Now begins the year that I continue to fear The Cock.

2004. The year my life was graced with the 8lb 5oz baby girl, whom I named Gabriella Mercedes.

The daughter I never dreamed I’d have (even though Melly predicted it a long time ago, even though I told her “Oh HELL NO, I aint having any more kids, woman!)

The daughter who has filled my soul with a love I couldn’t have imagine and who, obviously, acquired my Multiple Chin Syndrome.

The daugher who totally loves me right back, even if she’s always all “Mom, why you gotta be all up in my grill? Can a baby get some room to rip a fart?”

The daughter whom, no matter how hard I TRY, I can’t seem to stop smothering with kisses.
There you have it, MY version of greatest thing about the year 2004.
(Well that AND the fact that the whole “being pregnant” thing gave me the freedom, the right, and the DUTY to talk about vaginas all the time, but we won’t go there again. We’ve moved on, people. Now? It’s ALL tittymilk ALL the time.

12 thoughts on “Now begins the year that I continue to fear The Cock.

  1. dawn

    Yvonne, Gabriella is beautiful and so are you. Many good wishes for the new year to you and your beautiful family.
    I’m hoping for a MUCH better year in 2005 myself!!!!

  2. motorcitybadkitty

    Happy New Year, Yvonne!
    (Um … you do know that 2005 IS the “Year of the Cock” in Chinese Horoscopes, right? LOL!)
    Give that beautiful baby Gabby kisses for me. 🙂

  3. kimberly

    Now that is a New Year’s post to be proud of.
    I love the new skins.
    Oh, and do you watch the Battle of the Sexes on MTV? This previews for the next episode show The Nies taking on Coral for New York 2. I can’t wait to see that.

  4. kb

    I love your new look. And Yvonne I really thing you look better than you ever have. I’m serious. You look really beautiful and happy.

  5. Mariposa

    Wow, what a beautiful baby!
    I was graced with a baby this year as well. I have almost an identical pic of me holding him with his eyes open as you have of your daughter above in the hospital bed. Its uncanny how similar the pics are, check it out in my October Archives.
    I found you on Moxie and plan to check ya out! 🙂

  6. Caitlin

    What? I don’t know if I’ll be able to read you anymore if you cut us off from even the occasional post about vaginas. Where else could I get my fix?

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