And the winner for overuse of the word “pissed” in a post goes to….

I’m angry as hell right this minute. Oh and? I’m pissed off. AND? I’m scared.
My daughter is still sick. Still having trouble breathing.

I had to take her to the ER again on Saturday night. They gave her an inhaler, which helped ease my fears a little, but that’s it. An inhaler and no answers.
I tried to get her into her doctor today. Oh, what do you know? He’s out all week. The doctor that I’ve loved so much for the past 14 years suddenly thinks he never has to come to work anymore. So they give me doctors who don’t know what the fuck they are doing. You see, I had taken G in on Friday and the ho bag doctor (who has misdiagnosed my children before) was all “Oh, she’s not wheezing! She just has a virus. Here’s some cough syrup!” I know she was wrong, and I left pissed off. Sure enough, 4 am the next day, I had to call 911 because my daughter was in distress and Tony was in the ER with her getting breathing treatments and steroids.
I was going to write about how my daughter got “steriod rage” and how hilarious it was because she was biting me and growling like a beast, but you know what? Three nights of absolutely no sleep because your daughter can’t breathe and you’re afraid she might die and suddenly, it’s not funny anymore.
I’ve always loved Kaiser. When we left for a short time to try Health Net, I was pissed and I wanted it back. We got it back. And now? I fucking hate it. My doctor is never there, the doctors they give me are medically retarded, the doctors in the ER treat me like I’m some asshole mother who doesn’t know shit about shit (“Do you KNOW what wheezing sounds like, ma’am“)
I feel bad for the receptionist who answered my call this morning because she got a whole lot of me in her ear. I know it’s not HER fault, but, man, I’m pissed and frustrated and scared and sad and FREAKED OUT.
I’m on my way to take her to a pedictrician in about 30 minutes. I can gaurantee you there will be some crying and possibly some cussing and MAYBE some ushering out of the office in handcuffs.
This has been the Weekend From Hell, well, except for the part where I got to meet Mindy, (I’ll write about THAT when I have time and I can think straight.) I can only hope it gets better from here, because I don’t know if I can take much more.

20 thoughts on “And the winner for overuse of the word “pissed” in a post goes to….

  1. jen

    Fucking bastards– they try that fucking shit with all mothers, nationwide. Assholes. “Do you know what wheezing sounds like?”
    “No, bitch, I’m just making it up as I go along because I like paying ER bills!!!!”
    Give me their phone numbers! Let me at ’em!!!

  2. Jenny

    Get Kaiser’s customer service involved if you have to. Be tough, mama. Your baby deserves to have knowledgable doctors who give a damn about your concerns.

  3. April

    I’m sorry your Gabby is sick, mamma. It’s even more scary when the baby can’t breathe, I know.
    Ethan had chronic ear infections from 2 months to 2 years, along with the fevers, diarrhea, vomitting, etc. He even eventually built up a resistance to all antibiotics. So he’s had tubes put in his ears 3 times along with his adenoids taken out. That’s 3 too many surgeries I wanted my baby to have.
    Hang in there, and I pray you find a doctor who gets it right for her.

  4. Beth

    Unfortunately, some doctors just can’t be counted on to treat kids as if they were the doctors’ own, and it takes a fabulous Mama Bear like you to fight for what your daughter needs. Don’t give up. You and Gabby are in my thoughts and prayers… *hugs*

  5. Mindy

    You go. I’ve found that being obnoxious can be very handy and health-promoting. Good luck, sweetie, and tell then to consider the kind of virus that may affect breathing AND circulation… just sayin.

  6. Courtney

    Hopped over to your site from Mindy’s and want to send you many, many healthy vibes. My Pud was sick not too long ago, we received no answers from the doc for 10 days with a fever of 104.5 and complete misery and worry. She’s fine now, I know how you feel and I hope you get the answers and help you need for your little precious girl.

  7. Crystal

    Never let the doctor’s make you feel like an idiot. You have mother intuition and it is never wrong. Find a doctor who will listen. This is your child and if they don’t understand that then fuck them.
    I hope your daughter gets better and that you find out what it is.

  8. maria

    I can’t understand why they gave a baby an inhaler?! My daughter’s had to have breathing treatments, and i’ve always insisted tht they give her the Albuterol in a liquid. So much easier to have them swallow the meds, then to make sure she’s breathing it in… I’m a Kaiser gal myself, some days you love them, other days you want to slap them all.
    HUGS to you a Gabby.

  9. Kristina

    Y I emailed you with my thoughts. Albuterol liquid is indeed what my daughter takes too and my son as needed. I wouldn’t put up with their bullshit. Don’t let them yank your chain.

  10. Rachael & Eva

    I hope she gets better soon.
    You guys shouldn’t have to go through all of that. II think you should write a few angry letters. [When all this is over, of course!]
    Good luck, and I hope you find someone who will listen to you and diagnose your daughter!!

  11. Crystal

    (((Yvonne))) I went through that with Shane at 10 months, and again last year (almost 3 y/o). He has small nasal passages, and an allergen (likely mold) caused him to have an asthmatic episode. They told me it was called bronchiolitis. I hope Gabby is doing better soon, and many hugs to all of you. It’s never easy to see your baby sick.

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