You’re laughing with me, right? Riiiiiiiight

The best way that I can explain why I (along with several other bloggers) was invited to the set of The New Adventures of Old Christine is to copy a portion of the CBS press release.

As CBS gears up for the return of the comedy series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE to the primetime television line-up, the Network is using non-traditional methods to reach out to audiences they know will instantly relate and respond to the show – moms and dads who write about their hilarious parenting experiences on the Internet. Top parenting bloggers from across the country were given the opportunity to visit the set and interview the cast of the show, which returns to the CBS primetime schedule on Monday, March 12. That night will feature a double-header of new episodes, from 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT. The following week, Monday, March 19, the series will move into its regular new time slot, 8:30 PM, ET/PT.

So, basically, CBS had reached out to bloggers to help spread the word about the return of the show on March 12.
Awesome, yes?
The experience was one that I will never forget. And not just because there is a video that will live on to remind me. (GOD.) Because I never imagined that I’d be sitting across a table from Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes, having a conversation about blogging and what it’s meant to me. And I never imagined I’d be sitting next to women who I’ve grown to love from their writing online, writing notes and giggling while sitting across from Famous People. It may sound silly to you, but it meant a great deal to me considering people aren’t exactly knocking my door down asking me to do really cool things like this. You know what I’m saying? I’m just really grateful to have been a part of such a great experience.

When I first watched the video, I had to stop it at the part after I mentioned farting, because it was hard to watch and listen to myself talk. I wanted to slap myself and tell myself to SHUTUP ALREADY. And I also wanted to apply a little powder to my very shiny face. Do you know that feeling that you get when you’re embarrassed for someone on television and so you have to change the channel, or look away and plug your ears while singing “LA LA LA LA LA I can’t hear you”? Do you know what I’m talking about?
Well, I got that feeling watching myself and was mortified that I was going to have to post this on my blog for everyone to see.
But I have really good friends who have assured me that it’s not as bad as I think it is and a husband who assured me THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME, but about promoting the show!
And he’s right! So…
I ask you to show CBS the power of The Blogs and watch the return of The New Adventures of Old Christine on Monday, March 12 at 8:00. It will return to it’s new time slot of 8:30 on Monday March 19th.
Speaking of March 19th!

On Monday, March 19, Emmy award-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus and series creator and executive producer Kari Lizer, will participate in an exclusive virtual press conference with, a website with over 8000 registered members that has become a prime online destination for people to find and read today’s most talented female writers. The 30-minute live interview webcast, with questions provided exclusively by BlogHer members, will be conducted by the site’s co-founder Lisa Stone, an award-winning journalist

Now that I’ve done my “job” in helping to spread the word about the show, I’ll go ahead and leave you with a little video I like to call “Quit talking already and go apply some powder to your oily face, woman.” (But you know, I could also call it “I made Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes laugh SO SUCK IT.” But I won’t.)
(I do hope you’ll watch through to see Julia’s answer to the question “what would you like people to know about the show?” because it was a really good answer and also because she is SO FREAKING HOT and I love her.)

186 thoughts on “You’re laughing with me, right? Riiiiiiiight

  1. Michelle

    That was more awesome than a pound of chocolate. And I would know because I sat here eating it while I watched that video. You are so funny! 🙂

  2. Annika

    OK, we HAVE to get together again soon. When I started the video, Sam whipped his head around to look at you, then did his bashful smile and hid his face. HE LOVES YOU.

  3. Annie

    You are ADORABLE! And I loved hearing your voice. It hink you did a great job. I smiled the entire time I watched the video and am sure I will watch it again.

  4. Faith

    Holy CRAP! Look at Wanda’s rack! I had no idea she had such a beautiful rack, honestly.
    Glad you had fun with this, sista.

  5. Andrea

    Oh, Y, that was SO worth the wait!! Like Annie, I smiled the whole time I watched it. I was all thinking “I know her! Well, I don’t really know her, but I DO read her blog and I LOVE her!!” I loved hearing your voice and seeing you shine (NOT your face silly, but your personality and humor really stood out!). I’m so proud that you stepped out of your comfort zone and did it! FAB!!

  6. Margaret

    YAY! How fun ~ thanks for sharing it! Now I’ll read your blog in YOUR voice, you know? You did GREAT!

  7. Claire

    Ok Y, so I always knew you were cute, but in this clip? You are freakin ADORABLE!
    And thanks for sharing; I think you should gloat more about making Wanda Sykes and Julia Louis-Dreyfus crack up. I’m not being sarcastic either, if I were you, someone would have punched me in the face by now, because? I would totally not shut up about that.

