show like…You got a new car You got a new car You got a new car You got a new car!!!
    Gah! That woman gives me the dry heaves.

  5. sarcastic journalist

    ha, do you remember when she was like “And you get a car and you get a car and you get a car!” it was a very manly voice. I laughed my ass off. It sucked to see that they were donated. Yes, she does do a lot with her $$– such as today when she gave the $50K to the lori hacking thing…but don’t take credit when it is not due.

  6. Marie

    Totally agree with your take on Oprah’s recent car “give-away.”
    Have you ever watched that Christmas “give-away” show? (The one where audience members collect the best loot…”Oprah’s Favorite S**t”�the seats for that show are supposedly booked years in advance!)
    I watched last year, and whenever the camera panned over audience members, I found it very disconcerting that some were sobbing uncontrollably, others on the verge of passing out, etc. All for just having been given the “free gifts”… the GOOD stuff. Once again Oprah just marketed, didn’t pay for any of this.
    The hysterical recipients don’t seem to realize they’ve been “played”: Now that they’re the new owners, they are the new “soft” marketers for all the shiny-new-stuff’s (from cosmetics to gadgets and… more!) manufacturers.
    Weird… Sobbing over an electric toothbrush. Sheesh!

  7. Kim

    First time saying hi! Years ago, and I do mean many years ago, I liked Oprah. Then she became the expert on *everything* Her shows became a place for her to tell all of us how we should live, eat, sleep, read, watch movies….etc. the show that finally pushed me to quit watching her was when she had an expert financial guest tell the audience that it isn’t the amount of your paycheck that is causing you problems paying all your bills, it is how you THINK about money that is the problem. Well, I tried thinking a bigger paycheck, and I gotta tell you it didn’t work…..LOL
    BTW, the pictures of the baby are absolutely adorable!

  8. Louise

    And damnit, if she’s gonna give stuff away, why not come to MY DAMN HOUSE to do it? I can’t go to Chicago, and even if I could get into the studio audience it would probably end up being a show about enemas. And she wouldn’ mention Fleet or anything, she’d be like “It’s an ENEMA! You get an ENEMA! AN ENEMAAAAAAAAAAA!”
    Also I know that Oprah has a dress code (what colours/styles of clothes you’re allowed to wear) for her studio audience and I don’t believe I own a black pantsuit and lime green shirt to go with.

  9. Ronda

    Hey Yvonne!
    Maybe I missed something but from the link to the article you provided it said:
    “She added that Pontiac will pay for the taxes and the customizing of the cars. ”
    So it seems to me that maybe she DID buy the cars and Pontiac just threw in the taxes and customizing (WHY do they need to be customized?).
    *shrugs* Who knows?
    Anyhow – love your blog and Gabby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  10. Amy

    I saw that, too – Oprah should be ashamed of herself. We were saying at work yesterday – watch there be a recall on this car soon!
    To Ronda – the article also had this sentence in there:
    The cars, which retail for $28,000, were donated by Pontiac.

  11. Sky

    Oh my GAWD! I have been screaming about this one too. Oprah did NOTHING but give away free cars and suck up the publicity. She’s such a whore. I can’t stand her.

  12. B

    I thought it was a marketing strategy for Pontiac to promote a new car model. If I had a product to sell I’d go straight to Oprah too. When Oprah says I like, her audience listens and buys– you can�t ask for a better marketing strategy. Plus, I thought the audience was made up of people in unfortunate circumstances that were in need of a new car as expressed in letters sent by family and friends to Oprah. Even if Oprah didn�t pay for the cars, it was still a nice gesture.

  13. robynf

    You have a house full of fake flowers, now you are upset and that is what this is all about, isn’t it?
    It is ok Yvonne, not everyone can be like me and Oprah 😉

  14. jen

    Anything Oprah touts turns to gold. Back when I was in PR, I got a client�s product on her show. After Oprah featured it, Wal-Mart decided carry the item and their sales increased exponentially.
    The specifics of the car giveaway cause me some concern. Depending on how Pontiac handles the accounting, there�s a good possibility that it will be a huge tax write-off and then guess who really paid for the cars?
    That�s right, you, the American tax payer.

