No Christmas Cheese for YOU

Christmas presents? Not wrapped!
Shopping? Not done!
Cookies? Unbaked!
House? A mess!
Showered? Dressed? Rested and looking pretty? Ha! HA! HAAA!
But you? I bet you’re all relaxing, listening to Christmas music, snacking on the delicious cookies you baked sometime earlier this week, whilst adoring your beautifully wrapped presents in your spotless house that smells like pine and peppermint, LAUGHING AT ME.
Hey, at least you’re laughing.
I really wanted to write a Beautiful Christmas Post about all of the love, joy and laughter in my life right now, but, because I suck at this “Holiday” thing, and because I’m late for Grandma’s house (Grandmpa is going to be PISSED) you get THIS instead.
Merry Christmas, y’all.

30 thoughts on “No Christmas Cheese for YOU

  1. ratty

    not wrapped, not baked, still sewing gifts, house a mess. shopping IS done, thank goodness, not counting the UPS stuff that didn’t arrive or was STOLEN FROM MY PORCH… grrrrr.
    no tv today, all christmas music, all the time. need incentives, not distractions! and boy, do i need a SHOWER.
    merry christmas, y, to you and your beautiful, beautiful family 🙂

  2. Mamacita

    That picture is unutterably BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And if it makes you feel any better, I’m still working on a present that has to be given tonight, in about four hours. And here I sit at my computer! But I’m talking to you, so that’s more important anyway.

  3. Lucky

    Shopping…just had a shower in order to go do said shopping…cooking? HA! We are so looking at a mad dash to the grocery store before it closes today to figure out what we are having…cookies? I gave up.
    Atleast you are in like/good company. 😉

  4. NinaKaye

    Everything’s bought and wrapped here, but I don’t bake, or cook at all for that matter, so it wasn’t that hard. The house isn’t clean, but that’s nothing new. I’ll pick up and vacuum before Santa comes tonight. We’ll be lucky if we get one meal today because I’m not in the mood. Oh yeah, I’ll have to bake some cookies for Santa tonight, but I have those ready-to-bake cookies for that. And, lucky for us, we only have one place to visit for Christmas and that’s tomorrow afternoon. My husband is at work today, and my kids are driving me crazy!! (“can we open a present yet?” x 1000000)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Lauren

    Gifts not wrapped, heck I am not even done shopping yet.
    Uhm yeah, I baked some cookies last night…and I burned them on the bottom.
    My house? AHAHAHAA don’t go there okay?
    Merry Christmas, Gorgeous. =) Kisses to your beautiful family.

  6. girlplease

    Sounds like my morning too. I got a Christmas Poo from Hana this morning. Ahhhh yuletide log!
    Merry Xmas and have a great New Year. Hopefully I can come down to CA in 2006 and we can meet!

  7. Empress

    But only because my kids are grown and gone and their presents all fit into a money holder! Gone are the days of big wheels and video games under the tree. Now it’s just cold hard cash. It’s easier to shop for and way easier to wrap!
    Hope you have a great holiday, sistah!

  8. Justagirli

    Just finished wrapping presents that will now go under our pathetic dried out tree. The house smells of ….. you know I am not quite sure what that smell is? You are not alone girl, not alone by far Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Suzanne

    I am right there with you. I made Christmas Eve dinner for my inlaws tonight. The roast was cold. The potatoes were still hard. The rolls were black on the bottom. And I totally forgot about baking cookies! When the kids went to leave out cookies for Santa before bed, I was like oh sh*t. We had to leave a crumby oreo out of the cookie jar. But we won’t remember that part in 20 years right? I can barely remember last year, lol.
    You and your family have a great Christmas, Y.

  10. girl

    our house is far from clean and smells more like cat ass than cookies, so don’t feel badly. our presents are sorta wrapped (no pretty bows) and I have to work tonight. woofuckinghoo! Merry Christmas!

  11. Joelle

    Dude. My house smells good, but that’s only because i”m burning 100 candles to hide the scent of undone dishes and laundry that needs to be finished. We’re having a Christmas Eve dinner of frozen pizza and Battlestar Galactica.
    Miss you, ho. Merry Christmas!

  12. Y

    Ahhhh, I’m relaxed now.
    Christmas presents are wrapped, some open already, even! (Hey, I can only take so much of PLEAAAAAASE, JUST OOONNNNEEEEEE, PLLLLEASEEEEEEE before I cave, man.)
    I hope you all have a wonderful christmas, I really do.

  13. JC

    Well… my cookies have already been eaten 😛 Preparing myself on gaining a pound or two….
    Nonetheless, I hope YOU and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  14. Autumn

    Merry Christmas. 🙂
    Your kid’s Christmas pics turned out beautifully.
    Hey….try to find time to have fun.
    Messes mean that life is happening.

  15. kimmie

    Merry Christmas Yvonne! I wish all the belssings for you and your family this holiday season and for 2006!
    Just enjoy the season, the best part of the season is time spent with loved ones, enjoy that and never mind the rest.

  16. marjorie

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! My kids are adults but my house is still a mess. I don’t care and neither should you. Just love them. Here’s how my day is going. I just finished shoving my bare hands inside the frozen turkey, trying to pull out the disgusting frozen neck which is a lot like jacking off Frosty the snowman. Such fun! Have a blessed Christmas day and a happy new Year.

  17. debutaunt

    Merry Christmas, woman. I love you and all that shit! The picture turned out cute as pie. You make good kids. That’s more important than peppermint.
    It’s going to be a great year for you with your winning ways. I just know it.

  18. Jennifer

    Christmas always comes no matter what. Don’t sweat it. Ya know what? The turkey I was gonna make on Christmas is still in the fridge (raw, not cooked). I guess we’ll have turkey dinner tomorrow instead. People only look like they have it all together. We’re all just like you, and you like us.

  19. Debbie

    Liar, liar pants on fire! Nobody takes pictures like that and doesn’t have all the perfect Christmas stuff going on. Acting like you are all disorganized makes for a great post though.
    Merry Christmas!

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