I’m sorry.

I can not tolerate people who are “stuck up” (Not to be confused with people with sticks stuck up their asses. I LOVE them kinds of peoples)
When I say “stuck up” I do not mean “confident” or “self assured”. I admire women like that and hope that someday I can be a confident person. I’m talking people who think they are better than the rest of the human race because they buy $500 handbags or because they “aren’t fat”. I’m talking about the people who NEVER SHUT THE HELL UP about how great they are and how much everyone loves them and how everyone in the world wants to be just like them. I’m talking about people who can’t shut the hell up long enough to listen to other people and realize that the WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND THEM.
I also have a hard time tolerating the people who can not say “I’m sorry” when they’ve acted like a dick or hurt someone with their inconsiderate ways because, you know, they ARE PERFECT and NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG.
You ram your grocery cart into me because you were being a dick and not paying attention? “I’M SORRY, I totally shouldn’t have been standing here minding my own business!”
You scream at me because YOU’VE had a bad day and you haven’t even bothered to ask me what kind of a day I’ve had? “I’m SO SO SORRY!”
You don’t like something I write here? “Oh my God! I’m SORRY!”
I really have to stop that sorry shit.
Guess what?
So, that’s what’s pissing ME off on this lovely Friday morning.
That and tom cruise NOT SHUTTING THE FUCK UP ABOUT ANTI DEPRESSANTS ALREADY. Surely, there has got to be a way to make him stop. This probably won’t work, but hey, at least people are trying.

16 thoughts on “I’m sorry.

  1. Y

    No, but I heard about it. He needs to STOP.
    Actually? I’m having a really great day, I just like to let out my rage sometimes. It’s FUN! You should try it!
    Oh and? I just downed 4 shots of espresso after not having any for a while. jajajaaaa

  2. Stacey

    I agree, I hate it when celebs get on their high horse and spew shit.
    And I let mine out all the time. Tomorrow should be particularily fun. 😀

  3. dana michelle

    The radio station I listen to at work in the morning picked up the feed of Tom and Matt Lauer on the Today Show.
    What is his PROBLEM? There is NO SUCH THING as a chemical imbalance?? Oh he knows ALL the answers and everyone else is just a stupid idiot, I guess. His crack about anti-depressants only masking the pain really irritated me.
    He was being a smug little condescending pr*ck and I’m glad that Matt kept at him. After it was over, I was talking to my boss and I told her that I believed I had just witnessed the implosion of Cruise’s career. He is really on a tear lately.
    And from far, far away, I could also hear the screams of Steven Speilberg, “Shut UP already, Tom! The freaking movie opens next week!!!” He must be ready to slaughter him.

  4. Amy

    Yes, because Tom “Shut your piehole” Cruise must have gotten a doctorate in psychology and also became an M.D. because he has all this “knowlege” of the human brain.
    There was a time I was nearly hospitalized for depression. Thank god for Prozac, that shit saved me. And you know what? I’m still on it and I won’t stop taking it just because some blowhard actor with a religious agenda says he knows it’s wrong. I’d rather listen to my doctor.
    Oh yeah, I’ll go in to my next appointment and tell him I’m stopping because Tom Cruise told me to.
    Right after I fashion a tinfoil hat to keep the FBI from reading my thoughts.

  5. dani

    It is surprising to me that supposedly rational adults can buy into the high level scientology shit. And when I say buy in, I literally mean it. You don’t get to learn all their fancy Xenu stuff until you pay the “church” a whole lot of money. It is sad that he and Travolta are so dimwitted that they can’t see though this. Scientology was created, as a bet, between L. Ron Hubbard and Heinlein. That is possible it is an urban legend, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Anyone that can buy into a “religion” that states that all your mental problems are caused by the souls of aliens that were killed on earth by a hydrogen bomb millions of years ago seriously must be missing something in their life.

  6. Christina

    Hm. What’s pissing me off today?
    You know, not much. Howabout… not much at ALL.
    How boring is THAT?
    P.S. Tom Cruise can get bent.

  7. reese

    Christina, you live such an undramatic life 😉 😉
    Scientology a religion? Sure, and so was what Charles Manson practiced.
    Y, I’m sick of assholes, too. It’s not always even the ones with the $500 handbags, either! Some of the nastiest hoochie mommas I’ve seen propel themselves all over the road and grocery store and have not a care about bumping into others, letting their kids dropkick my ass and yelling at a clerk because he won’t them exchange 20 rolls of pennies for paper cash.
    People suck.

  8. Christina

    Oo. You know what’s even worse, SJ… the folks who play the victim and DON’T know who they are.
    And also, Y. I failed to mention earlier that I’m sorry that you were pissed off this lovely Friday.
    And really, people ought NOT be running their cart into yours at the supermarket, I mean really. You’re busy trying to work the coupons, am I right?
    Hel-LO people.

  9. louise

    Wanna know what’s pissing me off today? Oprah.
    Know what she’s done now? Well, she was in France. And she stopped by the Hermes store and asked to be let in– and they wouldn’t let her in. Now her representatives are saying that it was all due to racism on the staff’s fault.
    Oh, did I forget to mention that THE STORE WAS CLOSED? Listen, if I can’t get into Wal-Mart after it’s closed, why does Ope think she can get into Hermes after it’s closed? It’s not racism, it’s Store Policy.
    Here’s the article:

  10. clickmom

    Y’know, T.C., he’s just not doing it for me lately. I’m thinking that I may have to take a pass on his latest flick. I think I have to wash my hair on movie night, either that or I stopped taking my anti depressants, found out what an asshole he is, and can’t bear to leave the house.

  11. Y

    Don’t even get me STARTED on that whole deal with Oprah
    “but I just want to buy a watch for TINA TURNER. How dare you not let me in AT CLOSING TIME.”
    I loathe that woman.

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