The Toddler Teacheth

This morning my daughter climbed onto the toilet so that she could reach into the cabinet that hangs above it. The cabinet that contains things that she’s not allowed to play with—like deodorant, hair gel and one bottle of pink nail polish that I bought 2 years ago and have used maybe twice.
As I was about to swoop her in my arms to rescue her from all of the things that could possibly result in a phone call to poison control, she made sure to grab the bottle of nail polish.
“I need polish, mom.”
Not “I WANT polish, mom.” Or “I sure would LIKE some polish, mom.”
I NEED polish.
Neeeeeeeed iiiiiiiiiiiit.
Her nails needed to be clipped, so I told her I’d paint her nails, but only after I clipped her nails. She agreed because she nee-eee-eeeeeeded pink polish.
As we walked over to the kitchen table, I stopped and ran back to (not) my bedroom to grab the camera. I had to capture this moment for all eternity. She had on a white tutu, with pink pj pants underneath and a pink shirt with little puppies on the front. She was wearing her purple “tap tap” shoes, her face covered with pink eye shadow and silver eyeliner. (Yes, I own silver eyeliner.)
Sadly, the batteries were dead and I wasn’t able to take a picture. Man, I would have loved for you to see her in all her Girlie Glory.
As I was clipping her tiny little nails, I wondered where she’d learned such girly behavior. She certainly did not learn it from me. I used to be, back “in the day”, but 3 kids and unemployment has turned me into THAT mom. You know, the one who stays in her pj’s until noon and has gone to the grocery store wearing yesterday’s clothes because she didn’t feel like “taking a shower and getting ready because Oh! The energy that requires!” I rarely paint my nails: In fact, I think I’ve painted them twice in the past 2 year, once for a wedding, once for BlogHer. (And I’m not even sure that I painted them for BlogHer. But I’m pretty sure I did, because I remember thinking I would go get a manicure, but then I called Amalah and was all “are you going to get yer nails did?” and she was all “Um, no.” And so I decided to just “do them ma’self.” Just checked Flickr and sadly, yes, I did paint my nails myself and um, well, I don’t think that I should ever do that again.)
As I begin to paint her nails, I almost started to cry because Oh My God, I have a daughter who loves for me to paint her nails with pink nail polish.
She looked at my finger nails and said “Mom, you need to paint a’yer nails too!”
“No, sweetie, mommy doesn’t like to paint her nails.”
That really freaked her out. Her voice got all high pitched and desperate sounding.
“Yes, Mom, you need to paint a’yer nails! PLEASE MOM! PAINT THEM!”
You know, I think she’s right. I do need to start painting my nails and while I’m at it, I need to start getting pedicures because I’m pretty sure cracked heels and in grown toe nails aren’t ever going to be “in style” and you know what else? Maybe I should start getting my eyebrows threaded again, and taking care of my skin again and while I’m at it maybe I’ll get ma’ pachina Brazilian Waxed, y’all!
(No I won’t, I will NEVER get a brazilian wax because DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO GET ON ALL FOURS? I have a hard enough time doing that for PigHunter these days and he’s seen all of THAT for going on 18 years now. No thank you, no amount of smoothness in the world would ever make me Do The Dog for a stranger.)
I know it sounds silly, but my daughter pointing out that I neeeeeeeded to paint my nails has made me realize that I really do need to start taking better care of myself and pampering myself a little the way that I used to do.
I felt so much better about myself when I would take the time to go get a manicure, or spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom after a shower to lather myself in some sweet smelling body butter while wearing a mud mask on my face.
Now, I feel like I’m splurging if I wash my face with a bar of Dial soap before I go to bed.
I’ll never be that kind of girl who wears toe rings around her beautifully painted toe nails, or who has perfectly manicured nails at all times, but I wouldn’t mind being that girl who takes a few extra minutes out of each day to take care of her skin and pamper herself with a manicure and perfectly shaped threaded eyebrows from time to time.

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  1. Danielle

    I’ve decided that this is the Year Of Me. I’m not really good at it but I’m trying to be more selfish and do more of those girly things. Most of the time I feel like I’m succeeding if I had a shower but still. I’m trying.
    Great Post. We all need to try.
    Oh and I’m not getting on my hands and knees to have hair removed. Not.Gunna.Happen!

  2. Zoot

    Y – do you remember this summer in California when you were telling me about the awesome thing about having a daughter? Is her wanting to be like you? You told me your angel had been trying to put on lipstick wanting to be like you. I think about that ALL THE TIME. Mine was watching me put on mascara this weekend and I thought, “Y said that one of these days she’ll start trying to do things like Mommy does” and it always makes me smile because I can’t WAIT.

