One would think that writing a recap of my time in Chicago would be Real Simple, but that has not been the case.
Because my life is complicated (and by “complicated” I mean the complete opposite of “Real Simple”.)
Hopefully I’ll have something up by tomorrow (as if anyone will still care by then. Please? Still care.) and then we can all move on to more important stories, like, The Crazy Old Lady Who is Stalking Me and Who Banged on My Window Today.


  1. Marmite Breath

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Don’t be closin’ up yer comments! 🙂
    I have never even HEARD of Real Simple. But I do live in Omaha, where we don’t have culture yet (it has not been invented here).

  2. tiffany

    i would like to officially state that i still care…and also that i would have loved to enjoy one of your hamburgers, but i was already drunk when you told me what room the party was in, so i was reduced to drinking at random bars all night while looking at my friend aimee and saying ‘dude…i think it started with a 2…’
    i have heard of ‘real simple,’ though. i’ve also heard that you had some ‘real simple’ drama, and i can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. kim

    wanna hug? here’s one *hug* and tell that crazy lady that if she doesn’t leave you alone a crazy, large woman from germany will come and kick her rear. jawohl!

  4. Danielle

    You so know that we are going to wait and care because you rock but that isn’t nice to tease us with stories from BlogHer and stories of crazy stalker ladies. That’s just not nice.

  5. Brandi

    I can’t believe they treated you guys like that. What a bunch of snobby, elitist, overly pretentious bitches. Don’t they know better than not to mess with Y FROM THE INTERNET???
    Oh, how I wish I was there…

  6. Kyla

    OMFG! They did that to my Y?? F U RS.
    Like all the letters? I was going for a theme. *lol*
    They totally snubbed the coolest girls at the party. Big mistake, RS.

  7. Kim

    I read about this story over at Lindsay’s! How rude!
    Um, is Real Simple affiliated with Martha Stewart somehow? I thought she was an EXPERT at good etiquette?

  8. Mom101

    Like I told Lindsey, I’m so sad I wasn’t there to sit in the back and giggle with you. Something tells me they’d yell at me, even if I was the one wearing my own nametag.
    I’m sorry about your complicated life and your stalker.

  9. Kimberly

    Loved crashing with you, Y…and the room party was the bomb. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess and bean dip to boot. 🙂

  10. Bunny

    I MUST hear about the crazy stalking lady. And keep it coming with the Blogher stories. Everybody apologizes for repeating what everyone else has said, but I love to read it all in case someday I would ever get to go!

  11. Tammy

    Y, I just got home from seeing “Larry and Chuck” with your beloved Kevin James….that man is too funny. Thought about you while I watched!

  12. Melissa

    Aw Hell Naw! Crazy lady stalking ya and bangin’ on yer window? You’re really going to leave us hangin’ like that? Where’s the love?
    And! Yeah, totally wrong in a Real Simple way what those skinny biotches did to you and your bloggin’ posse.

  13. Pam

    UGH!! I am er, make that was obsessed with this magazine!! I feel so betrayed, they seemed so genuinly interested in helping me organize my pantry.
    First Martha Stewart and now this….

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