Oh no they didn’t.

Generally speaking, I stay out of the stuff that goes on with the kids in the neighborhood. I want to teach my children how to handle problems and conflicts on their own. I don’t want them to have to run to mommy every time someone does something wrong to them.
If someone is harassing my child or physically harms them, you better BELIEVE I’m going to get involved.
I have always told my kids if someone strikes first, they are allowed to defend themselves and hit back. I was never allowed to defend myself growing up because in the bible it says something about “turning the other cheek” and my parents took that completely literally. I remember asking my dad “So if someone hits me in the face, I’m supposed to turn my face so they can hit me on the other side?” His response? “yes!”
Oh hell no. My kids, any child, should be able to defend themselves when attacked. My children are not aggressive, especially my oldest, Andrew. He takes so much shit from other kids, he is just like me when I was younger. Ethan on the other hand will set you if you mess with him, just like me NOW.
Yesterday Andrew came in all upset and said “Mom, I had to punch Charles in the stomach. I instantly knew something was done to him first because Andrew would only do that in self defense, I know this about my son.

I asked him what Charles did to him first.
He proceeded to tell me what had just went down and I was pissed to say the least. Apparently, Andrew made a comment about something that everyone else already knew, and the neighborhood bully starting taunting Andrew “You didn’t KNOW that, everyone knows that already…” Andrew said “Excuuuuuuuse me” So Bubba (yes, I said Bubba and yes, he would be the bully, go figure) punches Andrew in the back and pushes him down. Andrew tried to get up to get on his bike to ride away but Bubba yelled out at Charles to hold Andrew’s bike down on the ground so he couldn’t get on it. Andrew tried to get it away from underneath Charles and so the little shit head started hitting Andrew in the head. He yelled at Charles to get off of him, but he just kept hitting him in the head, so Andrew made a fist and slugged him in the stomach.
He was able to grab his bike and take off. The kids started yelling at him from across the street… “Charles is going to kick your ass.”
Oh the hell he is.
I flew out the door and screamed for the little brats to get their asses in my yard. I.went.off.
They didn’t deny it at all, everything Andrew told me was true, however… “They were just playing.”
I proceeded to tell them that I’m not stupid and I knew they were harrassing Andrew. I told them playing is when both parties are having fun, not when one is on the ground begging someone to stop pounding him in the head.
Of course, when Ethan heard what had happened he said “WHAT? They hit you? And he ran outside, walked right up to those boys (who are in junior high, by the way) and said “Don’t you ever put your hands on my brother again, I mean it.” They told Ethan to get out of their yard, to which he responded with a big ass “YOU GUYS SUCK AND YOU’RE NOT MY BOSS.”
Charles yelled at Ethan that he was going to tell his mom that Ethan told them they sucked. I ran out there and said “Good, I *want* you to tell her so I can tell her what you did to Andrew. In fact, I’ll sit right here and wait with you.” I’ve never seen a kid change his mind and haul ass as fast as he did.
I won’t tolerate that and my kids shouldn’t either!

12 thoughts on “Oh no they didn’t.

  1. Cindi

    Your response “I told them playing is when both parties are having fun, not when one is on the ground begging someone to stop pounding him in the head.” was perfect! I am a teacher and I get SO tired of kids using “we were just playing!” as an excuse.

  2. robyn

    No doubt, Hunter. I love it when the little bastards think they can’t be outsmarted and you prove ’em wrong! Perfect responses.

  3. Erica

    Aw hell naw! Kids can be such punks, but you and your boys all handled that really well.
    I would ask to call you mommy, but I would also need to rub my face in your boobies while I did it.

  4. J.R.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting your boys, but they sound like the most awesome, mature kids. Not only did you handle that situation great, your boys did better than most adults. Kudos to you and your hubby for the way you raise them.

  5. Jane

    That “turning the other cheek” bullshit is HIGHLY overrated.
    Good for you for teaching your kids it’s ok to stand up for themselves.
    Heh, when I was around eight or so, my Dad asked me what I would do if some kid hit me for no reason. My response was, “I’d tell the little jerk he’d better be able to run pretty fast.” My Dad laughed until he cried. My mother was not as amused, but that’s a whole other thing, there…

  6. Sunidesus

    It really sucks that that happened to Andrew. Give him a big old smush from all of us.
    I just adore Ethan’s response though. What a great kid!

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