  8. Kate

    Just popping on to say great job! I imagined your voice to sound much different but it matches you quite well! : – )

  9. Katie

    Their marketing idea worked! I would have never heard of the show if not for your blog 🙂 Of course I don’t have a TV, so I can’t actually *watch* it, but at least I did hear of it 😉

  10. Joanna

    You have such a gorgeous voice – you could be a newscaster! It’s always weird to hear someone for the first time after only reading their words. I think I thought your voice would be coarser since you talk about farts and burrito-stuffing all the time, but it’s quite lovely! Musical, even.

  11. The Real Kyla

    Y is for YAY!! 🙂 You did great, and if it is possible…I now love you more. It was neat to hear your voice…and I’m assuming the lady next to you is Mom-101?? Very cool!!

  12. Leslie

    Y, you are too flippin’ cute! I agree with everyone else up there–your voice is gorgeous! And I definitely agree with you about Julia L-D; I just want to put her in my pocket because she is so freakin’ cute! I’ve never watched the show before, but I’ll definitely have to check it out now!

  13. Arianne

    You rock! I’m so glad we didn’t have to wait till Friday. I’ll give the show a shot next week. 🙂

  14. Gabby

    I cant seem to get the video going. Can someone please tell me how to do it??? PLEASE!!! I am dying to see Y on VIDEO!!!

  15. geeky

    so, you know when you read someone’s blog for a long time and you get this mental image of them, and then you see a photo of them and you’re like “whoa, I was WAY off”? that’s how it felt hearing you talk! for some reason, i always thought you would sound more Latina or Hispanic (oh god, I hope that’s not offensive), so hearing you speak was sort of mind blowing! haha!
    that being said, you are totally adorable and even though you mentioned being shiney, I didn’t even notice it.

  16. Y

    You guys are just too nice to me.
    Geeky, it’s not offensive at all because the first thing that I thought when I watched this was “WHOA, I SOUND SO… WHITE? SO CALI GIRL?”
    I have always thought that my Half Mexican was my dominate race, but man, was I wrong.
    I need to learn to accept and love my White Girl.

  17. Debbie

    First off, I love your blog! You always make me laugh. Thanks for that 🙂
    I was a HUGE Seinfeld fan, so when JLD started her own show I’ve been watching it from the start. I love it and it was great to see your video! You are right, JLD is gorgous! It must have been so cool to meet her 🙂 I was LMAO at your fart comment, love it! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Holly Cortes

    I am delirking to tell you you are awesome. I love your writing and totally relate to it. I have a little girl who is the same age as yours and I feel like I know you. You did a great job and have an amazing personality. Thank you for sharing your life stories.

  19. rosie

    So did they edit the video to show just your clips for you? Or did you do that? And how can we see the rest of the clips? (And the names of the rest of the bloggers that were there.)
    So many questions, I know.
    Great job!

  20. Velma

    Woo hoo!
    I’m chanting “That was AWEsome, that was AWEsome!” to the tune of “My Darling Clementine,” just so you know.

  21. Lisa Stone

    Y, it takes one articulate mama to deliver a laugh-line like you did. I think one of the questions I will ask Julie L-D and writer Kara Lizer is whether I’m going to see your bit in an episode…
    Is there anything additional you all want me to ask for you by name when I visit these folks on March 19? Bring it – I’m waiting for Christine to start Internet dating myself…

  22. Denise

    So I knew you were pretty, but when you’re animated you are beautiful. Seriously! And SO BRAVE…I never ever ever would’ve done that. You did great, and you were interesting and articulate and your face didn’t look shiny either.

  23. Janet

    OMG I cannot believe you talked about farting and being gassy- that is so awesome. I’m glad you had such a great time- you looked beautiful.

  24. Y

    I meant to link to the other bloggers, but in my excitement (!!!!!!) to post the video, I forgot. So, thanks for mentioning that. I will update with that list as soon as I get back from drum&guitar lessons.

  25. kelley

    Am I a dork for being more excited to see *you* on video than JLD?? I am?? Oh, well….
    Anyway, you were great…you didn’t seem nervous at all!

  26. Marmite Breath

    First of all, the shock of hearing your voice was INSANE! You have such a gorgeous accent–I want to replay the video and try to do that. It’s very Cali–you’re right–but not annoying valley cali. Second of all, you’re just so beautiful that I want to slap you. Every time you spoke, I couldn’t help watching. You’re great, girl. Really great.

  27. Mamacita

    That was really, really good. Have you ever thought about going into broadcast journalism? You’ve got the looks, the voice and the poise. You’ve also got personality plus.

