Highlight of My Weekend: When Hailey Met Gabby

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This weekend my daughter met Jenny’s daughter. It was as precious as you can imagine. They said hello, gave each other a hug and then Gabby was all “does your mommy have a blog?” And Hailey was all “Yes, my mommy is The Bloggess. ” And Gabby was all “No way! You’re so lucky!” And then I was all “hey, I may not have 70,000 followers on twitter, but Justin Bieber follows me! Who’s your mommy now, Gabby?”

Some parts of that story are quite possibly not true.

In all seriousness, Jenny is one of my dearest friends and it was a wonderful surprise to see her this weekend. It was even more wonderful that our daughter’s got to meet one another (at The Happiest Place on Earth!) and talk about important things like “Space Mountain” and “The Chipmunks.”
We are both very scared of the stories these two are going to have to tell about us on their blogs some day.
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9 thoughts on “Highlight of My Weekend: When Hailey Met Gabby

  1. jules

    I am so jealous! I want to hang out with Jenny! And now I need to post the exact same thing on her blog about getting to hang out with you!
    Hope you had a fab time at Disneyland!

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