Why “trollish” type comments do not bother me.

Commenter name: Mimi
Commenter IP address: 71.117.98.*
That’s bull shit. You are all addicted to those lakers and to that Kolbe
who is making millions of dollars thanks to all of your addictions,
meanwhile causes all those dramas in your life. It’s really stupid, that
you are all addicted to these lakers as if you are addicted to drugs. It’s
the same thing. Sit in front of TV and watch a game that never ends,
sacrify your children, the quality learning time you can give to them. The
Mom giving that lakers ticket is just sad, cause she is submissive and
letting her freedom guided by her husband who is addicted to watch a game,
above all he is not even fit. this society is just poison to your brains.
People are getting so ridiculous. good luck. Soon also, check your ass to
see how many pounds you gain watching that Tv

Because 99.99% the comments aren’t really about me. The search that led “Mimi” to my blog?
addictedtolakers copy
See what I mean?
For the record, “CHECK YOUR ASS” is my new favorite comeback to everything in the world.

81 thoughts on “Projecting.

  1. Nina

    Who the hell is Kolbe? LOL
    Why are the trollish/rude comments always so hard to decipher?

  2. Suebob

    1. On behalf on my hometown, I apologize. We native Santa Barbarians are actually quite nice, usually.
    2. You “sacrify” your children? Can you shoot some photos next time. I’m interested in what that looks like.
    3. With 18,997 seats sold per Lakers game, there is a whole lot of poisoning going on!

  3. Mrs. Who

    When I saw “Mimi”, I jerked a little because my grandson calls me that and he just left! I apologize for the other dorky Mimi, who doesn’t have enough good sense to keep her stupid opinions to herself. She makes us other Mimi’s look bad.
    You seem to be doing a little better – at least your posts seem a little happier. I’m so glad!

  4. The Over-Thinker

    She needs to “sacrify” her commenting abilities because she is neglectifying her grammarity.
    (Her whole comment totally sounded like a Rev. Al Sharpton rant)
    And I’m totally stealing the “Check your Ass!” for when I get my first troll 🙂

  5. Chag

    I never knew Kobe was responsible for all that was wrong in the world. It really makes me want to sacrify my children.
    My favorite line was “this society is just poison to your brains.”

  6. Heather

    De-Lurking here… I think I just peed my pants I’m laughing so hard….. I don’t know what is funnier, the original post or the comments about it. I really liked “neglectifying her gammarity” .. really, you guys are too much!

  7. Kathy from NJ

    Just because I’m nosy, I just googled “boyfriend addicted to lakers” and your November entry showed up 4th. I reread the entry and remembered how my heart felt when I originally read it, you were such a loving wife & mother to give up your ticket.

  8. Kathy

    I’m really kind of confused as to how Kolbe is making millions from my addictions. If he is, more power to him. I think that you are an amazing mom so if you sacrify your children I think I will sacrify mine also. Well, I have to go check my ass so I can give to my children some quality learning time.

  9. Hay

    I’m with Becky, a little envious that you get trolls.
    Can you sign up for them somewhere? Is there a catalogue?

  10. Veronica

    Do you think the trolls realise that we have sitemeters and check on them?
    (hehe, my troll went away when I told my SIL quietly that I was tracking said trolls IP address)

  11. Walking With Scissors

    With spelling that atrocious, I’m surprised Mimi can even read! Maybe she’s been watching too much basketball with her boyfriend and it’s rotted her brain.
    Oh, and “neglectifying her grammarity”? Pure genius. Your readers rule all!!

  12. Rachael

    Do people really expect to be taken seriously? Really? When they can’t spell or use grammar or write something that pertains to the actual situation?

  13. christina

    Hee. My ass is still there. I just checked! And I sacrify my kids all the time and they don’t mind at all.
    Sounds like the poor little thing was saying to you (a perfect stranger on the internet and therefore a safe target) what she REALLY wanted to say to her boyfriend.

  14. Christy

    Yippee!! I just went and got one of them there magic counter thingamabobs for my myspace page (since it’s the only thing I have) and now I can find out why I have 385 visits and only 19 friends. I bet it is Space Ghost! Now I can finally find out where he lives!! The Internets are so cool.

  15. pam

    and that is why I love sitemeter!! That is hilarious!! She looks so lame now and so, I dunno, pathetic. Poor girl. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  16. Charity

    Delurking to say HILARIOUS!!! Damn Lakers and Kolbe… they are your drugs and you will go to hell for them! HAHAHAHHAHHA! Thanks for making my day. =)

  17. gwendomama

    i checked my ass and you are not gonna believe what i found!
    sweetjesus i cannot believe i had never even THOUGHT to CHECK my ASS before.
    also? can’t wait to try that at the symphony’s coat/hat/ass checking room!

