Entertaining Me While At the Same Time Annoying Me

When I came home from the gym tonight, I poured myself a glass of water and sat down to buy some music for my iTouch. The TV was paused– Dancing With the Stars. (I have the timer set on the DVR.) My husband walks into the room, sits down on the couch and goes “hey, your shows on. Are you gonna watch it or what?” I was all “I’m busy. I’ll watch it later.” He became agitated.
He wanted to watch it.
Here’s the thing, you guys.
My husband loves Dancing With the Stars. ALL CAPS LOVES IT.
When he watches it, he gets totally into it.
Like, he claps and cheers. He points at the TV and says things like “that was awesome, he had GREAT hip action!” If someone messes up, he’ll cover his eyes, throw his head back and say things like “OH NO! I’m so embarrassed for her!”
If he thinks someone danced a good dance but they get low scores, he’ll get upset with the judges. “A FIVE?!! You’ve got to be KIDDING ME! His footwork was FLAWLESS!”
He literally never stops talking during the show– spouting off opinions, criticism, words of encouragement, helpful tips for a better performance next time. NOT EVEN MAKING THIS UP. I try to be supportive– I think it’s awesome that he loves to watch people dance and isn’t afraid to express that love so openly. But YOU GUYS. The talking! The clapping! The gasping! FOR THE LOVE OF THE PASODOBLE, I’M TRYING TO HEAR WHAT BRUNO HAS TO SAY.
So, I walk away, put on my headphones and enjoy his Child Like Excitement from across the room. It’s just better for our marriage that way.

12 thoughts on “Entertaining Me While At the Same Time Annoying Me

  1. Lucy

    I can’t believe I’m the first to comment!
    My husband’s “dirty little secret tv show” is Project Runway. He first started watching it when he was on night shift and caught it during the day. We both watch it now. However, I had to laugh recently when he came home from a week away and, from all the shows that had recorded (including Top Gear, World Series Of Poker and Formula 1 Racing) he was adamant about watching Project Runway first!! 🙂

  2. Erin

    This story makes me smile 🙂 My husband has the exact opposite reaction to some of the shows I love. He literally screamed and ran away last Thursday when Grey’s Anatomy came on.

  3. MissyK

    Oh man…sounds like my other half & Big Brother & the yammering. I L.O.V.E. the show & watch the live feeds & stuff. The other half decided he was going to watch with me to see what the big deal was. He commented on EVERYTHING! I’m trying to hear what they are saying in the diary room things & what Julie is saying & he is going on & on. Made me absolutely nuts. Got to where I actually yelled at him a couple of times. It is terrible to say but I was SO happy when he lost interest after the first couple weeks & I could watch my shows in peace again. LOL

  4. AA

    My husband now likes DWTS. We (my son and I) hooked him. At first he pretended to just sit there while we watched, but then he started comenting and then asking questions and if he had to miss he will ask who got cut etc.
    Sadly, you can not absorb dance skill from watching. He is absolutely the worst dancer in the world. Not kidding. No rhythm. At all. It’s a giant apinful chore to dance with him. And he can’t lead – or follow. And watching him dance if you are not doing a touching type dance is kind of unbearbable.
    Now, watching him act like he is danicing while in his boxers with his skinny dad legs hanging out is hilarious. Too bad it is so innappropriate for a mass audience- I would love to post the hilarity on You Tube.

  5. Margie K

    My husband won’t watch DWTS (I would watch if he wasn’t home, though). He barely tolerates my passion for Survivor (he’ll sit there, but often talks during it so I miss important dialog). He’ll watch Hell’s Kitchen with me, but doesn’t get into it. So to hear about a man that enjoys watching DWTS sounds funny to me; I’ll bet it’s entertaining to watch him watch it!
    You know what else is funny about my husband? He doesn’t care to watch sports on TV, and couldn’t care less about going to live sports events with me (even when I have free tickets). I had to put my foot down and insist that he attend our sons’ home wrestling matches — even then, he wanted to go home as soon as they were done, and not watch the rest of the match. How rude!
    Still, there are TV shows he does like — many of them ones that I’ll sit there and read the newspaper while he watches. And a few that we enjoy watching together.

  6. Rachael

    My husband TALKS during TV shows too. I can’t deal with it. I just want to watch and he has this running commentary. It’s so annoying!

  7. Becky

    OMG that is so funny! In our house we watch SYTYCD instead, but my husband acts the same way about it. He pretends he watches it because I like it.

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