Oh shit. You probably have a headache because of that nasty hangover . I’ll try to keep it down.
I? Do not have a hangover as this is the second, or quite possibly even the third, New Years Eve that we spent at home not drinking liquor and also falling asleep way before the clock struck midnight.
Because we are old and boring and no one wants to invite us to their New Years Eve parties anymore.
But we don’t care! We love having nothing to do on New Years Eve. Gives us a chance to fight about stupid things like plugged up toilets and fruit! And honestly? I love spending it here at home with the kids– knowing that everyone is safe, cozy and warm (even if they are unable to eat fruit and/or take a dump in the hall bathroom because SOMEONE REFUSES TO GET THE PLUNGER AND UNPLUG THE DAMN TOILET.)
The new year has brought us a new little someone to love.
That right there is the newest member of our family.
Lucky him, man. Lucky him.
His name is Bandit. Ethan named him that. When we asked him why he chose that name, he responded with the following answer.
“I named him Bandit because the minute I saw him, he stole my heart.”
Ah, The Cheese&trade, it runs in The Family.
It’s been incredibly fun to watch Ethan with his new lil’ friend. Or should I say “son”? Because Ethan calls himself “Bandit’s daddy.”
He even made up a cute little song about the two of them.
I love you. You love me. We’re a happy Son and Daddy.”
(He kills me, people. KILLS.)
Thanks to Ma’People, I now have a buttload of new workout songs in my Generic mp3 player. The suggestions were so great, THANK YOU. I have to admit that I love the songs so much that my mouth freaking WATERS when I think about them.
I still have quite a few songs to add, but since you were kind enough to take the time to leave suggestions, I figured I would post the list of Totally Awesome Workout Songs that are now loaded and ready to be used.
Tomorrow. (No. Seriously. Tomorrow.)

E40- Tell Me When to Go
Twista- Hit the Floor
Usher- Yeah
Jennifer Lopez- Get Right
Salt N Peppa -Push it
Ciara- Goodies
Toni Braxton – He Wasn’t man enough
LL Cool J- Control Myself
Ricky Martin- Shake Your Bon Bon (that one was ALL me, folks.)
Clipse- Last Time
Nelly Furtado- Say it Right
[little voice]Home-Michael Buble[/little voice]
Alanis Morisset- You Oughta Know
Marvin Gaye- Aint No Mountain High Enough
Prince- Housequake
Destiny’s Child- Lose My Breath
Justin Timberlake- My Love (this SONG is my love.)
Donny Hathaway- A Song For You
[little voice]Danity Kane- Show Stopper[/little voice]
Clipse- Grindin
Foo Fighters- Best of You
Deee-Lite- Groove is in the Heart
Chaka Khan- I Feel For You
George Straight- We Really Shouldn’t be Doing This. (YEEHAW COUNT-RAY.)
Sean Paul- Temperature
Sean Paul- Give it up to Me
Fall Out Boy- Dance Dance
Missy Elliot- Work it
Christina Milian- Dip It Low
Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire
69 Boys – Tootsie Roll
George Michaels- Freedom 90 (And maybe, quite possibly Father Figure because, you know, “the cool down.”)
Digable Planets- Rebirth of Slick
Justin Timberlake- Cry Me a River
Britney Spears- Slave 4 U (I should have “little voiced” that one.)
Stevie B- Party Your Body. (omg lolz no she di’unt.)(oh yes she did. And also Dreaming of Love and Spring Love.)
Kelly Clarkson- Since U Been Gone
Busta Rhymes- I Know What You Want
New Edition- Candy Girl
Bobbi Brown- Roni (I know.)
Adam Ant- Strip
Snoop Dogg- Beautiful
Common- Go
Soul Decision- Faded
DMX- Ruff Ryders Anthem
Big Tymers- Still Fly
Jordan Knight- Give it to You. (Proof. In case you thought I was trying to be funny. I wasn’t.)

62 thoughts on “Pupp-ay!

  1. Y

    Yeah. He’s a yellow lab. We got him from a friend of a friend. We were going to adopt from the local shelter, but when we heard about these dogs and how the lady wanted to give them to a good home, we went to go see them and well, Ethan fell in love and we ended up leaving with one.

  2. Jezer

    What? No “Plowed” by Sponge? I’m hurt. (kidding. it’s ok, really.)
    But the fact that you have both the Foo Fighters and “Faded” by Soul Decision on your list shows me that we might have just a little more in common that one may think.
    I may have to copy some of your list, because I have discovered the Dancing-Around-the-Room-Holding-a-20-Pound-Toddler Workout. Yeah, baby.

  3. Y

    Ha! It may end up on there still. I’m not done. I just posted what I have so far. 🙂
    The Dacing with a Toddler is the greatest workout there is! (Well, besides Aerobic Dancing, of course.)

