Like, did you know that I have famous friends and stuff?

Could they have made me sound any greater?  Ha. Ha.
A few months ago, two very good friends of mine–Joelle and Kathy— shared some exciting news with me.
They were writing a book.
I was so thrilled for them for a thousand reasons– mostly because I love them dearly.
Kathy was the first person to design my first blog and Joelle designed my current blog. Their work is truly outstanding because they are unique (stop copying them, FUCKERS).
Imagine how (beyond) thrilled I was when they asked me (ME!) to be the technical editor of their book.
And imagine how I fuh-freeeaking thrilled I was when they included my blog in their book. (And also? I got a special “thank you” at the beginning of their book. And YES, it made me cry.)
I love them both and couldn’t be more proud of this book and not because I had a small part in it, but because these two women have been long overdue for this kind of recognition.
Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy their book already.
Whoops! That was rude. What I meant to say was “Won’t you please go buy their book already?”
Dear to Me

37 thoughts on “Like, did you know that I have famous friends and stuff?

  1. mauniejames3

    You are so darn lucky…I’m surprised some of my friends can read a book…that’s so terrific…I would memorise the part about me and tell anyone who would listen how famous I am…I hope they sell a jillion copies…I’ll buy it when it comes to a barnes and Noble near me…I wish I were you right now!!!!

  2. Kathy from NJ

    Congratulations to all! I put the book in my shopping cart and as soon as I think of something else I need (have to get the free shipping) I’ll buy it. I bought Jen Lancaster’s two books based on a blog recommendation – if you know of anyone who wants them (free) let me know. They were hysterical, a little sad too.

  3. Angella

    I am Dutch (and therefore CHEAP) so if it’s OK, can I just get it out of the library?
    That is, if it is even sold in Canada 😉

  4. Angie D

    Y-off topic here but (as strange as it is since I don’t really know you) I’ve found myself thinking of you constantly this a.m. and being concerned about you and your family and the lovely new home, with all the terrible wildfires in CA. Could you maybe leave a comment here to put my mind at ease that you’re O.K. I’m a mother and a worrier-Sorry! I just hope and pray you and yours are all safe and sound. Take care , Angie

  5. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    You have friends like I have friends..and other then family there is nothing more rewarding. Congratulations on the book and you are a true friend for wishing them success..
    Take this from an old lady 61…who has lived what is and isn’t important….
    Dorothy from grammology
    call your grandma

  6. Liv

    That is so awesome! It is always great to see something you work hard at turned into something tangible like the book.
    Congratulations to all of ya’ll!

  7. Kathy from NJ

    I agree with Angie D – please let us know how your area is doing fire wise. I’m in NJ and sometimes think the news blows things out of proportion but another blogger that I read, Amazing Trips, has pictures of the fires surrounding her neighborhood. Please let us know that you are OK

  8. Nette

    I hope you and your family are doing ok – I don’t know exactly where you are located. I’m in the Chula Vista area near the Harris fire and we’re just keeping an eye on things. I keep checking back here to see if you’ve done an update. My thoughts are with you.

  9. Nette

    PS I know that sounded random. You don’t know me, I’m usually just a lurker here and am just concerned for Cali people near the fires. Again, I hope everyone is fine.

  10. BOSSY

    How cool are all of you. Coincidentally, Bossy’s name was just in a book! Because Bossy scribbled the name! On the front page! With a sharpie!

  11. superblondgirl

    That is so awesome! The book – it is pink. Which, for me, equals love. I am a fan of pink when it comes to books.
    And, yes, you are as awesome as they say. 🙂

  12. Izzy

    I just met Kathy at BlgHer and she’s fab — smart, beautiful, talented, nice and now an author, too!!!
    Congratulations to Kathy & Joelle on your new baby and to you, Y, for getting to work on such a cool (and pretty!) book 🙂
    I have a Borders and a Barnes and Noble within walking distance of my house so of course, I shall be picking up a copy ASAP but I expect autographs the next time I see you all, k?

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