It’s That Time Again…

I have been blogging since September 2002. I have never been nominated for a bloggie– but, one time? I almost beat Dooce for “best parenting blog” in some totally insignificant blog award. So, IN YOUR FACE, BLOGGIES. Honestly, I’m not bitter. I know the writing here has never been worthy of any “awards.” That said, every year I take the time to nominate my favorite bloggers. Normally, I don’t make those nominations public, because feelings can get hurt and oh, how I hate hurting peoples feelings. But, this year, I’ve been inspired by Aimee to post my nomination. Mostly, I’m posting these because it’s always been important to me to “share the love”, as they say, when it comes to linkage. Truth be told, I kind of hate it when bloggers are stingy with links, or only link to their “internet friends.” Since I was already working on a “blogs that I have loved this year and you should too” list, I figured, why not post these? Please, click on their blogs and read. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Best Photography weblog
Shutter Sisters
Mother May I
Me Ra Koh
Best Canadian Weblog
Her Bad Mother
Mother Bumper
Redneck Mommy
Most Humorous Weblog
Anne Nahm
Deb on the Rocks
See Wilson Go
Best Writing of a Weblog
Nothing But Bonfires
Not Calm (dot com)
Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino
Best Group Blog
Alpha Mom
Shutter Sisters
Best Community Blog
Best Kept Secret Weblog
Chicken and Cheese
Apathy Lounge
Lesbian Dad
Best New Weblog
Immoral Matriarch
Baby Bloomr
Lifetime Achievement
Tenth Muse
Miss Zoot
Weblog of the Year
Four Four
The Bloggess
Suburban Turmoil
(Edited to add this site for Best Entertainment blog because I just spent the last two hours reading and I hurt from laughing.)
(These blogs in no way reflect all of the blogs that I enjoy and (mostly) secretly admire. But these are the ones that I would be thrilled to see on that list, because in my opinion, they most definitely deserve to be there.)

24 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…

  1. Joelle

    Aw, thanks, dude! I feel like such a lazy blogger, but I actually BLOGGED yesterday. Does that count toward my lifetime achievement? I think so…!
    I won a Bloggie in 2004 (or was it 2003?) for the same tagline I have now. And that same year I was 2nd “Best New Weblog” and “Weblog of the Year” categories — the latter in which I beat out Dooce. SUCK ON THAT! Of course, I didn’t WIN Best New Weblog, and Dooce went on to rule the world or whatever, but I had my moment in the sun, ok? 😉

  2. jenijen

    Thanks, Y! You DO deserve a shitload of blog-type awards for your humor, your posts about your Grandfather, your photos that totally blow my mind, and your overall awesomeness. Plus, if they ever make one for funny IMs that make me shoot my drink out my nose all over my desk, you and Jenny tie for that one, too.
    xoxoxo :-*

  3. Vanessa

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. You have no idea how many great blogs I have found through you or through blogs I have found through you. Thanks for expanding my world, and thanks for your never-ending honesty. That’s what I love about you.

  4. RonnieTJ

    Ïðî äåëî Ìàðòûíîâûõ ñëûøàëè? Òàêîé áðåä âîîáùå… Ìî¸ ìíåíèå – ñóäåáíûé ïðîèçâîë…

  5. Babybloomer

    Well dang, I just popped over for my Mamarosa fix and found my NAME on your LIST????!!! I’m like, embarrassingly thrilled!
    I would offer to bear your children, but A) I’m kinda long in the tooth for that, plus hello? it took me long enough to get knocked up with mine and B) you make really good ones all by yourself. So, I’ll just settle for saying thank you so much, really. You had me at Jesse’s Girl.

  6. Isabel Kallman

    OMG. I am catching up on my blog reading and just saw this! I am so honored.
    I entered my nominations already and I nominated you in Humor.
    You so deserve it.
    Thank you for sharing your support of us publicly.
    Much love,

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