I can’t believe how much my girl has changed in just 7 weeks. Everyday, she looks more beautiful than she looked the day before. As much as I love watching her grow, I need to ask time to please SLOW DOWN. Please?
When I look at my boys I am reminded just how quickly the time passes by and how fast they grow. One day, you’re holding this sweet little baby in your arms, the next, you’re driving him to junior high school. While the experience of watching my children grow has been one of inexplicable joy, the reality of how quickly it all happens can be depressing. It truly is bittersweet.

Ok, enough of the mushy mommy talk. Let’s talk about how beautiful that girl is…

16 thoughts on “I WANT TO BITE HER ALL OVER!!!!!

  1. lex

    Can I just come over to your house right now and kiss that little face?!!! And let her grasp on to my finger? I just love when they do that!

  2. amber

    Hey Yvonne, Email me back…I don’t think you got my last one! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD! Shes soooooo dang cute, I would love to just snuggle her lil’ cheeks & neck…how’d ya make such a cute baby……OK never mind don’t need to know that. I can’t wait to meet our new addition 9 days and counting…HMm if its a boy he may just have an arranged marriage 😉 What ya think????????? Love Amber

  3. MrsG

    She looks like a mini you!! And all that hair, isn’t it just the best to put little barrets in!!! Wait until you get pig tails!!!

  4. grace

    I can see how you’d want to nibble on those cheeks all day long. And the chins… totally zrrrrrbrrrrt worthy. But the hair! The hair is like a tiara on a princess. And as mentioned above, I can’t wait to see her in pigtails and bows!

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