25 thoughts on “Because I never want to forget that she said this when she was “free” years old.

  1. Tracy

    I can almost get the “yummy” part…but crunchy?
    And she hadn’t confused “Oprah” for “granola”? 🙂

  2. Beverly

    This is just too cute! But really, what was she eating? I thought okra first…but no one likes that, especially not a “free” year old. Granola was a great guess…what was she eating?

  3. Lisa

    LOL! Crunchy and yummy! Who would have thought?
    My daughter was at Mother’s Day Out when she was…3, I think…and the teacher was talking about okra and my daughter piped up and said, “I know who Okra is! She comes on after Dr. Phil!”

  4. AmyM

    When my son was ‘free’, he used to call Oprah “Minevah.” (Min. Ev. Uh.)
    My daughter (just turned 4) calls magazines “mazagines”.
    I love those little mis-pronunciations. They are so preshus.

  5. Dee

    Are you guys fans of crunchy foods? (Bean dip with chips?) Maybe she sees alot of crunch-produced smiling, so to her “free”-year-old mind, crunchy = good.
    how precious.

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