Today I had the stitches removed from my leg.
I didn’t mention anything about it. Mostly because I was nervous and I felt stupid for being nervous about having stitches removed. People get stitches removed all of the time and never in my life have I heard any kind of “stitch removal horror story.”
But I am kind of a wimp when it comes to anything that involves my skin and sharp objects. You know, things like stitch removal.
While I was in the waiting room, I took out my phone and turned to Twitter for comfort and reassurance. I tweeted something like “trying to pretend like I’m not scared of having my stitches taken out. Will it hurt? I need to know.”
The replies started pouring in. Mostly, people said things like “no pain, just tugging, maybe pinching. But definitely tugging.”
I’m not sure why, but the thought of feeling “tugging” made me feel weak in the vagina. But I was grateful that people had taken time to give me an idea of what to expect.
I arrived in the room, dropped my pants and placed a sheet on my lap. I informed the nurse that I “have a high tolerance for pain” but was “scared of tugging.”
She was like “Um, okaaayy. Thanks for sharing.”
Then, she removed the surgical strips, got a pair of tweezers and pulled the stitches out in like 2 seconds flat.
No tugging. No pinching. No pain.
(Note to self: You gave birth without epidurals. You need to stop being a rhymes with wussy about stupid things, like stitches.)
So, the lump is gone, the stitches are gone and most importantly, the worry is gone.
No more sleepless nights, wondering “what if?” It was a lipoma. (Just as the surgeon suspected.)
It’s over.
I’m fine.
I’m grateful.

20 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Hed

    That’s good. I have a lump on my neck I’ve been scared about for months. Going in next week to take it more seriously. Wish me lucks!

  2. pamela

    congratulations and well done!
    I always let any doctor know I’m leery and squeamish about stuff before anything goes down. They tend to be more compassionate.
    Do you just don’t like doctors or is it a hospital thing?
    I’m deathly afraid of hospitals and my mom suggested that whenever I have to go to one to go visit the babies.
    I’m so glad you got your lump out and don’t have to worry about it anymore. 🙂

  3. liz

    Also, your “rhymes with wussy” pushed out a baby without an epidural. That thing is STRONG and COURAGEOUS. We need to change that word to mean unwaveringly brave.

  4. Jenn

    Hooray! It’s been about 32 years since I had any stitches removed so I would have been a bit nervous too. So glad it was quick and pain- and tug-less!

  5. Krystle {snarkykisses}

    Good Good Good! I was in your spot a year ago, I had a spot on the side of my face that I had removed, and I will tell you this, I was dead on convinced I had skin cancer. Well, low and behold, it was benign. When my doctor called me, I felt relief like I cannot even explain, renewed, rejuvenated.
    I’m happy that you’re at ease now. And it’s not stupid to feel the way you did before you had it removed. Now you know it’s gone. Gone gone gone!

  6. Erin

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! We are human and allowed to fear things we don’t know. I am personally a dentist wimp and proud of it! I let them know each time and they try to make it an easier experience. Thanks to that, too, they offered me atavan for my last major tooth issue and it made it a non-worry. Why suffer if you don’t have to?
    I’m glad it’s benign as well 🙂

  7. girlplease

    I’m the same way about “procedures”.
    Deviated septum surgery scheduled–I watched endless YouTube and surgery videos to go “ew OMG ew, theyr’e removing BONES?” in the end? It was nothing.
    Amnio. THREE months where my poor coworker was all “STFU and don’t get one already!” because daily I talked about needle guage (it was a 22 guage thank you), procedure videos, etc. The day of? I had a breakdown where I cried so much the tech gave me the “ok pussy” look and left the room. I brought my own dishcloth to put over my eyes to block the sight of any 12″needle. The entire time? I was begging the baby to forgive me and have God keep the baby safe. Then the procedure? “Is it in the uterus yet? is it through the muscle wall yet?” The doctor was so focused she ignored me and then gave a kind ‘sorry i’m not answering you, I have to focus.” Which did shut me up but I was silently saying is it in is it in is it in? Did it hurt? Nope. Three months of an ulcer and research for nothing.
    Epidural? Same thing. Researched that puppy. The only way I got through that was after feeling only 3 contractions, getting mad at myself and saying “Bitch do you want 24 hours of ripping your insides out pain or 2 seconds of a jab and heaven?” I clenched my teeth and told the anesthesiologist “JUST DO IT!” and yes, that one DID hurt bad. Wow. But I pat myself on the back with “ok I did major pain for 2 seconds. GRRRR GO ME!”
    Lump in breasts that needed to be aspirated twice. The first time? Breakdown and begging/crying “OH PLEASE PUT ME UNDER.” Man the doc was so mad that he said ‘you know, you need to be quiet because I’m positive this is nothing and there are women with stage IV breast cancer and they don’t say boo.” WOW did that just STF me up. The second time? Well it did hurt because the lidocaine didn’t work and I felt the needle slide through the muscle and cried. THe guy paniced (great) and gave me more and then I was all “ewww yellow goo” as he sucked the stuff out.
    Now? I have a dislocated jaw. Yes I Googled it and it described needles in the jaw bone joint and then shoving it back into place and I stand by the crying and begging of OH PLEASE KNOCK ME OUT.
    So don’t feel bad. We all have our phobias. Face it, medicine is gross, scary, and it always involves a needle with some tugging.

  8. Tiffany

    late in responding but wanted to say YAY!! I never had any problems with my stitches or staples being removed. My dtr said hers didnt hurt either.
    Woohoo on your lump being just a lipoma…my oldest had one in her spinal cord that had to be removed 🙁

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