  15. Nicole

    Uhh… I can’t stand watching her show. I hate it when she talks about how to make your marriage work. The bitch has never been married!
    As of the car thing…
    I saw that segment of the show on the Pontiac site and it cracked me up because it reminded me of the Oprah spoofs on MAD TV and how the guests cry and pass out… comical.

  16. ben

    What Christine said.
    Be mad at the marketing people, they are using Oprah just as much as she is using them.
    HUGE marketing coup by Pontiac. Imagine if Ford or Toyota had arranged this first? I’m sure they were trying (it was over a year in the works). I bet Oprah’s people told Pontiac “Well, ford just offered to pay for 1/2 of the car, what can your guys do?” and it turned out they paid the full cost. They have made it clear they expect local news coverage of EVERY car delivery along with all the buzz it has nationally right now. Apparently you CAN buy that kind of publicity.
    The auto industry is pretty much flailing and if it weren’t for generous tax laws it would be worse, so they need all the gimmicks they can get.
    You don’t see Letterman giving away free cars, whether he paid for them or not.

  17. Mikey2

    THANK YOU Yvonne. Sheesh. I hate Oprah with a passion, and I was beginning to think I was the only one.
    I love Mad TV’s Debra Wilson. She’s always doing these Oprah impressions where she’s the Queen of the Damned or something. Hilarious.

  18. girl

    Uhh… I can’t stand watching her show. I hate it when she talks about how to make your marriage work. The bitch has never been married!
    I’m sorry, but there isn’t a damn bit of difference between cohabitating for many years (which she has done) and being married. legally, marriage comes down to a piece of paper and some witnesses. making a “marriage” work and a long-term relationship work is the exact same thing and since she’s been with Stedman for a very long time, I would imagine she has a bit of insight. celebrities have relationships troubles too, you know. I admire her for keeping her love life fairly private over the years as it’s no ones business but hers and Stedman’s.
    and as for the cars? WAH. christ. I’ve never seen so many green-eyed monsters in one comments section in my life. the cars went to people who needed them, regardless of who paid for them. get over it.

  19. Eden

    I’ve thought the same thing about her for a long time, and I never watch her for those reasons. I think the last show that I watched was where she said something about her being “just like all of y’all” because she has to buy toilet paper too. Then in her next breath, she was giving her list of the top 10 gifts you should give your family and friends at Christmas. The cheapest thing on there was like 75 bucks!
    Sheaaah, you’re JUST like “all of us” Ope.

  20. yvonne

    There isn’t a difference between living together and being married? Really?
    And that’s really great and all that she was able to give DONATED cars to people who needed them, I wasn’t knocking THAT, I was just making a point that it makes me sick that she looks like some kind of saint, when the truth is, not a dime came out of her pocket, even though she is a trillionare. That, and I HATE HER.
    Oh and the latina in me says “YOU get over it.” Sorry, I can’t control my inner latina.

  21. yvonne

    ok. forget that last comic. I just HATE when ANYONE tells me to “get over it” it makes me go all crazy.
    I’M OVER IT.

  22. Vickie

    I guess I just don’t get why Pontiac is so interested in donating nearly 8 million dollars to Oprah’s audience. Publicity? maybe. But 8 million dollars worth? They hardly need that much.

  23. Alison

    Would it be bad of me to admit that I kind of like watching Oprah sometimes? And is it worse that I really, really, really, really want to be in the “Oprah’s Favorite Crap Day” audience?
    I am a corporate whore, but give me free shit and I don’t care.

  24. JJ

    All you whiners….give it a rest! You wouldn’t have so much time to whine about Oprah and what she does if you weren’t sitting in front of the TV all the time watching her. You obviously don’t know how to manage your time so that you could be more productive in your own pathetic lives. Get over yourselves already and stop picking apart someone elses deeds and try doing something to help someone else. Why not become a productive member of your own community and start helping those who may be having difficulties. Whether it be mentoring, or helping out at a food bank or a local school. It’s always easier to whine than it is to do get off your butt and do something. And yes…I do volunteer and help in my community. It’s a lot easier than whining.

  25. Jenn

    I think if I read correctly today, the people who won the car are stuck paying for the taxes…GREAT gift for poor people…not. Second, Oprah should be grateful for the people who put fake flowers in the house. It’s not like my mom, who puts them in the ground outside bc the people “can’t tell what they are from the road”. If she could get Mom to stop that, then I’ll back her on the inside the house thing.

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