Because, yeah, we’re TOTALLY fighting about that at the moment.

When grilling burgers, is one supposed to put barbeque sauce on the patties while they’re grilling so as they are to absorb the flavor of the sauce, or after they have cooked all of the way because they don’t actually absorb the sauce and all it does is make a huge mess all over the grill?
Prove me right, Internet.

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  1. Jack's Raging Mommy

    My carnivore of a man-folk says you put it on while it is still on the grill, but not over an open flame. Move it off to the side ot prevent carmalization.
    I have no idea. I hate barbeque sauce. So you can hate me now. Most do.

  2. Bob

    You want it on the grill, I mean on the burgers on the grill. It’s ok over the open flame if you don’t let it harden, throw some cheese on top once it starts to cook down a bit. Perfect.
    Any other advice you receive on this will be illegitimate and ring with the false tones of a plastic liberty bell. Listen to me on this, I sacrificed my gall bladder 3 years ago to a horrid diet. I know this stuff. ::burp::

  3. TheBon

    I do not like bbq sauce anywhere near my burgers, but I think for maximum sauce taste you would mix it in with the meat before making the patties. Like you do with worstershire sauce, etc.

  4. Zette

    I like mixing BBQ sauce into the meat before grilling as well as near the end, but not ON the burgers at the beginning because the fat tends to drip, washing away the sauce and making a mess and more flare-ups. Hope that helps.

  5. Vickie

    Thank God you’re not fighting about unimportant stuff like money and politics 🙂

  6. jenny

    i’d say whatever your taste is. i’ve seen both done. there’s no correct way to do it. (how’s that for harmony lol)

  7. Eden

    I’d mix into the meat before grilling or put it on whilst grilling. We also marinate the chicken for several hours beforehand in BBQ sauce as well.

  8. girl

    um.. bbq sauce? I don’t put no stinking bbq sauce on my burgers. we use either Tony’s Cajun seasoning & worscheshire sauce (I probably spelled that wrong and I don’t care!) or mesquite marinade. either way, we mixed the meat up in the stuff and then grill them.

  9. NinaKaye

    Neither, bbq sauce isn’t for burgers. And, I don’t really know much about grilling. Flame broiled burgers for us means we went to Burger King.

  10. Amy S

    1/2 should be one way and the other 1/2 should be done the other way.
    But I don’t put bbq sauce on my burgers.
    When grilling chicken I put the bbq sauce on when they are about half done.

  11. melly

    I thought you are supposed to put it on BEFORE you grill, but you have to massage it in. You have to rub your meat. At least that’s what Mr. McConaughey taught me!
    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go RUB MY MEAT.

  12. Heatheranne

    Uh, I don’t eat meat, but I’ve always thought you put it on before they’re cooked all the way so they can absorb the flavor. That way makes more sense to me.

  13. Tracy

    Zack, da grillin’ god, says put the ‘q sauce in the meat before you put it on the gril, and AGAIN while they’re cooking, and don’t you DARE clean the grill, that “shit” will burn off and leave good flavor.
    Yeah, I’m all for after.

  14. Mona

    Err my husband did his after the bbq, he makes the best bbq according to his friends. He also used chili paste (available in asian supermarkets) in the bbq sauce, that gives it a kick!
    He actually marinated the meat, chicken whatever with some blended mix like garlic, ginger, onions and soy sauce and I dunno what. I should sneak in next time and give u the actual recipe for his bbq.

  15. Kristina

    Uhhhhhhh hahhahah, you don’t ever mix bbq sauce in with hamburger meat and then try to grill it. It WON’T WORK. They will fall apart and then you’ll be eating the equivalent to sloppy joes. I would say you put the meant on the grill and use a brush and brush the sauce on while they are on the grill. Then slightly again when you pull them off. Pending on your taste.

  16. Eden

    We’ve never used BBQ sauce for burgers either, but we do use it for grilling chicken. For burgers we use Worsterchier or however you spell it, and we mix it before the patties are formed.

  17. melly

    Look, I feel so passionate about what I had to say, that I felt compelled to ignore Kieran for five minutes just so that I could log on and remind you how fucking important it is that you RUB YOUR MEAT.
    Thank you.

  18. Autumn

    Can’t help ya there, Y. I make my burger patties like one would make meatloaf: mix with crumbled up saltine crackers, add some pepper, oregano, and an egg.

  19. Jenny

    You should brush it on while it’s grilling so it soaks in all of the good flavor. But you don’t want to go overboard, because then you have the mess on the grill.
    I personally prefer dry rubs on my burgers. Brush a little olive oil on the burger, rub in some dry spices, and cook away.

  20. Stacie

    We put some on toward the end of the cooking time so that only one side gets the sauce. Then we throw a piece of cheddar or swiss on top of those babies. Yum, YUM!!! We’ll be doing that later today, matter of fact.

  21. Jerri Ann

    on the burgers while they are cooking, about 1/4 of the way into the grilling process
    if you aren’t too lazy, mixing them up with bbq sauce and an egg helps them to stick together and makes for an aweseome burger
    but I’m lazy

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