  28. Brandi

    I don’t know what you were nervous about. You did an excellent job. You “kept it real” and have such a sweet voice. I was more interested in what you had to say than I was in the stars of the show. You should be really proud of yourself.

  29. jenny

    your voice is not at all what i thought it would be *L* i’m not sure what i thought it would be but it’s not a bad voice but not what i thought it would be. /ramble
    btw…wanda kicks ass…i’m not kidding. that bitch is so funny *L*

  30. JesseeezMom

    AWESOME! Except I don’t agree with the comments from people saying you have an accent..but..I’m So Cal born and raised! You sound very cute-just like you write! I loved it! You are so lucky to be doing what you love! We are SO PROUD to be your readers! Congratulationson being included in such a fun thing!

  31. Heather

    Finally delurking! Y, you are so cute! You did an excellent job, and I don’t notice an accent either. GREAT JOB!

  32. carolyn

    Ohhh, and I wanted to say, you are sooo huggable! So cool to watch. I’m reading other’s comments and I’m sitting here thinking, “yeah, I “know” her too!!” hahahah We love ya! 😉

  33. Brandi

    Your voice is so adorable. You did a great job and I thought you were absolutely wonderful. I laughed at the shot of you at the table in the coffee shop of you “swishing” your coffee in the cup. I do that before EVERY drink of coffee…always!

  34. tini'chick

    You’re so freakin’ beautiful, Yvonne! And it was so damn cool to “hear” what Y sounds like. You were so relaxed during the video, even though you mentioned how nervous you were. Great job, girl!

  35. Michelle

    Hey Girl! The Fart thing totally broke the ice…you were GREAT….you definately have THE Talent…you were speaking as if you have done this all your life regardless of the nervousness you might have felt….are you sure you are not moonlighting? FYI you looked and sounded great!!! :)*

  36. Andrea

    I thought you were great! No shiny-ness! You were well spoken –I think you did great.
    All I could think about while watching the video, was “God! How I wish Julia and Wanda would take a read through Y’s blog –especially the “OMG! Beeeess” post (which was the very first that I had ever read of you) and oh! so many others!”
    You are sooooo flippin’ hi-LAR-i-ous!!!

  37. Laurie

    Wow! I am finally de-lurking after nearly a year. What a simply awesome experience you had! So many of us can relate to you and your struggles and triumphs and I look forward to more of your life. Thanks for making a Michigan girl smile!

  38. Laura

    Wow!! Look at you!!
    That was so fun to watch! It’s so neat to see and hear you after all these years of reading what you write.

  39. Maria

    Top parenting blogger! You rule!
    You have a fabulous speaking voice. You should be on TV or radio.
    I think you look gorgeous.

  40. justme

    You were great Y! It was great to hear your voice! It made me a little home sick LOL. After being in New England for a while and listening to the thick accents it was nice to hear some socalness lol! (I am not making fun of NE lol, I did grow up here, but lived in Ca long enough, and never had a “Real NE” accent thanks to a wonderful english teacher!)
    I thought your interview was fabulous, and a great question!

  41. Christina

    Your ROCK Mama!!!! You were so real & honest. I love you babe and you did great! And to prove it, while I have never watched that show before I will be watching now!

  42. Cammie

    Wow I can’t believe you got to meet these ladies, I know that had to be an awesome experience! The video clip you have its great! I can’t wait for the shows new season its going to be a good one!

  43. Anna Banana

    That was amazing! You did a great job! I’ve never met you before so it was really awesome to hear your voice for the first time!
    I’ll definitely be watching the show next Monday!

  44. Mari

    Like… omg. I havent had the time to read you and the other day I was like “what has Y been up to??” so I come on here and YOU’RE FREAKING FAMOUS!? omg… you’re my hero. You looked awesome, conducted yourself extremely well, and you did not look shiny or say anything to make yourself look odd or weird or anything. Stop being so damned critical of yourself, hon. I think you did wonderfully.

  45. Sara

    My work is blocking me from playing it and I didn’t know that for awhile because it just kept saying “loading” and I was all “my mouth is watering, please hurry” but it never came up. I will keep trying, but I know you rocked it out.

  46. Melina

    Y – YOU ROCKED!!! Like most everyone said, I was smiling while watching you, I felt like I was watching a famous person on TV that I sort of know (Okay I’m a dork) you are excellent infront of a camera. I would’ve been all red and stuttering (and I don’t normally stutter). You are a natural, you looked fantastic too. You really should work on TV, maybe get your own sitcom LOL, I know you would have huge ratings from all of us.