  3. steen

    I’m way behind the learning curve. I only discovered “nice” facial products over the past few years, am now obsessive about it. I started painting my own toes. I now have acrylics on my nails. (I keep them short though; they hold paint better and are stronger than my natural nails) I have hair appliances and an abundance of hair products. I had to upgrade my make-up storage because OMG THE OVERFLOW.
    And yet. I never have the perfectly blow-dried hair. I tend to go a few days too long in between manicures. And the polish on my toes is nearly gone before I sit down and do them again.

  4. Jennifer

    You’re way ahead of me. I had to google eyebrow threading, and I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure. However, I have also decided that I need to start taking better care of myself. Good for you!

  5. chickadee

    This reminds me of being a little girl and begging my mother to put on her high heels instead of loafers. 😀 Yup – those extra five or ten minutes are worth it! But getting on all fours in front of a strange lady is not.

  6. Corinne

    I’m here to share that I got my first Brazilian last week and I didn’t have to get on all fours OR throw my legs over my shoulders.
    For reals. I think you just have to find the right waxer.

  7. Helen

    Ahhhhh, see, my daughter and me, we fight, you would think she HATES me, she is 18..BUT she is in beauty school, so sometimes, when she doesn’t hate me for a few minutes, I can sit and watch TV and she manicures and pedicures and fru fru’s me to death…….that’s heaven.

  8. melissa b.

    No getting on all fours, no legs over the shoulders! My super fabulous waxing lady just has be do a little leg lift. THAT part is the easiest of it all.
    But yes, you have to find a good waxer. They are very different and word of mouth is the best way to find one.

  9. ElizabethSheryl

    Yes, pampering yourself really has an effect on your whole outlook. I dont have kids yet, but I’m in school for medical transcription online and in a couple months will be working from home, and if I just shower, put on some lipgloss and get dressed, I do so much more than (like now) am in pjs. I follow a program at for cleaning/organization and what-not, and one of the things she involves is taking 15-20 minutes for yourself because it helps you recharge. At first I thought it was kind of silly, but it really does help.

  10. Heather

    Beautiful, as usual, Miss Yvonne. Reminds me to take advantage of the time I have being single and childless – and not be all sad about the fact that I’m single and childless 😉

  11. Brandi

    I’ve been making an effort to grow out my nails andthat involves polish. Lots of polish. And because I am constantly washing my hands or cleaning something, it chips off all the time. Grrr!

  12. clickmom

    Me too about it all, but I have to admit I was thinking that maybe a toe ring is in order for this summer, so I am wondering why SJ vetoed that. If there is some hidden toe ring meaning that I need to be clued into please, internet keep me from making a fool of my old self.

  13. SuzyQ

    I have my kitty waxed, and my eyebrows threaded. I do not, and heve not ever gotten on all fours. I also wear my chonies, just pull them over to help the nice little asian lady rip the hair out.
    I tried getting my eyebrows waxed and had a HORRIBLE reaction, I mean I felt my pulse in my eyebrows. So now I get them threaded. I still think that eyebrow hair getting yanked out is more painful than my kitty hair getting ripped out. Last year I started taking my 13 year old daughter to get her eyebrows waxed, (she was starting to get the whole unibrow) she cried! I told her this is the least of her worries and to make sure she never has babies if she think eyebrow threading is painful.

  14. Jenny H.

    What’s wrong with toe rings? I have had mine for twelve years. Oh dear god I am old. I love to get pedicures and am considering acrylic nails(short) only because my nails are weak. I LIKE being girly. I am also a smelly-stuff whore. My dresser is COVERED in lotions and body splashes.
    That said, I also like watching sports and drinking beer. I curse like a sailor. I think I have managed to blend all the best parts of me together into one bitchin’ package. A pink sparkly package at that!!
    I like who you are. Just as you are.

  15. Mary

    Clickmom, the only toe-ring-thing I know of is that in India, it symbolizes marriage, rather than a ring on your finger! 🙂

  16. Jessica

    That really is so very sweet. My little girl dropped a heavy bowl on her toe, leaving her with a black nail, so she informed me that she NEEEDDEEED her toes painted as well. And of course, that I should paint mine. Now she has her “pretty little pink toes,” and I am not afraid to show my feet in public.
    And this eyebrow threading thing….is it better or worse than tweezing every other day to defend against excessive hairiness? (Obviously I’m not incredibly girly)
    We moms do need to take that little bit of time for ourselves.

