I am fully aware that the Lakers are currently getting their asses kicked by the Suns. TAUNTING NOT NECESSARY.

And that is as mature and as intelligent as it’s going to get around here about the game.

13 thoughts on “I am fully aware that the Lakers are currently getting their asses kicked by the Suns. TAUNTING NOT NECESSARY.

  1. Bev

    I LOVE Steve Nash!! How could I not? A white CANADIAN boy who makes it big playing basketball???!!!
    Kobe is an arrogant man slut! LMAO
    Sorry, but GO SUNS GO!

  2. jonniker

    FINE. I’m watching. FINE FINE FINE. I’m impressed with Kobe. In fact, when they were chanting “Kobe sucks!” and he did that whole “What was that?” thing, I was thinking that I LIKED HIM for a second. Which is sickening for me.
    Raja is a total cocksucker. I want to kick him in the teeth. He TOTALLY OVERPLAYED that foul when Kobe elbowed him. Puh-LEEZE.

  3. Y

    My husband is being a big A hole. I asked him to PLEASE SHUT THE GAME OFF because seeing them get KILLED like this makes me want to break shit. But, he refuses to shut it off and is all “I want to watch it. You can’t tell me what to do.”
    And then, just now, he’s all “they’re gonna lose” all loud so I can hear him from the room and I’m all “NO, REALLY, A-HOLE? I thought they were going to win! I mean, they were only down by THIRTY, I’m SHOCKED they’re gonna lose.”
    I want to punch him in the neck.
    (p.s. I get violent over Laker games.)

  4. Y

    I don’t gotta love NO ONE but Kobe and the Lakers.
    I hope Nash breaks his ankle. And I mean that in a loving way.

  5. demondoll

    Um. When we lived in LA, I used to love the hapless Clippers. Even back when they had that HotPlate guy. They broke my heart every season, but there it is.

  6. Margie

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  7. Luttibelle

    OH, I AM SO LOVING YOUR SITE!!! Truly and for real, loving your site. I’ve only read a couple of the blogs, but I am feeling you so thoroughly. Okay, that may have sounded really wierd – but I meant it in a GOOD way.
    Oh, yes, and I am SO glad the Lakers went DOWN!!! MWUHHHHAHAHAHAHAH!!

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