That’s MY daughter. ALL MINE

I do believe that one of the most precious things in all of the world is a toothless smile.
Well, that is, if you’re 4 months old. Because, if you’re like, MY MOTHER and you smile at me without putting your false teeth in first (especially without warning me that their not in and you’re “gummin’ it”)? Not so adorable. Infact, THAT is downright horrifying.

9 thoughts on “That’s MY daughter. ALL MINE

  1. dana michelle

    I always love the pictures of Tony and Gabby, because it’s obvious that he adores her.
    He’s going to spoil the crap out of her!

  2. Shylah

    She is adorable. I got lucky enough to get the gummy smiles for ten months. My little toothless wonder..
    Man, I’ve missed you and Gabby.. it’s good to be home.

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