Take your pink and SHOVE IT

My daughter is an extremely happy child. She is also a child who is easily pissed off. Basically, she is a Drama Queen, prone to The Dramatics all day long about everything and anything.
“Hmmm, I wonder where she gets it from?”
That’s what my husband (AND HIS MOTHER) love to say at every chance they get.
Seriously. According to my mother in law, every “bad” trait my children have, comes from me. (pissy, moody, stubborn, irresponsible) Every wonderful and great trait comes from her perfect son. And in all fairness, it is not just my mother in law who thinks this way (and says it, OUTLOUD). My own MOTHER believes it.
Because Tony is “Perfect” and I’m “lucky he’s put up with me for all of these years.”
But, that’s not really what this is about.
This is about my DramaQueen daughter and The Pink Boots I thought she would LOVE!
Having believed I’d never have a daughter, that I’d only be the mother to boys, imagine the excitement I felt when I saw a pair of pink boots at Mervyns, in my daughter’s size, ON CLEARANCE.
“She will love these!” I thought. “And she will squeel with excitment as I zip them on her precious feet, and I will pick her up, twirl her around and sing a song about her pretty she looks in her pink boots and then, she will proudly walk around the house, showing them off to everyone!”
Um. Yeah. Riiiiiiight.
I put them on. She tried to stand up, but didn’t like the way they felt on her feet. I think the little heel bugged her. SO, she stood there in a “I am taking a dump” position and REFUSED to move.

I begged her to move. “Come on, sweetie, let’s go show daddy how pretty you look!”
She got on her hands and knees and crawled underneath the sofa table and once again, refused to move.

At this point, I realized my “Pink Boot Fantasy” had just went to hell and there would be no squeels of joy, there would be no twirling around the house nor would there be songs of pretty boots.
Instead, there would be DRAMATICS



Totally not what I had thought her First Pink Boot experience would be like, but, with her temper and tendancy towards making a HUGE ASS DEAL OUT OF EVERYTHING (Again, I wonder where she gets THAT from?), I should have known it would turn out that way.
God, I love her. And, I love those pink boots that will never be worn again. Ever.
We’ve already decided they’re going in a “shadow box” along with those pictures and will be put proudly on display in her bedroom. And it will be titled “Shattered dreams.”

28 thoughts on “Take your pink and SHOVE IT

  1. Tanya

    Those are some cute freakin’ boots.
    I was going to say “just wait til it snows,” but… Well, you can always go someplace where it snows, I guess.
    You could try putting them on the outsides of her pants. Or with tights. Maybe they’re poking/pinching the backs of her knees (I hate that).

  2. Y

    See, I’m such a selfish, horrible mother. I thought that they probably were uncomfortable, but that didn’t keep me from being all sad that SHE KILLED MY DREAM.
    She has to learn the “beauty hurts” rule eventually, why not at one year?

  3. dana michelle

    Leave it to you to come up with a cute photo essay from a traumatic childhood experience. Hee!
    Maybe she doesn’t want to be a cowgirl?
    Those boots are adorable. Some day when she’s all grown up she’ll wish she’d worn them.

  4. Itchy

    I love the “I’m taking a dump” position. My niece still does that one from time to time if she’s losing her balance…it’s just so darn cute.

  5. Hed

    That “taking a dump” pose made me laugh for about 3 minutes. My daughter has done that too, usually with shoes that I paid way more than I should have paid for a pair of toddler shoes. I just decided to start taking her shopping with me for shoes, because she’s even more particular about them than I am, and damn. That’s saying something!
    Because I am the queen of shoes. Ok. Maybe she got it from me… and the mother-daughter curse, in which my mother told me: “One day, I hope you have a daughter… just like you!” Yes. Perpetuated.

  6. Curly

    “Losing writing skillz” my ass, Y. This post was great! That first pic of your daughter with a spaghetti smeared face is TOO MUCH…I can only take cuteness in moderate amounts, and that’s overdosing right there. Followed by the “taking a dump” position….and I officially hyperventilate and *almost* want a girl of my own.
    I said almost.

  7. Kristy

    The “taking a dump” picture made me giggle so much my boss walked in and just kinda gave me a blank stare. He walked off and I was still giggling.
    Great post. Great pictures. Beautiful little girl.

  8. Amy

    Um, yeah. Could she BE any cuter? Survey says, “NO!” My goodness, she is adorable and looks and sounds like a piece of work – love all that personality!!

  9. Shamrock

    You can rest assured, someday she’ll want the pink boots. Like when she’s 13, and the pair she wants has a 4-inch stiletto heel and costs $400. THEN she’ll be begging you for them.

  10. Annika

    OH! Her HAIR! It’s so long!
    Also, do those boots come in my size? My husband wears nothing but boots, so our kids are going to wear them AND LOVE IT or else.

  11. Fiona

    hahhahahahahaha OMG i laughed so hard
    first i just LOVE that sgetti pic….one of her best ever, man that girl is so adorable
    but the boots….OMG the boots…..that was too much
    though i can sympathise with G….the taking the dump pic is, i’m sure, exactly how i look when i slip into my heels for work every weekday morning…..i’m a barefoot kinda gal at heart….though you’ll be glad to know i straighten up before i leave the safe confines of my own apartment *L*
    G you just totally ROCK!!!!!!!….i wonder if 18 years from now, we’ll have G’s blog here and her posting the exact same pics *L*

  12. halloweenlover

    I am CRACKING UP. Gabby is such a ham, it kills me.
    But, um, I thought it was just my mom who thinks my husband is perfect and I’m so lucky he puts up with me. Guess not?

  13. shy me

    those first two spaghetti pictures are just awesome! I’m gonna look at them every time I’m feeling bummed out!
    ps. hope you’re doing ok like.. healthwise and stuff.

  14. Dina

    This post was great. The photos you got for her boot shadow box are incredibly great!!! Too too funny. oh the dramatics, what was your son saying/ thinking when all this happened. You inspire me as a mom to a 4 month old baby girl. Heh 😉

  15. danelle

    There is a cure for this you know.
    Pack up the boots in their box, and take Gabby to the store with you to return them. (Doesnt matter if you have the box or the receipt, you won’t really be returning them.)
    Explain that you’ll be giving Gabby’s shoes back to the store and that she won’t have them anymore. By the time you get to the counter they will be her most prized possession ever.

  16. girl friday

    1. your mother in law sounds just like mine.
    2. pink faux-uggs…they are totally comfy and G will look adorable.
    3. Now you’re giving me, giving me, nothing but Shattered Dreams, Shattered Dreams is going to be in my head most of today.

  17. Chickadee

    Those pictures of your little drama queen are priceless. And you better stop saying such negative things about yourself. I’m giving you a stern look. See it? You better shudder. LOL.

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