50 thoughts on “Dear Celtic Fans, Check Your Ass.

  1. Dani

    I have some love for the Lakers, they’re a great team (Big Baby! Yay!) but it would be pretty cool to see the Celts get a title. They haven’t for ages.

  2. Kerri

    Love your blog, been a long time reader…but as a gal from Boston, gotta say the Celtics will take it and it will go to game 7!! 🙂

  3. margalit

    Dream on, you California airhead! Remember, your team wears purple. It’s a girly color. Because they’re girlymen.
    It’s on, Y! 🙂

  4. Meg

    Ok, so I don’t even watch basketball, but I was wicked excited to see *you* excited about something! 🙂

  5. The Over-Thinker

    I think I’d like basketball a lot more if the guys were naked. (Except if that Larry Bird guy were still playing, he could keep his clothes on. Because, ew.)

  6. p

    Oh no you didn’t! I’m going to sacrify you if you keep drinking the Celtics haterade.
    Everyone knows that it’s just so horrible to society to watch the Lakers anyway. Parents neglect their children. Boyfriends drive their girlfriends to Joy Unexpected. 🙂
    Celts in seven! Go KG! Booyeah Boston!

  7. justme

    at this moment I have no idea who won lol. I couldn’t watch it. I am a fan of both. I hate when they play each other. I am always so torn lol. I guess I will have to find out in a few minutes lol. Its the same when sox and angels play. but I have no problem with the Pats and chargers. Pats all the way!!!!!

  8. ali

    i will have to disagree. the lakers knocked out my spurs. so i can’t possibly allow them to win 🙂

  9. balconygal

    Oh, my, I had no idea I lurked on a site that loved the Lakers enough to remind me of how fat my ass is while it’s sitting in it’s seat at the Garden. Actually, my ass didn’t sit down too much last night considering everyone was on their feet constantly. I don’t hate, though (not even Kobe who apparently I’m supposed to hate because I’m a woman and a married woman at that). I love this rivalry. Woohoo. GO CELTICS.

  10. Y

    Wait… you were THERE? LUCKY.
    I love this rivalry too. And I don’t hate either… but I’m not above telling Celtic fans to CHECK THEIR ASSES. (I am also not above hoping someone will “accidentally” kick Pierce in the knee, or, you know, take a bat to it.)

  11. jen from boston

    To quote Mo’nique: “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself” Lakers fans.
    And if that means checkin yo collective asses, so be it.
    That said, I think C’s in 7, only because historically Boston teams feel the need to give the fans acid reflux, ulcers, extreme Stress Disorders and a varierty nervous tics before taking the grand prize (see: Sox).
    WHAT-WHAT, Mofos.
    P.S. Didn’t Piece pop two sweet lookin 3s at the end? Huh.

  12. Melissa

    Dear Lakers,
    Check your asses. See those foot prints? Yeah, it’s because you got run over. See you Sunday!
    The Celtics

  13. Jenn

    I also enjoy the “check your ass” as the new phrase of choice.
    I live in Boston but don’t honestly care about the Celtics – I didn’t grow up here.
    Yesterday this little old lady in my office was wearing green from head to toe “for the Celtics” and I heard her exclaim that anyone who wasn’t going to watch the game that night should “get out of the state of Massachusetts!”
    I think she needs to check her ass.

  14. Brandi

    Boston in 5. I will throw you a bone and give you 1 game in LA. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Vickie

    World Series winner, Stanley Cup finals, NBA finals, SuperBowl game…
    I just checked my ass. Pretty intact there.

  16. deb

    Hey There,
    Where have you been? I miss reading. You never answered the questions that we all asked. I know you may be busy, but I would love to hear from you.

  17. deb

    I checked my ass – it was still there. Cant say the same for the Laker’s players though (lol).
    All things considered, it was a decent series. From where I sit anyway. 😉

  18. MB

    My town is GREEN right now. If you are a sports fan there is no better place to live than BOSTON.
    I know how sad it is when your team gets their asses kicked. I’m so happy to be going to a parade today. It has been a very long time.
    Congratulations to the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS!!!!

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