The reason I spend TWO HOURS clipping coupons and looking through ads every Sunday morning…

Now do you understand why Clip at any chance I get? DO YOU?
I got a buttload of groceries AND contraptions that make my house smell good all for only $103.
I don’t even care if you’re laughing at me because… “Oh, how pathetic, she’s excited because she saved ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS at the market! LOSER!”
Know WHY I don’t care?
Because, One hundred and sixty dollars, that’s why.
(Ok, so I never thought the high point of my life would be my “coupon savings” but, again? One hundred and sixty dollars, so SHUT IT.)

38 thoughts on “The reason I spend TWO HOURS clipping coupons and looking through ads every Sunday morning…

  1. Amy

    Okay, but I also spend hours clipping the damn coupons and I’ve never saved more than $50. How the hell do you do that?

  2. geeky

    ok i’ll admit… i get a cheap thrill from the “you have saved $x.xx with your valued customer card!” line at the bottom of my grocery reciepts. and it’s never anywhere close to $160!

  3. Heatherg

    160 bucks? I have never, ever in my cheap-ass lifestyle (I buy my canned goods from the dollar store) saved 160 bucks on shit.
    I’m lucky if i save 50 bucks.
    Its just not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gc

    I clip coupons as well and always go for the bargains but I’ve never managed to save more than $50. What’s your secret?

  5. Heatherg

    But just to make things even………
    My power bill was $112.87 this month!

  6. girlplease

    you so need to tell me how you do it. i’m tired of seeing the negative in my checking to the point where i’m taking coins from our coin box just to buy lunch.

  7. Kristy

    I’m a coupon freak, too. I never save that kind of scratch, though. My husband does the grocery shopping. He comes home with 200 things that weren’t on the list. And then pulls the coupons I’d sent with him out of his pocket…Oops.

  8. kimmie

    that is some awesome $aving$!! Good job!
    And I thought I was excited when staples sent me an $11.00 coupon for my staples dividend card.
    You’re coupon clipping is to be admired! I really need to start doing that. Of course that is why I like shopping at our Safeway because when I hand the cashier my club card after they have scanned my cart LOAD of groceries, and I watch the total go down.. down… down I love it! I always ask if they can do that trick again.
    Then there is our IGA, when you shop there you collect stamps for free groceries. A couple of weeks ago I used them for the first time and managed to get a DVD (new release), and THREE PAILS of ice cream!!
    but yes, I do need to coupon clip… especially having a teenager in the house that can eat 4 times his weight, costing me a bazillion dollars a month!
    A funny thing though… why is it that men don’t really get what it REALLY costs to keep everyones belly’s full in the house. My hubby always says, “spend a couple hundred dollars” A COUPLE hundred!?!?! and what eat for 4 days!! bahaha.
    Sorry, went off on my own little tangent there.

  9. Michelle

    Holy crap that’s a lot of savings. I’ve recently started reading here and just had to say you have the most adorable kids 🙂 The pics on flickr are so cute!

  10. kimmie

    Heatherg… would you hate me if I told you my power bill this month was $24.00?!?!? but my water/sewer bill was $75.00 –and the sewer use was actually more!! I am going to have to limit the number of dumps my family takes! LOL –get that sewer bill down!

  11. Shylah

    You’ve got it all backwards, dear. Someone NOT thrilled about saving $161 is the loser, not you. You’re the smart one. 😉

  12. mmc

    Wow! I bow down to the coupon queen.
    I guess I’m just too much of a store brand girl. It seems even with the coupons the in house stuff is still cheaper at my store.

  13. chris

    OMG, today must be the day for grocery shopping savings. I saved… $294… SAVED, not spent. Because it doesn’t matter what I spent, right?
    I was about to write a post about it because I just made fun of those coupon accordion thingies and pissed people off.

  14. NinaKaye

    I clip coupons, but there are rarely any coupons for things I buy. I usually end up throwing them all out. And since I buy my groceries at Wal*Mart (it’s all I’ve got…I want a SuperTarget!!) I don’t get double coupons or the little card savings, although they’ll match the price of any other ad. But I’m too lazy to do that. So we usually save about $2 on our stuff. (PS I have coupons now…want ’em?)

  15. ishouldbeworking

    You ARE the Queen and I bow before you! I’m kinda like mmc though, the store brand things are usually less expen$ive than the name brand even with a coupon….and don’t get me started about the ones where you have to buy 5 of something to save 25cents! Really though, great job on the $161 savings – that is awesome.

  16. Coupon Sistah

    Thought I wouldn’t speak up?
    I thought I did alright this weekend with $64 off, and a total tab of $67. And I can’t believe you shop at VONS! They’re so ‘spensive. I’m a Ralph’s girl. (Both the supermarket and my dad. His name is Ralph. Yes. Really. Shut. Up.) 😉
    But at least they double. Because please. You don’t TAKE your coupons to the places that don’t double. Are you picking up what I’m laying down?
    Miss you!

  17. debutaunt

    You win.
    I wish I could just steal stuff. I always feel jypped when I go to the grocery store b/c the prices are so much higher here than when I shopped in Austin back in the day.

  18. stacy

    I am SUPER damn impressed with that kind of savings lady! Wish I could do that good. You have motivated me to clip more. Speaking of, I haven’t gone through the weekend’s coupons yet. Guess I have a chore for tomorrow morning. Urgh. But actually YEAH!

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