Bronzes have more fun

There was a time in my life where I decided “Hey! I think I want blonde hair!”
When I told my stylist, she looked at me funny and said it would be a good idea to add blondISH highlights and gradually lighten it. I wasn’t having that, I was like “highlights? Hell naw. BLEACH IT BLONDE. NOW!”

She let it be known that she was against this going all blonde thing and I let it be known that I didn’t care because I wanted to be blonde.

A few hours of processing later, I was a Blonde.

I immediately drove to my sister’s house to show her and she was all “THAT LOOKS HORRIBLE!” Her main issue with that it wasn’t really blonde, but kinda orange, much like the color of my skin, which meant that my skin and hair all kind of blended together making me look like a giant stick o’ bronzer.

My sister has an incredibly awesome sense of style and I trust and value her opinion when it comes to matters of hair/fashion. But, I didn’t want to believe her about this because I wanted to be a freakin’ blonde.

Later that day, when I was outside watering the grass, my neighbor -who happened to be the ceraaziest, most hilarious person I’ve ever had the pleasure of living next door to- drove by and looked at me in a way that led me to believe she did NOT like The Blonde.

She walked over and in her crazy way of talking said “What the fuck did you do to your hair? Your hair matches your skin and you look all one color and it’s creeping me out, woman.”

Even though two people had just given me not so positive feedback about The Blonde, I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to believe that my hair looked great and that “Blonde was my color.”

Why? I do not know. But, looking at a bunch of old pictures that I found last night, I realize just HOW RIGHT they were and how BAD IT LOOKED (and these pictures were AFTER I agreed to let my stylist “weave in a little brown”.) and how desperately I wanted to believe that I could pull of blonde hair.

Go Carrot. It’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday”.

“Not only do I look good blonde, but I knows how to dance. RESPECT The Fingah Snap, bitches!”.

Bronzed Bootay. Ahhhhhh yeaah.

34 thoughts on “Bronzes have more fun

  1. Jen

    I love your hair the color it is now, but I have to say, I don’t hate the “blonde”. Maybe your stylist did a really good job “weaving in the brown”, or maybe it’s hard to tell in a photo… but I don’t think it looks bad at all.
    But, I’ll take your word about the orange-ness, because I once decided I wanted red hair. My mom said no way, since I have dark brown hair and it would have looked rediculous. So, I did what any girl would do, went to the grocery store with my dad and bought myself a home dye kit. My hair turned purple. Apparently, when you attempt to dye dark brown hair a dark red color, you get a nice shade of violet.

  2. starrynite

    Yeah, I’d have to agree with Jen, I don’t think it looks all that bad. I went blonde for a while, which was okay, except when I let the roots grow out to a truly hideous length. MMmmmm.

  3. Broad

    With the amount of color that I have on my head, when my stylist went to do a bayalage on me (aka highlighting without foils or a cap to create a natural look), we had to bake it in bleach for a least an hour, and even then only the top actually bleached out. The rest was that awful orange color that people with extra dark hair get when they try to bleach it themselves.

  4. Itchy

    Ah yes…the orange that comes from brown. I didn’t necessarily want blonde all over but I wanted some highlights. So I used SunIn. Anyone with red undertones to their hair take heed – you will get orange. Oh yes…you will look orange and people will laugh…
    In the pictures it doesn’t look that bad, since you are so pretty to begin with..but I can imagine what it looked like.
    And Jen…I have darkish brown hair and I also wanted red…so I bought some chestnut color at the grocery store years ago. Yup…mahogany!!! GAH!

  5. Cheri

    I like it. I love your dark hair now but the blondish in the pic’s is cute too!
    I haven’t had the bad luck as others have mentioned. I’ve dyed my hair blonde (way blonde), red, dark brown and only got a sorta orangish tint once back in my early 20’s (I’m now mid 30’s). This week it’s going auburn…dark auburn. We’ll see how it turns out 🙂

  6. randi

    sometimes you think people don’t want to talk to you and then you put your pride aside and call them and they say “man i’m glad you called me, i’ve missed you” and you wonder why you waited so long to just call and let that old shit be dead and buried… i know from experience.