  4. CharmingDriver

    AWWWWWWWW!!! Deels wants a puppy when we move but it ain’t happening b/c my dog would eat it’s face (jealous much? why, yes, yes she is).
    So, you know, awwww but also: HA!! Because labs are fucknut INSANE for about the first two years and I am already looking forward to the ”dog destroyed my house and we’re having puppy soup for dinner” posts!
    But mostly: OMG so CA-YUUUUUTE!!!

  5. Azul

    What, no Shaki? You’ve gotta add some Shakira tunes if you don’t already have them on the ‘to be added’ list. I love to work out with her music.

  6. April

    From one lab owner to another: best dogs EVER. Not that I don’t love all dogs…I do. But, our Jack is fantastic and smart!! I wish you much success with Bandit.

  7. Itchy

    STEVIE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wait…did I just get that excited in public over some Stevie B? I’ll just go back here and sit in the corner for a bit…
    And again….AWESOME puppy….awesomely cute.

  8. Mieke

    I want the boys to get a lab. I had a black lab as a kid and she was amazing. She let us do anything to her (paint her toe nails red), dressing her in a shirt, pulling us on our skateboards. I loved her. I still miss her. I can’t wait until we can get one, but we have to wait until Alice, the non-dog, dies. She wouldn’t be able to handle it. In the next five years we’ll have one. In the meantime…beware your underwear. My friends male lab chewed the crotches out of every pair she owned (after they had been worn of course).

  9. Susan

    NO WAY! We got an identical looking dog just a few days ago. Ours is a female yellow lab, from a breeder in Ontario, CA. What a trip!!! Are they like TONS of WORK or WHAT?! LOL But soooo much fun!!!

  10. Oh, The Joys

    Now your funny as sh*t with really cute PUPPY pictures. We should all just move in here. I’ll bring my plunger. (Cause sister, I have eaten the fruit AND the raw veggies and when I need to GO, I cannot be waiting for SOMEONE to get the spot unblocked, you know?)

  11. Julie

    How’s Bandit getting along with your other dog? 🙂 Hope there’s no jealousy! He’s certainly adorable!!

  12. Y

    We lost our other dog a few months ago. I didn’t write about it because it was devastating. I probably never will. It was sad to lose a pet that we’ve had for 13 years.
    I didn’t want a new puppy, because I’m not quite over losing Willie yet, but Ethan really wanted another one, so… we have a new dog.

  13. steen

    Have you been watching “Identity”? It’s that show where there are twelve strangers on stage and one contestant has to match twelve identities to them, each correct guess giving her a higher increment of money.
    This one old lady, looks like a Mary Kay Nazi, was up to play and Jordan Knight was TOTALLY one of her strangers. Except she had no idea who he was! She was like, “Hmm, this nice young black gentleman looks like he could be the new kid on my block!”
    The audience groaned but Penn/Teller (whichever one) hushed them. “Audience! Be careful, be very very careful!”
    And then she lost and Jordan Knight is all, “I’M the NKOTB, dammit!”
    It renewed my lifelong love for him. (Seriously, he was my all-time favorite New Kid. He’s so dreamy.)

  14. Mrs. Flinger

    That is the damn cutest puppy EVAH. And now I distract you while I ferociously write down all the songs to add to my “I have to wait until WHEN to get my body back?” playlist.

  15. Heidi

    I don’t know which is sweeter, the cute little puppy face….or the boy and his dog!
    The boy sure looks happy to have a new friend, and I’m sure that’s enough to make any parent happy!

  16. LosingMyMarbles

    No hangovers here either – we had alcohol in the house and didn’t even bother with one drink. The only reason we were up when the ball dropped was because the baby decided he wanted to be up to ring in the near year, whether we liked it or not…..we were sharing a sudoku puzzle at midnight – doesnt get much “older” than that. 🙂
    What a beautiful puppy and even sweeter son!
    Had to giggle when I read your playlist. My guilty pleasure on my generic mp3 player is Poison, lol.

  17. Flipp-ay

    Damn, that dog is cute. Micro chip him and get him a collar with all your info on it too. And to save your sanity, do you still have some baby gates laying around? Use ’em. 😉

  18. Justagirli

    Your list rocks! I was adding a little Spring Love to my MP3 this weekend too! That Jordan Knight song has and will always be on my songlist it’s just a great workout song! In fact it made the cut on my very first player that only held like 10 songs, now that’s dedication!
    Cute Puppy!

  19. carolyn

    I have suggestions for your mp3-
    love Shack-B52’s,Kung Fu fighting and Jungle Boogie. I start Weight Watchers next Saturday, I hope I can stick with it. I’m going to try your mp3 player idea, it’s a good one!

  20. angie

    Very awesome list!
    I completely love “slave for you” but I don’t tell anyone! 🙂
    I am going to steal many songs off this list..after I come puppy-nap Bandit!
    Happy New Year!!

