Never Been More Happy To Be a RENTER!!1!111

It’s been raining in Southern California for 6 days. IN A ROW. This is not something that I am used to. Nor is this something that I enjoy. Especially because the rain is causing problems, like, flooding the garage and now, THIS:
It started as a small wet spot on the carpet that we assumed was water that one of the kids had spilled, except that didn’t really make sense because none of the kids were home. But we hoped maybe they had spilled it before they had left 2 days earlier because we did not want to believe that water was actually coming up from the ground. Because we are supposed to have Christmas at (not) our house and Christmas is in 4 days and PLEASE GOD LET IT BE A SPILL THAT HAS NOT DRIED YET.
It wasn’t a spill. It was water seeping into the house from the sliding door. That water had soaked the wood strip and the padding underneath the carpet. because our landlord “doesn’t even know who to call to fix this sort of thing” my husband offered to take care of it so that there isn’t further damage to the house. (My husband is kind of a Fix It Genius.)
This is not how I imagined we’d be spending the week before Christmas. I hope we (ha ha “we”) can get this fixed quickly so we can have a little more “baking cookies while listening to Christmas music” and less “ripping up wet carpet and sealing up leaks.”

11 thoughts on “Never Been More Happy To Be a RENTER!!1!111

  1. Nancy P

    Ack! That sucks big time. I wish you could just send it up here. We are used to that kind of rain at least once a year. 🙁

  2. Christina

    Mine started at my old house on Christmas eve any ideas where the tree was?
    Yup woke up chirstmas morning to a flooded living room, we still joke about the christmas that Santa brought the polly pocket cruise ship WITH the ocean too!
    I live in a very wet area and we also are dealing with floods around us.

  3. Jenna

    Am I the only one concerned about that lamp over in the corner? Right by the wet floor? I think I remember something from school about electricity and water not mixing well… 😉
    I hope you get it all done quickly!

  4. Rebecca Grace

    I hope you are still baking cookies while your fix-it-lover-man is working on the leak. Somehow, problems never seem so bad once the house smells like COOKIES! Hugs!

  5. jadine

    I was wondering if the rain was getting you. Sorry about the wet floor at Christmas-time, but I’m glad your husband is able to fix it. What kind of lame-o thing for the landlord to say??: ‘I don’t even know who to call…’ That’s ridiculous. I just noticed that I don’t like the word, “landlord.” Kind of pretentious. Especially for someone who doesn’t know who to call.

  6. Amanda

    When my husband offers to fix issues in our rental our land lord always allows us to deduct the cost of materials and LABOR from our rent next month. I really really hope you are able to do the same. I mean, seriously! You should reap the benefits of helping him keep that home in good condition since he doesn’t know WHO to call. 😀

  7. Deidre

    We had the same problem! Love that SoCal rain. Most of the time I feel bad for not owning my own place but right now it’s not such a bad place to be.

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