Fun conversations in the (public) restroom

A little background before I tell you about what happened yesterday while out shopping with The Toddler.
A few weeks ago, my daughter wanted to join me in the bathroom while I was taking a leak.
I happened to be on my period.
Without getting too graphic, Girlfriend saw the blood in the toilet and OHMYGOD! The questions!
“Why you bleeding mommy?”
“Does it hurt?”
“Why is there blood in there?”
“Do you need a bandage?”
Fast forward to a stall in the Kohl’s restroom this afternoon after I was finished doing “my business.” (#1, in case you were wondering.)
“Mommy, would you like me to wipe your butt? Let me wipe your butt, ok sweetie?”
“No thank you, G. I can wipe my own butt!”
“Why I can’t wipe your butt? OH! Because you have blood? Do you have blood mommy?”
(Trying to distract her because there are people listening and this can only go to a “bad place.”)
“Hey! When we get home, do you want mommy to read you a story?”
“Mommy. Do you have blood in your pachina again, huh? Is your pachina all full of blood like that other day? I will get a diaper for your pachina, ok?!”
I can only hope she’ll be as enthusiastic about getting a diaper for me when I’m 80 and she comes to visit me in The Home.