Let the bleeding begin

It’s been a YEAR since I’ve had a period, which is a good thing for EVERYONE in my life because I suffer from severe PMS.
Well, I fear the ‘riod is making a comeback because I’m feeling crampy and a little PSYCHOTIC and ON EDGE.
Let me show you a little illustration of why I wanted to cut a lady at Starbucks today…

click to enlarge my masterpiece!
I was standing in line with Andrew and Gabby. She was leaving and instead of walking around where there was ALL KINDS OF ROOM, she stood right next to me and cleared her throat really loud (which was a subtle hint for “EXCUSE ME, GET OUT OF MY WAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR STROLLER”) At first, I didn’t budge because I was like, “you can go around, bitch!” But SHE WOULDN’T MOVE. She was going to MAKE ME MOVE. So, I got PISSED, moved the stroller, looked at her and said “What in the HELL, you couldn’t go around?” To which she responded by ignoring me and sighing loudly.
I wanted to crack the glass sugar holder over that lady’s head. Seriously. Yeah, I do believe that my raging PMS has returned.
God help us all.

14 thoughts on “Let the bleeding begin

  1. ben

    I just love the color glossy 8X10’s with the circles and arrows with a paragraph on the back describing each one to be used as evidence against us.
    And, sorry about the whole bleeding periodically thing, that truly sucks.

  2. Sarah

    Yeah so i am totally bleeding out the cooter now and i’m seriously going to destroy somebody. My face is breaking out, i ate ALMOST A WHOLE CAKE!!!!!!! and my BOOBS HURT! give me my pamprin and my midol and my ice cream cake and get the HELL OUTTA MY WAY!!! *smoke billows from ears* If i see a lady that looks like that, i’ll kick her in the balls.

  3. kim

    no starbucks for me here in bremen. i’d give A LOT for a medium vanilla latté RIGHT NOW. and you’re very artistic. i love that drawing Y. you should totally get in touch with a gallery or something. art as a PMS-outlet. cool..

  4. susanne

    U know, some ppl are just way to stubborn!! Some ppl just HAVE to go where there is the most difficult way to walk thru…specially if u have a stroller with u.*shakes head* *keep smiling* 😀

  5. Macca

    Hey… Being from Boston I feel your anger. We’re all assholes out here. Sometimes on a good day, I’ll walk down an aisle at a supermarket and see people talking on cell phones with their carriages completely blocking my way… I used to sit patiently and wait for them to notice and move… that didn’t work. Then I tried the “excuse me” route, but that didn’t take… Now? Now I wait about 5 seconds and glare at these people who can’t be interuppted… then smash my carriage through them. People suck.

  6. Talia

    Wow! Whadda jerk! You shoulda looked at her and said “Make me move.”
    People like that drive me mad.
    Sorry you had to deal with her.

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