Grind on the mind

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I need to thank Sara for trying to help me out in my time of feeling pissy and angry at the world by sending me a picture of Mr.Eric Nies. You may know him from the first ever Real World. Or, you may know him from the current season of the Real World/Road Rules battle of the sexes. OR, just MAYBE you know him from “The Grind” workout video. Then there’s the horrific thought that you might not have ANY FREAKING CLUE who he is. That would be sad for you.

Sad because, I can’t think of another man in the world who is hot AND yet, so totally mockable. Nothing like a fine guy you can laugh at while dreaming of flicking his nipples at the same time. Who cares if he’s almost 50 and he’s still doing things like shooting MUCH YOUNGER people with paint ball guns to try to win prizes? Who cares if, like Mariah Carey, he “can’t let go?” NOT ME, he’s hot. And? HE DOES THE GRIND, PEOPLE.
If you don’t know The Nies, might I suggest that you take the time to get to know him? Research The Nies, educate yourself about The Nies, try to understand The Nies. That way, we can laugh at him and drool over him together.
How can I ever repay Sara for a)sending me the picture and b) understanding where I’m coming from when I talk about how Eric makes everything better.
Ok, not everything, but almost everything.

15 thoughts on “Grind on the mind

  1. kimberly

    I so completely agree about The Nies. I get aggravated at myself for finding him even remotely attractive because he is such the douche-bag.

  2. y

    apparently we’re the only ones who know eric nies or the only ones who are brave enough to admit it.
    Can we start a club?

  3. Dawn

    Let us not forget that on this season of Road Rules/Real World Challenge, he ties a jump rope around his head. Why? I guess it’s just the mystery of the Nies.

  4. NinaKaye

    I had “The Grind” video when I was younger. Actually, I just got rid of it in the past year or so. And the jump rope thing is kind of freakin’ me out. WTF is up with it?

  5. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Back up bitches! I have been in love with the Nies since 1992. I was so pissed at that hick Julie for not hooking up with him…
    Anyways yeah the jump rope thing, supposbaly he is into some sort of youth group/charity/excercise video thing where he is a jump roping fool and he teaches other fools how to be one.
    Know who else is hot I think? Mark from the first Road rules. And yes I have seen every season of both Rr/Rw and challenges..Im 30 and I don’t care!

  6. Dawn

    I think he just really likes to jump rope and if he ties it around his head, he’ll always have it. It’s a statement. Like, “I know, I’m 34, but I could out jumprope you anyday, bitches. I am the Nies.”

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