Sarah went and called me out to do a meme. So as not to be called a “stuck up blogger”, I will do it. And also? Because she once used a gift certificate she had to buy me a E.E Cummings poetry book (that I STILL love to this day). Do NOT click the extended entry if you hate The Meme’s.
7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Lose The Fat
2. Put MY PICTURESin photo albums. (that’s not even all of them, people)
3. GET MY FILM DEVELOPED! (those disposable cameras are from the early 90’s.)
4. Visit New York City again.
5. Watch my children get married.
6. Hold my grandbabies.
7. Learn to Salsa dance.
7 things I can do:
1. The Worm, bitches!
2. Push babies out of my vagina
3. Make tittymilk!
4. Clip coupons whilst taking a dump.
5. Make people laugh.
6. Comfort my children.
7. play the guitar, but only if it’s songs about Jesus.
7 things I can not do:
1.Whistle! ‘Er since I got my new teeth, seriously, I can’t.
2. Stop myself when I get too excited.
3. Save money.
4. Keep plants alive
5. Speak Spanish
6. Stop talking
7. Poop in public restrooms.
7 things that attract me to other people:
1. A sense of humor!
2. Sensitivity
3. Compassion
4. A smile
5. Wit
6. Did I say sense of humor? Because, sense of humor.
7. Money. (if you have a sense of humor, you’d know that was a joke)
7 things that I say most often:
1. Boobies
2. Vagina
3. Fart
4. Oh hell no
5. Step off!
7. Tomorrow
7 Celebrity Crushes
1. Kevin James
2. Todd Glass
3. Judge Mathis
4. Leah Remini (only because I want to be her friend!)
5. Steve Edwards
6. Gary Busey. (DO NOT JUDGE ME)
7. Jimmy Smits
The last one was supposed to be “7 people you’d like to do this” but I don’t want to call people out LIKE SARAH CALLED ME OUT. ( I kid, Sarah, I aint mad ‘atcha.)

14 thoughts on “Tag THIS

  1. Y

    Yeah, totally Steve Edwards. Crushes for me are more about how the person makes me feel, not how they look. And Steve knows how to Bring The Funny.

  2. kimmie

    Hey there! I played along with the meme’s go check it out on my site… I do warn ya though, yours is MUCH more exciting than mine.
    Have a good one!

  3. hed

    Leah Remini is pretty damn hot. Even I want a piece of that. But… Gary Busey? Er, really? Really really? Ok. I guess it’s not as bad as Jay Leno. And yes, yes, yes… it’s the chin!

  4. Heatherg

    You hi-jacked a picture of my photo box. I currently am the proud owner of 19 (yes, 19!) undeveloped film rolls and misc. disposable cameras.
    I will now quietly leave with my head hung down in kodak shame.

  5. Trishie

    I am so mad at you right now because I want to sit down with those pictures and look at them.. and I can’t. Ugh.
    And I’m glad you did the memmememe. I love the memememes. I even did the memememe.
    Kay bye. *mwah*

  6. Philip

    Stop saying, “Tomorrow.”
    Think of what you could do today, think of the big smile you’d get if you stopped and said, “Okay, right now is fine…”
    (and yes, this is what you get when you come to my site and toss around the word vagina…)

  7. Amy S

    I am glad to know I am not the only one that cannot take a shit in public restrooms. My husband thinks I am weird because of it.

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