82 thoughts on “Where The “Magic” Will Happen.

  1. Louise

    Are you gonna keep Gabby down at the foot of the bed?
    In all seriousness– the furniture looks great. It’s amazing how having a de-cluttered bedroom can make you feel less stressed, isn’t it?

  2. xtx

    Oh the JOY of new furniture!!!!
    For 18 years of marriage we had the same hand me down, mis-matched “furniture” in every room of our house.
    Last year we had a remodel and threw all that shit…literally…to the curb and went on a WICKES shopping spree!!!!!
    I feel like a grown up now!!!!

  3. Melissa

    I was reading a blog (Because I Said So) and I found out that bloggers don’t like it when people ‘lurk’. I don’t want to be a lurker!! I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I’m not a lurker…. anymore, but are people supposed to comment everytime?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Your are great! Love the new room.

  4. Marmite Breath

    I’m so happy for you that I don’t even care that I just got jalapeno juice in my goddamned eye.
    And ow. It burns on the skin. Is this why they say use gloves?
    But again with the happy!!!!

  5. Y

    We use pillows. I just hadn’t put them on the bed yet. Also, we use bed skirts, I need to put that up.

  6. jonniker

    (I’m totally kidding. In case that’s not obvious. I can see the reactions now …)

  7. Beth F.

    Somebody is getting lucky tonight!
    And by that I mean you are lucky because of your new furniture and the uncluttered room.
    Geeze, get your mind out of the gutter.

  8. Kelley

    Oooooh!!!! Gorgeous!!!
    Wanna come and clean my room for me? I *think* I have furniture a similar colour to that under the piles…..

  9. Lurker Girl

    GREAT furniture!! and those slats make for wonderful opportunities when getting the “sexkie”. Don’t pull to hard and break one of them though…..not that I would have personal experience doing that or anything…..I digress.
    Enjoy the new stuff!!

  10. Jenn

    I need to find myself a bedroom set that comes complete with three-year-old. Then I won’t have to go through all the trouble of finding The Husband.


    Very pretty, I believe this is just the furniture the God Squad had in mind for the Jesus-Approved sex.

  11. ryebred

    “Not finished” because you haven’t put the other two sides on the playpen yet? That’s how the kid got outta the playpen?? No wait, that’s a GROWNUP playpen isn’t it?! Have fun playing! 🙂

  12. Miss

    Gorgeous!!!!!!! I absolutely love it. Where’d ya get it? I bet you got a good deal too… Did the little cute thing in front of the bed come with?

  13. Lor

    Y, It looks beautiful!! I love the dark color of it against your light walls. It makes me want to go get new furniture and paint! 🙂

  14. lizinsumner

    Love the furniture!! But, have to say it – bed is too small. King-size beds are one of those things that, once you’ve experienced one you have to have one, and you can never go back. I needs my mattress real-estate!!

  15. lainey

    actually jonniker, it’s not so funny, I have never had such pretty bedroom furniture, in fact my clothes are just hanging on hooks on the wall, but then I own two houses, and take vacations, so I guess it is all about priorities

  16. Helen

    It is very beautiful, do you keep having to walk out of the room and then walk back in, just so you can get that little ‘jolt’ of happy at the very sight and smell of new furniture, neeeeeewwwwwwww furniture. Ahhhhhhhh.

  17. Alison

    Haha, I love Gabby down at the foot of the bed, like she’s a spokesmodel for the bedroom set or something. The bed is gorgeous 🙂 I’m still using the metal frame that came with my mattress.

  18. Carol Snider

    Congrats! (I found you via Holly, my favorite blogette.) We finally got our bedroom furniture after 17 years of marriage — and it was so worth the wait! I try to sneak photos of it now and then on my blog.

  19. ela

    It’s fabulous. Been married 13 years – sleeping on same bed/mattress 😛 – and never had a bedroom set. KNOW what I want, but for now – will enjoy yours vicariously. Sweet dreams – they’re deserved!

  20. Shinade

    Wow I am so glad you dropped by my page ….so I could come and see your terrific new furniture and read about the book. Congrats to your freinds and congrats to you on some great new bedroom furniture…I could use the same make-over!!

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