From sad to GO BACK ALREADY in less than 10 minutes.

Yesterday was the boys last day of school.
I was an emotional wreck. My “babies” are now in SEVENTH and THIRD grade. How did that happen? I remember finding out I was pregnant with my Andrew like it was yesterday.I was only 21 years old, with perky boobs. (Ah, perky boobs.) I thought I might be pregnant and decided to pee on a stick.

And we did. I ran into my mom’s house with the pee stick in my hand.
“Gross! Did you really need to bring the stick you just peed on? And YAY! You’re pregnant!”
Now, here we are, 12 years later. Like the blink of an eye, 12 years have come and gone.
I can’t help but think “Oh my GOD, my my very first baby is almost in HIGH SCHOOL!”
That thought hurts me.
I spent the entire day at Ethan’s school. I wanted to go to Andrew’s school, but supposedly it’s “not cool” for mom’s to hang out with their kids at junior high.
Ethan’s an awesome kid. He’s got The Greatest Personality of any kid I’ve ever known and the other kids are drawn to him. He’s very popular, especially with “The Ladies”. (With a face like this, how could The Ladies NOT love him?) It was fun watching him with all of his “groupies” and listening to the things he says. The whole time I was like “And he’s MY SON!” So proud.
I tried to supress my inner Wanna Be Professional Photographer, but at one point, I lost all control and started shouting commands.
“Hug that tree! Like you mean it!”
“Jump up as high as you can when I say ‘2’!”
The best command I gave was “Jump off of that wall! I don’t CARE if you’re not ‘allowed to’ I am your mother and I am a wanna be professional photographer, SO JUMP NOW!”

Breaking the rules = really good pictures.
I’ll upload the rest of the pictures from the day when we get home from the park, because, oh my GOD, it’s summer vacation and they’re home ALL DAY which means fighting, Balls, and screams of “I’m so hungry” all day long, every day, for the rest of the summer, so TO THE PARK WE GO.
And suddenly, I’m not sad anymore, I’m like “when does school start again?”

9 thoughts on “From sad to GO BACK ALREADY in less than 10 minutes.

  1. geeky

    hahahaha i love that tree photo. your kids obviously have your sense of humor! and you demanding him to do something he’s not allowed to do just reminded me of when mom would get mad at us when we were little. she would always yell things like “SHUT UP!…. Answer me when I talk to you!” not that you’re like that, but for some reason it reminded me of that. we make fun of her for it now 🙂

  2. Lucky

    I TOTALLY hear ya! My two have been out for a week *Gotta love Roseville’s whacky schedule* and I am already climbing the walls…and I am at WORK until 2pm…I can’t imagine being home with them all day.
    Now THAT deserves a Starbucks run! 🙂

  3. Mona

    Hahahaa, when they’re not home, u miss them and when they’re home, u’re screamin at them all day long to quit fighting. That’s what I did with my kids, now that I am doing this part time job, I miss them alot and once I am home.. I was telling myself.. why the hell did I cry thinking of them while I was driving to work? Yessss Ethan is one handsome boy 😉 Hey all yr kids are beautiful kids and I wanna bite Gabby’s cheeks 🙂

  4. hed

    All three of your kids are going to break some hearts someday. So beautiful. All three! I love those early pics of Andrew. Those cheeks are a force to be reckoned with for sure.

  5. Y

    Aw, thank you. Andrew is so SO cute, he’d be a ladies man too, if he loved the ladies. Andrew thinks the ladies are GROSS. Ethan came out of the womb loving them.

  6. Heatheranne

    I feel ya. My sons last day was June 3. He’s going into the 7th grade too. It really did go by too fast. Of course, the day I told my mom I was pregnant was a bit different than your day. It was more like “Mom, I have to tell you something” “Oh god, you’re not pregnant are you?” But I was only 17.

  7. NinaKaye

    I, too, am wondering when school will start again. My kid’s been out since May 26th. Everyday it’s fight fight fight. So, I ship one of them to my mom’s house. If we keep the seperated enough, maybe the times they have to be together won’t be as bad. (I’m still waiting for that to work out.)
    Ethan is too cute. I mean “handsome” (as my kid is always correcting me “boys are handsome!!”)

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