  47. Trishie

    You are never allowed ever again to feel ugly.
    You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Glamourous, Fergalicious, except with a Y. 🙂
    And hilarious to boot! “Don’t fart.” HAHAHAHAHAHA
    It’s so refreshing to see someone that isn’t afraid of themselves, and they’re 100% real, not fake.
    We love you, Y!

  48. Christy

    Delurking to say that you were awesome! Candor, vulnerability & a quick wit are what makes you relateable & funny – which is what they’re tv show is aiming for too. I hate myself on video too but I agree with the other commenters that you looked great. I did cringe at the farting comment but only b/c I know you’re self concious about it. Embarassing moments on film get to me b/c I can really relate too much – during Bridget Jones I had to leave the room. 😉

  49. Anna

    Wow Y, I always knew from your pictures that you were pretty but you were absolutely beautiful! Seeing you move around and seeing your obviously sweet personality shining through shows just how beautiful you are. No wonder Tony is always telling you that you’re beautiful, you are!

  50. Amy

    Man, you DO have a large readership. Look at all these comments! Does that get intimidating at times? Anyway, I thought you did a fantastic job. Like everyone else has said, your voice is incredible, you’ve got a great personality that shines through… you really could be on TV. I’m kind of secretly hoping the cast asks you to guest star on a show – you would be a total scene stealer!
    Also, we’ve watched TNAOOC since it started and have always loved it, so it was great to see all the cast members there, too. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  51. Susan

    Honestly, you should be really proud of yourself, Y! You did AWESOME. Everything you said was so natural and real and refreshing. WELL DONE!!!

  52. Lotta

    Yes!! I am laughing WITH you. You are lovely and natural and a full blown media nature…
    Love You!!

  53. pookie

    Okay, Relax.
    You were Brilliant!!
    You asked an awesome question.
    You looked great.
    You have a cute voice 😀
    You were REAL… ILOVED IT!!

  54. Heather B.

    I said this to Liz Rizzo as well, but WHY OH WHY don’t I live in CA? I was and still am ridiculously jealous. Try not to hold that against me.
    You’re fantastic, as always. Glad you had that opportunity and that you had fun with it.

  55. Anarchy in the OK

    Okay, um, TOTALLY ADORABLE. Will you be my best friend because you are just THAT cute and cool? I’ve already set my TIVO to tape the show, and only because of this blog. I hope they cut you a check!

  56. Mary

    You’re so cute and pretty! Someone I’d want to befriend if you lived in Toronto or I lived in Cali.
    Smooches from a virtual friend…

  57. Rebecca

    Delurking…. Love your blog, been reading it for ages. You looked great on the video, you are so funny! And you sound just adorable, and seriously you could pass for 25. Thanks for being brave so we could watch such a cool video!

  58. Mom101

    Let me be the lone dissenter and say eh, you were just so-so. But that hot pregnant woman to your left in, like, every shot? Who was that? Now there’s a star in the making!
    (PS I’m still too embarrassed to post my own video on my blog. You rock)

  59. angie

    Y! I so want you to move by me so I can be your friend. And not in a crazy stalkerish way either. You are just the type of woman that I adore having as a friend!
    That said, I now have to reconcile your *real* voice with my imagined voice for you because I also heard more “white girl” than Latina. I had always imagined this sort of husky-ish Latina voice for you. LOL
    And I’m with the rest – you are absolutely gorgeous! If you ever have body image issues or self doubt again (and don’t we all? I know I do!), I hope you can come back to these comments and get a little ego boost. You are truly, truly a beautiful person – inside and out.

  60. angela

    i don’t normally post but i just wanted you to know that you looked and sounded amazing! you did an incredible
    job for being so nervous!
    thanks for posting this. now i might just have to watch the show.

  61. sarcastic journalist

    My computer had a virus so I’m JUST getting to see this now. You are so damn cute, but I think you already know I think that.
    Good job.
    Also? The group photo? Can you guess why I’m laughing at who is standing where???

  62. PinkPamther

    Saw the “Christine” clip, I thought you were fantastic, and you looked great!
    My friend forwarded me your blog and I read it every few days. I struggled a bit with weight as well so it’s nice to ‘connect’. Love your blog too, the colours, set up, photos – very awesome.
    take care…..Pam

  63. nila

    I’m so behind on my blog reading, and seeing you in action was a nice welcome back to your blog. You are so cute and well spoken! Way to represent your readers.

  64. Marriage-101

    You have a beautiful voice and the fart joke? Hilarious. I didn’t even notice the shiny face. And Julia IS so hot! I’ve seen the show several times. I’m also glad you asked the blog question, even though they didn’t know what one was. Excellent PR move by CBS, I think.

  65. Lynne

    You are really articulate and have a lovely voice, you should have a job where you use these fabulous communication skills.

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