  18. The Other Laura

    Ok, now that I’ve checked my ass, which was a little scary but also kind of fun, I will say as someone who lives in San Antonio where we are required by law to support the Spurs that Lakers fans should be proud! They’re playing incredible basketball. I wish they’d been a little nicer to the Spurs, maybe let us make a few extra points just to be polite, but they deserve to be where they are.
    I realize this has nothing to do with your nasty troll, but I’ve been thinking alot about basketball and wanted to share.

  19. Jakki

    I am laughing my ass off! I mean a true Laugh Out Loud moment here….but you know, that is kind of scary too..someone actually took the time to write this…..LOL…whew…. thank you.

  20. nancy

    check your ass is fabulous
    right up there with my favorite from my childhood
    scene: child scowling over something inconsequential
    parent “What’s wrong”
    child “Nothing.”
    parent “well, notify your face”

  21. TheMama

    This is why I love SiteMeter!
    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
    Translated for Mimi: She who smelt it dealt it.

  22. Shamelessly Sassy

    hahaha. My favorite comeback, which I learned from my now deceased grandmother, is ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself.’ and yeah..that pretty sums up Mimi.

  23. Stacie from MN

    That is so cool how you can do that…although, it is also kind of freaky, I may have to rethink some of the things I search for online!
    People like that are just sad, the only thing they have to do is rant on others for no reason other than to make their own situations seem better! Because, seriously, if I had a boyfriend (and if my husband didn’t mind me having a boyfriend LOL) and he was “addicted” to a sports team, I think I just might look for a new boyfriend (and a much hotter one, of course LOL)

  24. Kay

    Me thinks the girl needs spellcheck and some meds but most of all I think she needs to CHECK HER ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ame i.

    Man, I hate poison in my brains! And watching sports on tv. What is wrong with me?!

  26. Suzy Q

    Wow, I had no idea you could track us all so easily. I’d better watch mah P’s and Q’s and also CHECK MY ASS.
    I love crazy comments like those! The Crazy! It’s everywhere!

  27. Rita

    Good Morning
    Found your blog today, and am interested in reading more about your experiences with thyroid problems. Also would like to know how to find other similar blogs. I’m kind of new to this blogging business and basically I am a lurker ( I think that’s what you’d call me) I’ve been on synthroid for years, at least 10, I’m still fat, I have no energy, my hair is thinning and my skin is dry. I could go on and on. I don’t miss periods, I’m just ONE BIG unhappy period. Sometimes every 2 weeks, sometimes FOR 2 weeks. We lost our insurance and I switched to generic synthroid, $4 Walmart. Surprisingly, and maybe it’s in my head, but I feel slightly better on the generic and have managed to lose 30 lbs.
    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but it was comforting to find someone else who has the same frustration, makes me feel a little less nuts.

  28. Kelley

    Man, I have to get me some of that reverse stalker action!
    how to I find this stuff so I can ridicule with evidence?

  29. vero

    HAHAH looks like that snatch forgot to check her ass!!! hahaha web-counters rock!
    What a lame-ass-bitch! hahaha

  30. patois

    I am so going to title one of my next posts “Check Your Ass,” and I promise to give proper attribution to you and Mimi, she of the boyfriend addicted to the Lakers. I suppose she just can’t accept that he doesn’t really want to be with her and is using the Lakers to avoid her…and to avoid checking her ass, of course.

  31. April

    OMG thats hilarious! Its so funny, it made me use the phrase “OMG”!
    I would say more but I have to go sacrify my children.

  32. Suburban Turmoil

    AWESOME. I checked my ass every five minutes while I was watching Kolbe last night. Same as it ever was. Oh, the sacrify’s we make for those freakin’ Lakers.

  33. Laura Lohr

    What freaked me out is that I just rid myself of a troll by the name of Mimi not that long ago.
    I checked the IP address and your Mimi is not the same Mimi as my troll. Mimi must be a popular troll name.
    Check your ass—that is great. I think it is my new favorite phrase.

  34. Lily

    Three cheers for Wal-Mart. And now they’ve started selling 3 months of those generics for $10. Wow! For my other meds that aren’t generic I use the prescription discount card that I found at Low membership fee. Drug prices posted to check before you join.

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