It looks like Snoop is gone and won’t be coming back this time.
He’s “escaped” from the backyard many times. I always find him or he eventually (within a day) comes back.
This time? He’s been gone for over a week.
I searched everywhere for him with no luck.
When he was first missing? I’ll admit, I was like “SCREW YOU, asshole dog!” because I get tired of him busting out of the backyard to go cruise the ‘hood with Dirty Pit Bull Dog. TIRED OF IT.
But after a couple of days, I started to feel very sick inside. What if he gets hit by a car? What if he is starving? What if he never comes back?
Well, looks like my worst fear came true and Snoop “asshole dog” is never coming back.
I hope to God someone picked him up and is taking good care of him and loving up on him. And I hope they don’t do mean things to him,”SOMEONE” I know once did to him.
I am going to make a trip down to the animal shelter, to make sure he’s not there. If he’s not? Well, I guess that’s the end of our life with Snoop. If he is? I’m SO kicking his ass for making me worry.

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  1. melly

    Don’t worry, I’m sure some TRUCKLER LIKE PERSON probably snatched him about and made him its new host.
    Once again, that’s Truckler for eight-hundred, Alex.

  2. Y

    Well, better a truckler than a leech or a parasite. Right?
    And thank you, TWO people, for caring. Seriously.
    Two Trucklers.

  3. toshya

    I really hope he’s waiting for you at the shelter… he needs to come home. Even asshole dogs need their families!!! He’s adorable… just a little adventurous.

  4. Louise

    I am so sorry that he’s missing. Sure, he’s a jerk for leaving to begin with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be sad that he’s gone.

  5. clickmom

    Don’t give up! He’s out there somewhere. That face is too cute-someone probably is loving him. Try posters.
    When you finish kicking his ass, take him to the vet and let them microchip in him. That way if he does get out again, he can be scanned. Just like a can of soup at the market. And returned!

  6. girlplease

    wierd. i was thinking of him the other day because i didn’t see you post much about him anymore. i’m sorry things happened this way. hope everything turns out ok.

  7. bugler

    Too bad you didn’t take the time to make his world a little safer for him so he couldn’t get out

  8. Y

    Just curious… how do you know what we’ve done to make sure he stays in the yard? Do you have any idea how much time and money we’ve spent on keeping him in? Of course you don’t, so too bad you’re a judgemental person who makes assumptions about people you don’t even know.
    Ohhhhh. Comments like that really piss me off. Because YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HOW WE TOOK CARE OF HIM and yet, you get on your high horse and try to look all superior when you KNOW I’m sad about losing him.
    Do you feel better now that you said it? I sure hope so.

  9. Y

    Yeah and I wrote her back, but she’s not responded yet.
    I don’t think her comment was trollish or that she was trying to start problems, but to insinuate that me and my husband didn’t CARE about our dog really pisses me off.
    Especially, because I love that dog.

  10. melly

    Hey bugler.
    She spoiled that dog, and they did everything they could to keep him from getting out, but the dog liked running free on occasion.
    Oh, and bugler, shut the fuck up.

  11. TrishieRains

    i’m sorry you can’t find scoop!! thats so sad! Ihope you find him,
    I lost our dog for an hour once. Billy was mad at me, but Peanut was in the road in the HEAT disoriented and panting because it was so hot.
    I’m not allowed to put him outside without watching him ever.again.

  12. Kristy

    Sorry to hear your puppy dog ran off. No matter how much we care for our pets, or how far we go to keep them safe…if they’re gonna get out, they’re gonna get out. Hope the little guy comes back safely!

  13. sophie

    So sorry he’s missing! Sending good vibes that he shows up. Mine was gone for close to 2 weeks one time, and she came back tired and thirsty. Yeah, bugler, I didn’t care about mine either.
    Sorry about the comment from bugler–especially when you are so worried about him.

  14. geeky

    oh no, poor snoop! i hope he’s ok, and just out “sowing his wild oats”. sometimes animals do amazing things, so i’m hoping he’ll be waiting on your front porch for you 🙂

  15. angela

    we thought our dog ran away over the weekend but it turns out i just locked him the computer room. i hope he turns up…he was cute, but i think anything with fur is cute.

  16. Tracy

    Awww…I’m sooooo sorry Y. I hope you find him, or he finds his way back home.
    I know how I’d feel if one of my girls got out. For a long time that was Jazz’s favorite game – if you went to the door, she’d stand at the top of the stairs and wait for any opportunity to shoot out the front door. She loved to make you chase her. Little bitch! Hah…since she’s been spayed, she doesn’t seem to care as much about running away.

  17. Stacey

    I’m sorry Yvonne. My dog is a royal pain in the ass too, but I still love the little bugger. I hope he finds his way home!

  18. lex

    The same thing happened to my mom’s escape artist doggie last week and he hasn’t come home either. 🙁
    I hope both of them are safe somewhere.

  19. Laura

    God, people can be such fucking rude assholes. I don’t know why being on the internet seems to give people a license to say things to people they wouldn’t DREAM of saying in real life. Ugh!!! Suck it, Bugler.
    Yvonne, I’m so sorry you lost your pup. 🙁 Our kitty, Mojo, ran out the door the day we brought the babies home from the hospital in January. He always came back before, too, but that time he didn’t. We miss him so much! I’m hoping someone is keeping him and he just found a new home and that nothing terrible happened to him.
    Big hugs to you and your family! I know you loved that dog!

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