22 thoughts on “It’s My Blog and I Can Post Videos of My Kids If I Want To [/defensive]

  1. KarateMom

    “With flea”…I love that! We were listening to carols on the radio and Declan, my son, says, “Did they say ‘heavenly horsestrings’?” Ummm, no son, that would be “heavenly HOST SINGS”!
    Your kids are so fun to watch!

  2. Marie

    Not sure what’s funnier…your son’s antics in the background or your daughter’s dramatics. How on earth did you keep from laughing? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen

    Awesome! My family always enjoys a heartfelt holidayy song. I’ve played this for everyone who’s been over and replayed for my kids. We heart you guys!

  4. Kathy from NJ

    The son in the background is wonderful! And for your information, reindeer CAN be bothered with fleas! Thank you so much.

  5. Alice the Brit

    LOL – at ALL of it
    Hilarious son antics behind
    Daughter taking a swipe as said son when she realizes what he’s doing
    PH diligently working in the background during it all
    poor Reindeers with Fleas 🙂
    and I would SO crash your Ugly Sweater party if I didn’t live a zillion miles away in Florida, where it is unseasonable hot (record high of *90* yesterday) and ANY type of sweater is not needed!!

  6. Kenna

    this may have just given me back some Christmas cheer. This reminds me of the fun my brother and I used to have when we were young. Thank you for posting this!

  7. maggie

    My fave part was when your son pulled a pouty face to illustrate the “used to laugh and call him names” lyrics. Genius!

  8. amy

    Girl, you may have the biggest struggles in every other part of your life… but in my opinion, the blessings/pride/entertainment your children bring MORE than make up for it…. jmho… *shrug*

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