  7. Beth

    Growing up in Chula Vista (San Diego), all my high school friends called their hair “Fanta Orange” when they tried to dye their very black hair blonde.
    They kept doing it, though. Which I found odd.

  8. julianna

    Ha! I love it! (and does this mean I have a chance at someday having huge tittays too???? Cause now? Small, small tittays!)
    I dyed my hair dark, dark red once. That was about it.

  9. danelle

    You already know how I feel about short hair so I’m not mad about the cut, but I think the color is fine. The only problem with such a drastic change is keeping it up and then eventually growing it out. I’d love to go brown for a while but I know the roots would look ugly FAST because I am so lay-zeee and I would never keep up with it.

  10. Lydia

    Wooohooo, lookit Y rockin’ the overalls WITH the flip-flops! Sorry about the friend, that must really hurt.

  11. Nila

    The only downfall to having the beautiful skin color you do is that you’re limited with hair color.
    You rock the orange better than anyone I know.

  12. stepherz

    Girl, your hair looks great in those photos. Don’t think you could go wrong. I don’t think it looks orange, but maybe it’s just hard to tell in the pic. I would LOVE to have a complexion that would let me carry your natural haircolor. I’d look goth.

  13. Nina

    I’ve thought about bleaching my hair, but the most daring thing I’ve done is dye it black. Now it’s turning gray (I’m only 29!!) and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do.
    It really doesn’t look bad (or all that orange) in the pictures.

  14. Kyla

    Wow. You are an uh-maaaazing dancer. 🙂 I can’t even notice the hair with dance moves like that. 😉 Awesome. I don’t know how anyone could un-friend someone with those moves.

  15. Brandi

    I remember a few years ago when Jennifer Lopez went blonde and her hair matched her skin. Next thing you know ev-er-ee-body had their hair like hers. Even me.
    Um, mine was not bronzed…it was “caramel”

  16. lena

    Come on. How can we focus on the hair when The Bobs are out?
    Gotta tell ya, not hating the hair. Then again, I’m in So Cal with you so we see it ALL.

  17. Brony

    Very funny photos.
    I think most of us have bad hair colour stories.
    My hair went a really gross gray/gree moss type colour. It was bad.

  18. Rachel

    The color, not so great, but the hair cut looked great. I’ve never had the desire to be blonde. I got pretty close to being a redhead, but finally I’ve given in and settled for the lovely brunette that I think may just be my natural hair color.

  19. baseballmom

    I used to get my hair foiled for blonde highlights (it’s really dark brown), and then finally I realized that the blonde had taken over and kinda looked silver. Kinda like an old lady…then I dyed it back to brown until it grew out! The best, though, was when I was in 7th grade and used to bake on the Sun-In, hoping to be a blonde, then just decided to dye a little section in the front blonde. What the hell? My brother used to call me Spot.

  20. Velma

    …of the orange I was.
    I did the same thing, only with me, it was an attempt to get a cool new-wave platinum blonde streak in my almost-black hair. Right behind my ear, man – looked awesome with my asymmetrical haircut. Or it would have, if it hadn’t been so orange.

  21. wordnerd

    Hey, The Orange was not too bad, actually…I was picturing far more drastic before I got to the pics…but then again, we love you no matter what color your hair is!

  22. Anne Glamore

    After I pick up carpool I’m going to do my fall color but I’m (gasp) trying to add lowlights myself. So I’ll be putting Feria Creme Brulee all over and some hunks (or tiny strands if I don’t get too impatient) of Hot Toffee sporadically.
    I hope I DON’T have fiasco pics to post tomorrow.

  23. Tiffany

    Girl you crack me up! I love your blog! Maybe it is the picture but I don’t think it looked bad. Love the bangs! I can relate to your situation with the scales! I am really good at making people think I am comfortable with my size. So not! Who wants to be an 18!? Not me! I am in Texas and love reading your blog. Keep it real!

  24. DebbieS

    Y, you know you rock the house no matter what you look like! Even though I think your natural hair color is way more gorgeous, in those pictures your hair looks fun, just like you. You would have to look really, really awful to not have your personality shine right through!
    Those overalls are too much, though. Maybe you should have them…bronzed?

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