Yeah… I’m scared! JEALOUS?

You people have no idea how scared I get when these things happen.
I always think it’s just the beginning and an even bigger one is coming.
Which would mean that we’re going to lose power and water, so I run to the toilet, pee, then I take a shower. That way I’m clean and emptied, just in case that happens.
I try to stay calm now that I have kids, because THEY freak out and being their mother, I’m supposed to reassure them that everything is going to be ok.
Before I had kids? I would run to the toilet and scream “I’m sorry God, for everything, please, don’t let me die.”
Now, I pretend to be calm, make sure the kids are ok, hug them, THEN I go pee and cry a little inside.
It’s the feeling of having absolutely NO control over what is happening that scares me.
It was 5.6. Damn. Ok. I’m better now. I think.

32 thoughts on “Yeah… I’m scared! JEALOUS?

  1. eve

    wow really? Didn’t feel it out here. Scary – i hate earthquakes and we have huge ones all the time up in alaska. They freak me out down here in ca though.

  2. shy me

    yikes. glad you’re ok.
    we had a ( big for us ) earthquake out here in BC a few years ago while I was teaching a class of grade 7s. all I wanted to do was run screaming from the building but instead i had to pretend to be calm and lead them through the duck and cover and stuff.
    I cried in the car the WHOLE way home.
    damn adult responsibilities

  3. NinaKaye

    When I lived in Ohio (which is scary enough), we had an earthquake. Only like a 3.8 or something, but amazingly I didn’t freak out. Mostly because we had no idea it was an earthquake, because we were in Ohio. That stuff doesn’t happen there. Now I know, Ohio is horrible and somewhere around there is the gateway to hell. Anything can happen there.
    Glad you’re all right.

  4. James

    I was in bed this morning when it hit. I’m not trying to sound like I’m so cool, earthquakes don’t bother me, but I barely moved. For some reason, they don’t bother me AT ALL. Which only assures that I’ll experience Yvonne’s worst nightmare: Earthquake will hit … Something will happen to the bathroom … I won’t be able to pee … My bladder will burst … I’ll die.
    Yep, sounds about right.

  5. angie

    That is scary stuff. I’m glad it wasn’t the beginning of a big one! Don’t forget to turn the water on in the bathroom so the kids can’t hear you! 🙂

  6. nine

    wow. i was up at that hour and totally didn’t feel it. San Pedro is either too far away from where you are or i was crying in the shower too hard to notice.
    earthquakes ARE scary tho, i’m glad that you and your family are ok.
    i remember the Northridge quake and WOW i was freaked. pipes busted in my apartment and the chimney broke off of the building during that one. SCARY!

  7. dawn

    Looks like we’re gonna have one hell of a summer weather wise huh? An earthquake for you and a tropical storm for me yesterday.
    I’m glad everyone is ok. That must be really scary.

  8. Rachael & Eva

    Weird. Last night, I thought I felt an earthquake coming. Of course, I then realized that I’m in New Mexico, and doubt they even happen here, so I dismissed it.
    Sorry you got scared!

  9. ratty

    i felt it. i HATE them. but my kids are finally old enough that i don’t have to pretend to be the calm-not-afraid-of-disaster mommy.
    i actually screamed a little scream and my daughter, who was sleeping with me at the time, called me on it 🙂

  10. Heatheranne

    NinaKaye – I live in Ohio. Sorry you didn’t like it here, but it’s really not bad.
    Y – I’ve never been in an earthquake. I’m glad you’re all OK.

  11. becky

    ugh. it woke me up. scared me to death. i felt the bed moving after the 2 big rolls, and i’m not sure if it was aftershocks or my pounding heart! i never know if it’s going to stop or keep getting bigger – and THAT’S the part that scares me.
    i hate waking up like that.

  12. hed

    That is definitely one thing I don’t miss about living in Southern California. Glad you are all ok.

  13. halloweenlover

    Glad it wasn’t too bad, Y. I was used to them when I was living in san francisco, but I understand the instant terror it can give you. The first time my hubs came to san fran to meet my parents there was an earthquake. He had just walked out of the shower at the hotel and I felt the shaking and grabbed his arm, leaving big red scratch marks, while he laughed and said it must have been a big truck. I had to turn on the tv to prove it because he totally didn’t believe me.

  14. justme

    Glad to hear you are OK and it wasn’t a big one. I use to hate the shakers, but the rolling ones I loved lol. Felt like you were on a cruise liner! Ya I can laugh now that I don’t live there anymore lol. My children always slept through them so I was able to panic all I wanted.

  15. Mrs darling

    The largest earthwuake Ive ever been in registered a 5.7. That was big enough for me. For months afterward I ran every time I felt a rumble or heard a strange noise.
    Speaking of noise, I had no idea until that earthquake that they make noise. It sounded like a huge truck coming through my cul-de sac.
    There’s nothing more nervewracking than when the only dependable, solid, thing in life-the ground under your feet- moves. It messes with the brain!

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