Respect…. My Strum

After enduring an hour of mocking and verbal abuse whilst playing Guitar Hero, I thought “Hey! Why not subject yourself to some more abuse and humilation and let the boys write a story about you?” (Thanks to Theresa for the idea.)
They were MORE THAN HAPPY to honor my request. (Little snots.) Prepare yourself, for my children do not hold back. Oh no they do not .
My mom looks like an idiot when she plays guitar hero, but she thinks she looks cool. She doesn’t even know how to play.
A lot of times, she thinks the game is broken, but the problem is that she isn’t strumming the guitar, which makes her kind of dumb when it comes to the game.
If it gets accidently paused, she asks the person to restart it because she’s a drama queen about it and acts like a baby when she plays it.
My mom’s a pretty nice person when it comes to anything else, but when it comes to guitar hero, she’s a game hog and she has no manners.

WhatEVAH. Obviously, they’re just jealous and can’t deal with the fact that I have killer Aerobic Dance Moves to accompany my sucky guitar playing.

24 thoughts on “Respect…. My Strum

  1. Sarah

    Can I come and sit on your sofa and watch? Because – my lordy lord – I want to watch you rock on with the itty bitty guitar. I’ll bring baked goods. Or baked gods, as I originally typed. Which would you prefer?

  2. Sara

    From a head covering to a side ponytail. Beautiful. You should do a side by side shot of your guitar playing “through the years”.

  3. jen

    I like the last line, so if this were ever brought to trial, they could say, “well, we SAID you were pretty nice when it comes to anything else!”

  4. Y

    the “she’s a game hog” is my favorite part.
    And I should note that it was all in good fun and we were all laughing so hard that we were crying whilst I was typing out their words.
    Sara? HAHAH. I think I just may do that.

  5. Jennifer

    *gasp* They called you a drama queen? Whatever do they speak of…?
    PS. You have a gorgeous face. (hush, don’t wave away that compliment. Take a deep breath and say thank you. :d)

  6. RachelS

    Rock on sistah! Or should I say rock on game hog!
    It’s all about the killer aerobic dance moves. Throw in the worm and you’ve got the total package.

  7. birds boss

    lol lol i like the side ponytail…Looks great….i wanna try the side pony but do u think it’ll look funny with the curly hairs god gave me? lol also, i hope your kids write more posts, they have clearly inhereted your talent for hilarious…rock on!

  8. Jessie

    I am a game hog with no manners when it comes to that game too – to the point that my husband won’t play it with me any more (we used to switch off turns and then I just wouldn’t give it up because it’s so much fun!).

  9. chrissylas

    Guitar Hero is awesome and you have every right to be a game hog! 😀 I don’t have that particular game but I must admit that I am a terrible Xbox360 hog… It’s “ours” really but I spend more time on it than my husband and tend to be reluctant to give up the controller. Oops…

  10. Maddie

    Dude, my husband is totally addicted to that game. TOTALLY and EMBARASSINGLY.
    Yes, it’s my new word. Don’t be hatin.

  11. Mindy

    I love them so.
    Btw, you are welcome to come take all my skinny clothes away when you’re here for BlogHer, because you can obviously wear them now and I am too fat to even try.

  12. Y

    Um, Mindy, you are obviously not paying attention because HELLO! MY FAT MIDDLE. I’ve been meaning to write about it, but I start crying and getting all psychotic and embarassed.
    Trust me girlfriend. I will NOT fit in your skinny clothes.
    But! We will not care once we begin the consumption of Teh Booze at BLogher!

  13. Lindsay

    Hilarious! I’m gonna have to remember this tactic when my two-year-old gets a little older. The story telling, I mean, although, erm, obviously you’re a wonderful guitar player…

  14. Jenn

    This is HILARIOUS. Everything about this cracks me up. I saw a little boy playing Guitar Hero in a Best Buy the other day and I thought of this post right away.

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