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And yet this photo didn’t make explore.
.I love us.
You’re dead to me, Flickr.
Bonus: More of my favorites from Chicago (Which I am in love with because it is beautiful.)
.chicago is beautiful.
Isabel & The Bean
Yay, Chicago!
Summertime in Chicago

42 thoughts on “700 views. 37 comments. 27 favorites.

  1. Beth

    I agree. Those photos are definetly worth commenting. Love, Love, Love them all. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Ninotchka

    I LOVE that picture. And did you know (of course you didn’t) that my Elmo cupcakes picture on flickr has had nearly 25,000 views and god knows how many favorites and no Explore either? I don’t get Explore at all. I’m obviously dead to flickr. ha!

  3. AA

    Great pictures. I LOVE Chicago. I didn’t get to got this summer and I am having serious sadness about that (I don’t go to BlogHer or anything- I just go). I have been trying to get the husband to go, but he only wants to go to CO and ride the motorcycle (which is fun, but…).

  4. Christine

    As I’ve said before, your photography rocks. Your eye is what makes your photos so awesome…the camera is just a vehicle to share what you see with others.
    And Chicago is the best city in the world!

  5. Nancy P

    Your photography amazes me. So very very talented. These should be in a gallery somewhere I swear.
    Nancy P

  6. Lar

    That last one is so fantastic–I hope you’re able to send a copy to the couple, I’m sure their family would LOVE to see it. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. norm

    Wow. This really shows off how you have matured as a photographer. Wonderful set. And holy sh*t you and your friends are *hot* in that top photograph!

  8. Jozet at Halushki

    Hi! Hello! Yes!
    Ummm…please to submit to BlogHer to run a freaking HOW TO TAKE MASSIVE PHOTOS FOR YOUR BLOG workshop. Because DAMN DAMN DAMN those are beeyutiful!!!!

  9. Jozet at Halushki

    P.S. My 10yo was looking over my shoulder as I was viewing and she said, “WOW! Those ladies are all really pretty!”
    She also digs the photo of the big silver bean and the last photo of the couple. So, you’re a hit with the younger crowd, too.

  10. Jen

    Y! If I lived anywhere close to you, I would beg tou to take my family photos! And pay you! Omg, I’m not just trying to kiss ass, but your photos are beautifully poignant, because of your sharp eye for details, and humanity in general. You could make a great business venture of your talent, Yvonne. Really.

  11. Cindi B

    I just got back from Chicago yesterday–and recognized all those places in your photos! I LOVED that water feature in Millennium Park–and the Cloud Gate sculpture that reflects the skyline. Great photos!!

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