I’m happy to report she can now say BeeVUR without any problems.

My daughter has decided she no longer wants Mommy or Daddy to read stories to her before she goes to sleep.
“I’m a big girl now, guys” she says. “I will read stories to YOU.”
And so, every night, I let her choose 3 books and she “reads” them, sometimes to herself, but most times to one of us.
Last night she was reading to her dad when I overheard the funniest dialogue.
“It’s BEEEE-VUURR.” PigHunter would say.
“Beeuurrv.” She’d respond.
And he would laugh and laugh. Then she would laugh and laugh.
It was One of Those Moments I wanted to be a part of and one that I’d never want to forget.
G has watched this video repeatedly this morning and she laughs every time. “I can’t believe I didn’t know how to say it!” She says, all grown up like.
And we laugh again.
I’m so grateful for her sense of humor.

56 thoughts on “I’m happy to report she can now say BeeVUR without any problems.

  1. Y

    Amber, the reason it was so funny to me is because there are certain words I STILL get stuck on. ANd so I could totally relate.

  2. Alice the Brit

    LOL – Classic, LOVE it when kids can’t pronounce stuff – SO sweet
    I just watched this YouTube video ON my new G1 phone – that was COOL!!!

  3. Heidi

    That was too cute. I remember getting stuck on words too. Especially saying vinegar. Just couldn’t get it.
    Love that you captured this on film.

  4. Andrea

    So. Cute.
    I’m so glad my 9 yr old son still wants me to read to him. I will be so sad when that day comes. Thanks for the reminder to treasure it!

  5. Karly

    Well, I thought that was hilarious. My 4 year old didn’t like it though. She kept getting pissed off and screaming “BEAVER! IT’S BEAVER!” Way to ruin the funny.

  6. Melody

    LOL!! Love that! My daughter (right about G’s age) still has the cute baby voice that can’t say her “r” sounds or her L’s. Gabby has such a good attitude! My daughter would have been yelling “don’t laugh (waff) at me!!”

  7. perksofbeingme

    If it makes her feel any better, I showed my mom this video and then not even 5 minutes later, I couldn’t say “rewear” for the life of me, so now my mom has been calling me beeVuurr. Somethings you might never grow out of.

  8. Denise

    Love the Gabby videos! She is so charming and adorable and smart. I was cracking up! I love that you and PH enjoy her so much. I want every parent to enjoy their little ones…my youngest is already 8 and I miss those younger years. Of course my kids are still adorable and entertaining now, but in a different way.

  9. Kellee

    That is adorable. My sister used to get FURIOUS if we laughed at stuff like that, she was so sensitive. When I was a kid I would say aMiNal, instead of animal. And I could NOT hear the difference. LOL
    I do have say, though, I find it very hard to believe that PJ didn’t want to be a beer.

  10. Jennifer

    So cute! (And the dimples? Double cuteness overload!!)
    G shouldn’t feel bad — I have a friend that can’t say ‘ambulance’ (‘am-blee-ance’) and my mom has difficulty saying ‘ibuprofen’ (‘i-bru-pro-fen’).

  11. sandie

    Yvonne, I have been reading your blog faithfully for over a year now but have never commented. Tonight I am coming out of hiding to say that I have never laughed as hard as I laughed at this. That is a stinking riot!!! She is lucky to have a fun mom like you.

  12. jadine

    What a sweet-heart! It’s amazing what a good sport she was for such a little thing! She was really trying and was having fun with it even though it was hard. Gotta admire that quality in a person!

  13. Amy

    So, cute.. It makes me miss my daughter being little. She 12 going on 13 no time for mom anymore.

  14. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    I finally got a fast enough internet connection to read that and holy crap is it cute. Seriously.
    And man do you have a patient and persistent kid. I’d have cried and given up. Like all winners do.

  15. Tammy

    First time commenting – I had to let you know how much I enjoyed that video (I have come back every day to watch it again). She is delightful and has the cutest giggle. Oh, and your voice to beautiful too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Teresa

    So cute! How do their brains work like that – they get ALL the letter sounds, but in the wrong order. My daughter said “fishies” as “shifies” and “difficult” as “dicifult” for the longest. Oh, and Piglet? He was Pliget. I never wanted to correct it, because I knew eventually it would be gone. And it is. (Sniff.)

  17. chrissylas

    Could you have a cuter little girl? I think not.
    My best friend couldn’t say Rory or Roar for the longest time. In fact, we’re 25 now and I’m still not sure if she can ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Jen

    oh holy crap. I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time!!
    I STILL say aminal instead of animal, and agillator instead of alligator, if for no other reason that to make my mom smile. Those are the two that stumped me at G’s age.
    Beeurv. Ahahaa. She is too cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Lisa

    Oh, man, this is so cute! What a great “power of small” story. Wish my youngest were still that young LOL!

  20. TheAitch

    oh mah goodness! I laughed out loud like 20 times during that video! So funny! She’s so cute!
    My oldest daughter is around the same age and she does that same thing with the “Joker” (from batman) she has this batman cartoon book and she will always say, “Look momma, the GOCHER!” and we laugh and laugh and her trying to say Joker and having it come out gocher…and so does she. And like you guys repeating Bee-Ver to G we do the same with “JOE-KERR” but she still says “GOCHER” It’s too cute!

  21. MemeGRL

    I thought we were the last house in America with P.J. Funnybunny! My kids *love* that book but now I will think “bee-urv” every time I read it with them.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. coop

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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