She’s my everything….

Another night of absolutely no sleep, but this time, it’s not because of my anxiety.

My daughter is having a hard time breathing. I called an ER nurse to ask for advice, she asked me questions, then listened to G over the phone. I was advised to call 911. I wasn’t panicked much, until the nurse said “911” to me. Then? I freaked. I called, they came, did some tests on her, said she looked ok, wasn’t in distress, but that she did need to be seen at a hospital for a breathing treatment. They offered to take her, but I opted to have Tony take her. Kaiser WILL charge me if it’s not life threatening. Tony left to take her to the ER about an hour ago. I feel better now that I know she’ll get the care she needs, but I’m worried and wishing I had taken her so I would know if she’s ok right this minute. I know she WILL be, but watching your little baby struggle to take breaths is the most unnerving, upsetting, terrifying experience.
Now, if only Tony would call and let me know what’s going on…
*update* Gabby’s home, safe and sound and ABLE TO BREATH. She was given a breathing treatment and a liquid form of steriods to open the lungs. Thank you for your well wishes.

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  1. Y

    Thanks Lisa, but, no, they’re not home yet and I haven’t heard from them. Ugh. I should have taken her myself, I can’t take this “not knowing”.

  2. Kellerbell

    I know exactly how you’re feeling. When my son was 10 months old he had a cold and was coughing a lot and then it became hard for him to catch his breath. We took him straight to the ER, where they decided he had croup and gave him 3 breathing treaments, which helped tremendously. They even sent him home with a nebulizer and we had to continue to give him breathing treaments 6 times a day for 5 days. He’s 5 years old now and fine. But there is nothing scarier then when your child can’t breathe. I’ll keep you and Gabby in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Stacey

    Oh my god Yvonne, I hope to god she’s alright.
    Fuck, I’ll be out all day, I won’t be able to check in.
    I’m praying she’s ok!

  4. Claudia

    Y, I hope that as the morning progressed you find yourself knowing that all is well with your lil princess. You’re a strong beautiful person, be calm and don’t jump to conclusions. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, that everything be well.

  5. Busy Mom

    Please let us know how things are when you can. Before you know it, she’ll be on the mend and you’ll be telling us funny stories of things she’s doing while hopped up on albuterol (breathing treatment medicine, makes you hyper).

  6. caitlin

    I hope she’s okay.
    Hey, your post seems pretty calm – you are usually a lot more freaked out when the kids are sick – are you getting better at managing the anxiety over that sort of thing or am I just reading too far into this?

  7. jen

    Hmmm, any asthma in your family?
    Albuterol rocks. My kid had to have treatments when he was a baby a couple of times– loved it.

  8. Shylah

    Gah, I can relate, too. Em had RSV when she was four months old, and ended up spending a week in the hospital with it. I was fine until they put my baby into a bed with an oxygen tent on it. Talk about some scary shit.
    I’m so glad she’s okay.. did they tell you what was wrong? Does she have an upper respiratory infection or something similar?

  9. Y

    Well, since i wasn’t the one there with her, I didn’t get to ask the questions, but, Tony said they told him it could be “pre asthma” whatever the hell that means. Does that mean it could be pre-she’s going to have asthma for the rest of her life? Man, I WISH I WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER.

  10. Mieke

    Glad to hear she’s better. We own a nebulizer because Jonas was so prone to these episodes, I think Gabby has had them a few times, you might want to talk to pediatrician about her “perscribing” one for you to own so your insurance will pay. You live in asthma country after all. It makes us feel much more secure that we can help Jonas to open his lungs when he gets like this – he doesn’t have asthma, it’s just when he gets sick it goes straight to his lungs for some reason.

  11. Empress

    Wow! I just got over here and read this. How scary!! I’m glad she’s feeling better now! And I hope it’s just the season and not asthma. But, even if it is, that’s highly treatable and I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

  12. Zette

    I’m so sorry Gabby (and you) had to go thru that, but glad that she’s back home and doing better. Summer colds suck ass….I’ve been sick 2 years in a row at this time, as has my little one. Nebulizers are the way to go for keeping them well. Get some rest now.

  13. lex

    I’m glad she’s ok. Isa had “pre-asthma” too and she hated the breathing treatments. Did they give you a machine for home use too?

  14. Mari

    I popped in to catch up, and to wish her a happy belated, but then I read this and feel awful. I hope she is ok, which I know she is, but I hope YOU’RE ok. Sorry this happened, I know how terrifying this can be.
    Take care.

  15. geeky

    awww poor gabby. i’m glad she’s ok! hopefully it’s just allergy related asthma, and she’ll be fine. and even if it is real asthma, both of my brothers had bad asthma as young children and outgrew it later in life.

  16. melly

    Sounds like she has what I’m just getting through? It has been hard to breathe the past few days. Bless her little heart.

  17. Jenny T

    I’m glad to read Gabby is going to be okay. James had asthma as a child and outgrew it. I know what it is like when you don’t go to the doctor’s with the hubby. James NEVER asks the questions I would have asked. Like when Josh was a baby and the doctor told James that he had a hole in his heart, James didn’t ask him ANYTHING. I had to research it so I knew what was going on. (He outgrew it thank God, but I was so horrible, I’d be like “OMG, don’t let him cry and get upset, I don’t want his heart upset”, no wonder he is attached at my hip now.)

  18. Louise

    As someone who’s had asthma since, well, birth, I know how tough it can be on parents (20 years ago, they would keep me in the hospital everytime I had an attack). I’m hoping Gabby ends up *not* having asthma. If she does, please watch out for the steroids. They’re great for the lungs, but horrible for everything else, like your bones, and your weight, and everything.

  19. chris

    How frightening that must have been for you. I’m so glad that she is home and okay now.
    What is it with men and asking questions at the doctor? It’s like asking for directions, they just. don’t. do. it.

  20. Snidget

    so glad that gabby is okay… a friend of mine *just* went through this with her daughter.
    Get some sleep, sister… from your sister in the south who is sleep deprived as well (UGH!)

  21. Kalani

    Awww poor Y and G. I know everything will be just fine. Scary but just fine. Taking care of kids like this is what I do for a living so next time call me if you feel like freaking out. 😉

  22. Joelle

    Omg! We had no idea. I’m so glad she’s ok. Mike sent you an email last night about lunch today and we didn’t hear back, so I called your house this morning and got your answering machine. I think I can safely assume that lunch today is off — we can totally reschedule for another time, doll.
    Smoosh that little ball of cuteness for me and I’m so glad she’s ok… *mwah*

  23. Heather

    Oh sweetie I soo know how you feel! My daughter is a cardiac transplant patient who is constantly having breathing issues. It rips your heart out.
    Youre in my thoughts, Im glad I stumbled across you and will definately be back!

  24. brandi

    I am so glad she is OK! I got worried when I was reading even though I am 2 days late. My J has to have breathing treatments once in a while and has RSV 3 times since she was born. My doc finally just gave me a machine and the medicine to do it at home as needed. Thankfully since we got the machine she hasn’t needed a treatment! (((HUGS))) sweetie. I know it was a hard night!

  25. Tessa

    I’m glad everything turned out so well. I know you must’ve been beside yourself! btw…that really IS a great pic below. I know you were being all “tongue in cheek” about it, but it’s a really good pic of a really beautiful lady.

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