God will never give you more than you can handle.
Is that how the saying goes???

(p.s. Tony has officially been put on notice…
No snippysnip?
No vaginawina.)

15 thoughts on “Well…

  1. some girl

    I’m thinkin’ it’s time Tony faces the music. LOL
    You need to get him in the car, buckle his cute little ass up, and drive him down to Bristol Park, or wherever it is you guys go.
    It’s time. You’ve done your share, Y. Now it’s time for him to do his, oh and be sure to let him know that you’ll have tons of bags of frozen peas ready for use!

  2. Amy

    Girl, you better hold out until he gets himself fixed. You carried three of his offspring, really, it’s the least he can do.
    My husband getting snipped was the best gift he gave me….ever. Well, third best maybe. The first two would be my girls.

  3. robyn

    But be careful celebrating quite this early if you still continue to have the symptoms. You picked the test that looks for the highest concentration of hCG levels — the sticks like First Response Early Result look for the least (15-50 mIUs) and the cartridge-box tests are the most accurate because they generally look for 100+ mIUs and you’re quite far along by the time you can put two lines on one. I was almost 6 weeks along with Nathan before I could turn one of those ++. Just sayin’… I know way too much about this b/c I was told I was having a miscarriage with this pregnancy when a cartridge test at the OB’s didn’t turn ++, and it turns out they tested me 1-2 weeks too early with it.
    Thinking of you, and Tony facing the snip-snip or no whoo-hoo!

  4. lauren

    Thanks for the Wednesday excitement. Praise.The.Lord is right. Man this breastfeeding and having no cycle is dangerous. Don’t think with every tummy ache I’m not thinking “oh crap… the rubber broke!”

  5. macgeezel

    Back when I would take them, I always shelled out the extra cash for the super-duper-deluxe-ultra-mega-early tests. And never store brand; there are some things that I’ll skimp on, but that sure as hell ain’t one of ’em.
    But, my favorite kind is always the one that says I’m not pregnant.
    Go with it!

  6. Jen

    I actually held my breath before I clicked on your name tonight.
    I have been thinking you were pregnant all day.
    I am actually a little disappointed.
    ::Runs away fast::

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