The farts decieved me.

I often wonder what kind of a “girl” Gabby will be.
When I watch her play with her brothers, I’m convinced she’s going to be quite the Tom Boy, just like I was. She’s tough, she’s bossy and she’s very loud, which, in my opinion, all scream “TOMBOY!”
And this makes me very happy. Boys are what I know. Dirt. Rocks. Bloody knees. Poop jokes. Balls. These are the things I am familiar with, that I have come to know and love.
But yesterday, I discovered Gabby has an extremely “Girly” side.

She HATED the grass. She was like “What IS this itchy stuff touching my soft, delicate skin?”

She wanted so badly to crawl to where I was sitting, but she refused to put her hands on the ground and touch the grass.
“Stop that Gabby! It’s just grass! Stop being such a GIRL!” I begged of her.
I’m actually afraid of her turning out to be girly girl, because, I don’t know how to handle that crap!
She finally got the nerve to crawl to where I was sitting, but SHE HATED IT and spent the next 5 minutes trying to remove EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF GRASS from her body.

It’s quite possible baby boys hate grass too and that I’m making her hatred of grass into something it isn’t, but the way she whined and the faces she made had “I’m a princess who doesn’t like to get dirty because she’s too pretty to get dirty”
Her farting skills had led me to believe she was going to be The Ultimate Tomby, but underneath all of that explosive gas, I do believe there is a Prissy Girly Girl waiting to be set free.

19 thoughts on “The farts decieved me.

  1. ben

    Looks like she’s just unhappy about her Hair Sprout. But maybe that’s just me…
    (I have one, too, our Princess Fiona. Sometimes – sweet, lovely, pretty. Other times – a real ogre)

  2. Y

    haaaaa! Her hair sprout is very “girlie” NO?
    I guess I want it both ways. I want to be able to dress her girly and do her hair girlie and make her smell girlie… I just don’t want her to ACT girlie.
    Unreasonable, much?

  3. geeky

    i love the hair sprout. and i don’t think she has much of a chance to grow up too girly with two brothers. i grew up with two brothers and i am so NOT girls. of course, i also don’t wear dresses or have hair sprouts, so be careful what you wish for 🙂

  4. Kristina

    Meg was the same way. And she is extremely girlie girl. Although she does love to play ball and she will play some sports and wrestling with her brother, but she is into clothes and shoes and perfume and whatever else that screams GIRLIE GIRL. So I guess my little girl has a mixture of both.
    My son loved the grass the moment we sat him down on it. Sometimes being a princess isn’t all that bad as long as they aren’t so whiney. I can’t stand that. My boyfriend is more of a girlie man than my daughter. We were hiking up in Canada and there were bugs on the trail and all he did was whine about the bugs but my daughter loved it! Hah. Go figure.

  5. Jessica

    Don’t worry, baby boys sometimes hate grass too… Matthew did for a long time (my first son never cared either way). He now plays in it but would prefer the concrete.

  6. chasmyn

    If it makes you feel any better, my son always hated the grass, as well. He would not go in it no matter what unless he had shoes on, and he would never, ever sit in it.

  7. jessica

    my son hated the grass but, even worse… he was TERRIFIED of leaves until he was almost 3. he’s almost 9 now and we make fun of his early fear of leaves as often as we get the chance. HA HA
    i don’t think it’s a girl or boy thing… just depends on the kid. i love the hair sprout though!

  8. girl

    our nephew, who is almost 17 months ago, HATES grass. he’s a total texture freak. he’s probably going to hate the beach this summer too. I suggested getting him some aqua shoes, but now that I think about it, I don’t think we should coddle him. he needs to quit being such a prissy boy! 😉

  9. fl0w3r

    LOL! Picking off every blade of grass…that’s priceless. I love the “Pebbles” style pony tail. That’s cracking me up.

  10. Canadian Lauren

    At least she doesn’t eat it like my 14 month old daughter does! Cute pics!

  11. chaos-girl

    You know what, it really doesn’t matter. She’s so damn cute, she’ll always be able to get away with what ever she wants 🙂

  12. becky

    nah, i hated it when i was little & i’m not a girly girl. i like hanging out with the guys, fishing, etc. all’s not lost, y.
    i think my fear of the grass was due to allergies. makes me itch up a storm.

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