  17. nila

    We all need a little pampering now and then. Especially when your whole life revolves around pampering others. I get about a few pedicures a year and wish I’d do it more. The eyebrow and lip waxing, I can’t live without.

  18. Overwhelmed!

    “I know it sounds silly, but my daughter pointing out that I neeeeeeeded to paint my nails has made me realize that I really do need to start taking better care of myself and pampering myself a little the way that I used to do.”
    This doesn’t sound silly at all! My son is 2 years old and there are times when I look in the mirror and think, “I need to take better care of myself.” Then I think, “It doesn’t matter yet, Snuggle Bug loves me just as I am.”
    Guess what, it DOES matter…it matters for me! Like you, I need to take better care of myself again.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  19. lynne

    I learn a lot in blogland. No one told me before that you poo in labour or that you have to get on all fours for a Brazillian wax. I was wondering do you get to keep your knickers on ( i.e. a really teeney pair like thongs) when having a bikini wax or do you show the Beautician your fanny in all it’s hairy glory?

  20. teachbroeck

    I didn’t have my brows done for a month… the beautician had to remove them with wax and a maxi pad….my grandmother could be working in the garden in sweats…but ALWAYS has earrings in. Makes her feel ready for company should they drop in.

  21. Kristy

    I believe I’ve commented before…but I tend to keep my mouth shut. But I just had to say today…..your daughter….she is truly a blessing. You’re a great Mom and she’s a great kid….you two have a bond….because she can send you messages without barely batting an eye.
    Regarding this pampering and girly girl stuff….I never used to be those things either. However….these days a bubble bath is bliss. A new bottle of smelly lotion…doesn’t have to be expensive….is enough to make you feel pampered for a few minutes. Those few minutes here and there add up to anyone feeling a thousand times better. But all of those things might never equal one little girl dressed in a tutu wanting to paint a’yer nails. She’s priceless. I love hearing stories about her…she’s bent on making Mommy smile. 🙂

  22. Elle

    I will never do a mommy and me waxing LOL. As for the nail polish, I have 3 girls who all love being girly girls!

  23. Kait

    I’ve never had to get on all fours to get a Brazilian. I had to take my skivvies off because I was a “take it all off” kind of girl, but I loved the effect. And, she had a special towel that you could move around so you’re not just hanging out naked… only the parts that need to be done are showing.
    I’ve always thought that when you put on a little make up or shower and put on clean clothes you just feel a little bit better about yourself, your situation, and all that.

  24. Greg

    I love how you used Flickr to remember what you did. The same thing happens to me—my blog has a better memeory than I do.

  25. Y

    Jessica- Threading hurts the first time, but it’s quick and honestly? They shape them PERFECTLY. I have mine done at Ziba Beauty. (Or, I USED to have them done there. Haven’t had them done in a very long time.)

  26. Jen from Boston

    reminds me of a time I played dress up w/ my niece (the both of us dressing up) and we were going to show my sister our outfits and she was FAH-REAKING out becuase she couldn’t find her “delicate shoes!” “I can’t find my delicate shoes, Aunt Jennie. I need my delicate shoes!”
    Could not stop laughing.

  27. Kait

    Just a note about the threading – some of us super fair skinned girls don’t do well with threading. I know it hurts like a sweet mother every time I got it done, then I would break out in a rash after. Waxing seems to be the better choice for me… but I still say try threading, it’s usually loads cheaper.

  28. Holly

    I am THAT mom too! The one wearing her slippers and nightgown when dropping the kids off at school. Yes, that is me. 😉

  29. Karly

    Just hafta tell you that not ALL waxers make you get on all fours. The place I go just has you lay on your back and put on foot on the other leg’s knee so your leg is kinda spread and then you switch. But, the bad part is at the end. You have to roll over on your side and reach back and hold your butt cheeks apart. THAT? Is kinda freaky. But, totally worth it. Really. It is.
    And that is your waxology lesson of the day.

  30. Y

    You’d think since I’ve given birth 3 times that I’d be ok with that, but I’m SO NOT OK WITH THAT.
    Spreading the cheeks is just as bad as Doing The Dog as far as I’m concerned. AHHHHHHHHH.

  31. nikki

    I think a lot of moms (parents) put themselves last in the pampering department. I feel lucky just to get a shower every day!
    (I just painted my toes alternating neon blue and green and now my tow year old son wants his done too!)

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