Subliminal messages, part 2.

So, it looks like Dooce Kicked my ass. Was there any doubt she would? Of course there wasn’t!
The internet will not let Dooce lose!
I’m tempted to start “Help me beat Dooce at the last minute” campaign, but I’m thinking that’ll come off as a little “desperate”. But, man, that would be funny. (Was that a hint? Or was that a hint? )
But I have to thank y’all for not letting me finish last! (But seriously, “blog awards” are silly and but, um, “beating Dooce”? Not so silly. I CAN NOT HELP IT THAT I AM COMPETETIVE. I WAS BORN THIS WAY.)

20 thoughts on “Subliminal messages, part 2.

  1. Amy

    I want to vomit because the internet always votes for Dooce. And the thing is, I read her, and I like her–but come on, people! Is she really THAT good? Is she really better than Y? NO WAY!
    Why do people always kiss up to the cool ones? (Oh, wait. I think that’s what I’m doing to Y.)

  2. girlplease

    Big deal. She writes about poop and her kid. Who doesn’t? (I mean, my dog PISSED in the bed last night. That’s like a combo of bodily fluids and a “kid”).
    I mean, she’s good and funny, but come on. She’s not all that and a bag-o-poop.

  3. Y

    But just to be clear, all I am saying is that it would be funny to beat her because girlfriend is a celebrity! ANd I am not!
    Get it?

  4. NinaKaye

    Oh god, I can’t stand Dooce. When I got the Glamour in the mail I was all happy I’d have something to read, then there she was. Ugh. I’m tempted to burn the damn thing. I’ve voted for you every single day, and believe me, if you could have voted more than once a day, I would have!!
    (Plus, I think you’re way prettier than her! To me, she looks like she needs a sandwich or something. hehe)

  5. Lynne

    Ahem, would it make you feel any better if I pointed out that you are soooo far ahead of the rest of the candidates, some of those guys didn’t make it into the 100’s. You have done amazingly well considering you haven’t had media coverage in the same way Dooce does. I still like Dooce but I still read your blog and Shenuts first when I log on in the morning. P.s. By the way Dooce isn’t a household name in the UK yet 🙂

  6. Joelle

    You know, I don’t know her personally, but I enjoy Dooce’s blog from time to time. I think she’s a good writer and while I do agree that her following is a way fanatical and that she may be a tad overexposed, there’s no need to bash her, damn! 🙂
    Y, I’m totally down with you beating her… because she’s “a celebrity” and I believe that you are equally as funny, if not more. I just don’t understand why some people have to bash other people in order to support someone else. 🙂 You don’t know Dooce personally, people. Neither do I. She may be the coolest most fabulous person on earth. She may be elitist and rude. The point is, we only know her from afar.
    Congrats on not finishing last, m’sistah. I voted for you… lots. Even though I think blog awards are dick. Because I’m a hypocrite like that.

  7. Katie

    Aw man! I voted for you every day, I was really hoping you’d beat her! I won’t bash Dooce but that doesn’t mean I like her either.
    Actually maybe being the 2nd Best Parenting Blog is a good thing. You know, a little less pressure and all.

  8. Y

    Hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinions. I just wanted my intentions to be clear. 😉
    Being bored is why I bash celebrities.
    Like, Star Jones. And Hoprah.
    OK, being bored AND broke. Because I hate rich people.

  9. Joelle

    I’m not calling out anyone specific. l:) I’m just sayin’.
    Anywho, I’m sorry you didn’t win, dude. 🙁 But! You’re not last. *parade*

  10. girlplease

    I don’t think anyone here bashed Dooce. I think the point is that we’re sick of hearing the accolades for her. For what? She got fired for blogging. Big deal. She writes about poop and her kids. Big deal. She’s a good writer, funny, and shit but so are a lot of bloggers. I mean, the girl is in Wikipedia. WHY???????
    I think people just drop her name without even reading her.
    Didn’t that loser A.J Benza used to say, “Fame, ain’t it a bitch?”
    Besies, I rather read people like Y and Joelle. The stories are way funnier.

  11. Joelle

    Thanks. 🙂 And yeah, I guess that’s what I meant. I realize that a lot of people are sick of hearing about her, but I don’t see how that’s her fault, really.
    It’s the people who read her or “name drop”. She’s just blogging. I don’t see her whoring her name all over town. I don’t see her commenting a lot. I don’t see her pleading for comments or traffic.
    Dooce just blogs. And while I’m sure there are other people blog just as well, it doesn’t discount her work either. I just think that people blame Dooce sometimes for their popularity when that isn’t always the case. It’s the people who blow her popularity outo f proportion that are to blame for the overexposure.
    /Doocechat. 🙂

  12. trish

    Here’s what bothers me about this whole topic. About a year or so ago, there was a big controversy heard all over the internet about an article about the lack of women bloggers, and how most bloggers were men who wrote about politics and commented on world events. Women bloggers everywhere spoke up and cried out that the viewpoint was bent, and how women bloggers aren’t respected, and most people feel that women aren’t serious, blah blah blah. It turned into this huge debate that lasted way too long.
    However, here is a woman who gets attention, and talks about nothing more than her daily life, her child, her husband, her friends, and nothing about politics or any kind of news commentary. And are women looking at that and saying, hey, that’s great? No! All of the negative comments here are by women, who find a way to criticize someone because she’s popular, or well known and gets lots of attention. Is it deserved? That’s a matter of opinion. Whether it is or not, there sure are a lot of people who copy her writing style, her design ideas, her layouts, to try to have some of her popularity rub off on them. Very few women respond in a positive way, thinking that this is a GOOD thing for a woman to get this much attention in an area where media attention is usually dominated by men, and also for keeping a positive spin on things by not engaging in internet drama or petty bickering just because she’s being criticized.
    Y and Dooce both write about their families, their daily lives, and other topics in a refreshing, original way, based on their own style and personality, and that has been noticed. Congrats.

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