  21. rose

    Puppy is so very cute, but be warned, he will chew up many things, usually the most expensive and that must be replaced (think eyeglasses, shoes, daughters favorite doll). Get the kids in the habit of putting things in their room and closing the door. We got our puppy at one of our most financially challenging times, and I really hated her for awhile because she was ruining things that had to be replaced. She’s like one of my kids now, but it took about 18 months to get there.

  22. Jen

    A couple of my favorite workout songs –
    I’m Alright! – Kenny Loggins
    Come Baby Come – K7
    Celebrity Skin – Hole
    Also, such a cuuuuuute puppy!!!

  23. nazilam

    Songs are good for puppies. It makes them remember their names.
    Our breeder used this one for Ernest:
    Ernest puppy for president, everyone loves ernest, ernest puppy.
    He is now counting on your vote in 2008.
    Good luck getting Bandit housetrained. It seemed like it took forever.

  24. Y

    Ha! Now I’m going to be singing that all day.
    Yeah, the potty training kinda sucks, doesn’t it? It’s been so long since I’ve had a “puppy”, I don’t even remember potty training Willie. 13 years is a long time and I forgot how hard it is.
    But he’s doing good so far. Everyone is chipping in. Ethan takes care of him during the day (while he’s on vacation) and I stay up with him at night.
    How long does the crying at night thing last? Anyone?
    It’s hard work, but I know how much it pays off. Willie was an AWESOME dog and I miss him every day. It’s great having a dog around again.

  25. Kristin

    Yeah, yeah, the dog is cute… but where I ask you, where is Bootylicious?
    We got another dog too.
    Our 4th.
    Because we are insane.
    But we are BOOTYLICOUS-LY insane!

  26. Susan

    Y, are you crate training him? We put ours in a crate in our bedroom at night, and we set our alarm to get up with her every 2-3 hours to take her outside to go potty. It SUCKS (getting up), but so far, she hasn’t cried at all. We’ve had her since last Wednesday now (so what’s that, a week? yeah, just about). She’s in her crate from about 10pm til 6am every night…
    (BTW, got the crate for $60 at Wal-mart, and it’s awesome. Should last her to adult size – it’s huge, but with a barrier to make it smaller for the puppy stages. If you make it smaller, they learn not to soil their sleeping quarters. Part of the whole housetraining thing, supposedly.)

  27. kimblahg

    w00t! some of my workout song suggestions made the cut. and your puppy is the cutest damn thing ever (and ethan? cute little heartbreaker.)

  28. rose

    Yes! The crate! They may fuss a little at first, but they really do come to think of it as a safe place, and they are easier to train. Check craigslist or freecycle for one.

  29. girlplease

    Please, please, please do me a favor since he’s so young (below approved “release” time for a pup), get yourself this book:
    Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete.
    Wonderful book that will help you emensely. I don’t regret getting it one bit for my border collie—a breed which is in NON STOP PUPPY STATE. Below 7 weeks can possibly have some unique behavior issues you’ll need to address in order to save your sanity and love him even more instead of getting frustrated.
    Good luck w/ the cutie pie.

  30. Kristi

    Didn’t you have a dog named Snoop? Or something like that. Whatever happened to him? I’m sorry to hear about Willie. The new puppy looks so cute. Happy New Year’s late!

  31. Y

    Yeah. Snoop was a stray that we found in 2004 but he got out one night and never came home.
    We looked, we put signs up, but nothing.
    Tony saw him walking up the street the other day. So, someone found him and kept him. Which, makes me so happy, because I was so sick, wondering if something bad happened to him.

  32. nazilam

    Get that dog crate trained. Bandit is tiny now, but when you have 60 lbs of non-puppy breath dog breathing on you and hogging the pillow, you’ll be sorry that didn’t get the crate training done sooner.
    I also believe in the bell.
    Google poochie bells. These things are awesome.
    Smooches to bandit from ernest.

  33. Snickrsnack Katie

    Aww, your puppy is TOO cute!!! What a sweetie! It is so fun to get a new addition to the family, whether of the two legged or four legged variety. I have had my dog for going on a year, and I cannot imagine life without her! I agree with the previous commenter, in that you should so crate train the doggy. It is a total godsend! Also, always remember to give your pup its heartworm pills – my dog, who I got from a shelter, had beginning stage heartworms and just had to get treated for it. She is fine, but my wallet is much lighter. 🙂 Anyway, despite all the expenses, puppies really are the greatest! Good luck!

  34. heidi

    OMG He Is So Fucking Cute.
    Pancake’s song to Miles is I love you, you love me Homobeastiality…. yeah it’s wrong…

  35. Lynne

    This post made me chuckle. I fully expect your second son to have his own comedy show one day or at the very least be a writer like his mom.
    Also I notice you have an Adam Ant track on your play list. Wow people still remember him in the USA..? Cos even in the UK he was a two track wonder. Nice cheekbones tho.

  36. cassie

    I think that your new puppy and my new kitten need to have a battle to see who’s cuter.
    But really, it’d probably be a pretty hard choice because OH MY GOD your puppy is cute.
    *note to self, copy workout music list*

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