Finally, videographic evidence to back up my claims that I didn’t get the laundry done because I was too busy keeping my daughter from hurting herself

Today is “One of Those Days” with my daughter.
Just now, I commanded her to take a nap.
“Daughter, I command thee to lay down and take a nap!” She responded with “Nap? HA! I STOMP ON YOUR NAP!”
Notice how after she realizes I’ve just caught her NOT napping on tape she stops for a second like  “OOPS, busted!” but then she’s all “WHATEVER! Jumping is fun! Weeeee!”

Yeah. It’s great to know that she RESPECTS MY AUTHORITY.

17 thoughts on “Finally, videographic evidence to back up my claims that I didn’t get the laundry done because I was too busy keeping my daughter from hurting herself

  1. Sarcastic Journalist

    How in the sam hell hasn’t she climbed out of that crib yet??? Maybe its because my child is the size of the jolly green giant, but she seems so small.
    I love the bouncing, btw.

  2. Mama Lump

    It looks like she might bounce her cute little rear right out of that crib. If she had, I have full faith you would have caught her with the hand not holding the camera.

  3. LC

    Yup. My kids wouldNOT have been in that crib. The second they could stand they were finding ways to GET OUT … and QUICK. That whole one side is lower than the other …. yeah. They’d be out the front door 🙂
    Ohhh and how do you manage to keep stuff on the walls right behind her crib. She must be a super baby cause again my heathens ???? Not so much.
    I like that whole … damn, I’m busted look too 🙂 ! CUTE.

  4. Nina

    I say things like that all the time. “If you had been sitting down like I TOLD you to, you wouldn’t be hurt, now would you?”

  5. Lisa

    Long time lurker here.. I enjoy your sense of humor very much! I just had to unlurk to express my adoration of your daughter! Even when her horns are showing, she’s just the cutest lil gal I think I’ve ever seen 😀 I actually happened upon your blog by way of Flickr – your photos are fabulous =)

  6. The Other Laurie

    She looked at you like, “What up, yo.”
    GOD I love that little girl ATTITUDE!
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    Cute hair too. She is a little love, that is for sure.

  7. Malia

    Don’t you just love that cold busted look they get. You almost can’t be mad at them because they look so darn cute. I said ALMOST….

  8. Kimberly

    The attitude! So cute! You are in SO much trouble in 10 years! 🙂
    My kids always bounced in the crib too, usually while yelling “Mo-o-o-o-om-me-ee-ee” til I came and got them. 😉

  9. wordgirl

    Fellow Texas blogger here. If only you would write a parenting book. I would buy it…and my kids aren’t even babies any more.

  10. DebbieS

    I love how her hair flops around while she bounces! Do you think the crib bouncing is her version of aerobic dancing??
    Btw I was at a very chi-chi mall in La Jolla today and saw a posterboard outside of an upscale skin care place (you know, the type that does eyelash extensions and Botox injections as well) and the photo was of a very pretty latina lady who looked very much like you! I should have thought to take a picture of it with my phone. And no, it wasn’t a “before” picture!! Just wanted to tell you about that since you’ve been stressed out about your weight.
    Hey, maybe for more exercise, you could jump on YOUR bed!

  11. Tammy

    She has the cutest room ever. And I love her crib! Of course, I fully expect her to leap right out of it any minute.
    So, you put her in, say “nap” and she usually DOES? What the hell kind of kid are you raising?! And can you come deal with Boy Terror at nap today?!

  12. Amy S

    Too Funny…
    This is sooo normal.My daughter did the same thing. It won’t be to long and she will be climbing out of there. Then watch out!!

  13. Dina

    No wonder she’s losing all that baby butter.. it’s b/c she’s doing secret exercises in her room when you’re not watching. I was just waiting for her to bonk her noggin on that crib frame. Just waiting ;). I seriously need to put my camera to more use and use that damned movie function. Was there sound and I just missed it? I needed to hear the boinging of the springs in her mattress. LOl.

  14. PK

    Hoo boy!
    My Girl walked in while I was watching that and immediately sensed a kindred spirit…
    “Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!”
    And then she showed me her hands full of chapstick that she’d stolen and squished up.

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