MY American Idol.

I’ll be voting for Elliot ALL NIGHT tonight.
I love Elliot. Did you hear that Internet? I LOVE ELLIOT.
Bless his little heart.
People don’t think he’s pretty enough to win and to those people, I raise my middle fingah high up in the air and kindly tell them to SUCK IT. The kid can sing. His voice is powerful and I kind of want him to sing songs to me ([little voice]while I stroke his 98% deaf ear softly[/little voice] and cook enchiladas for him, because, yes, I daydream about cooking enchiladas for him, whilst he sings to me.

24 thoughts on “MY American Idol.

  1. Wendy

    I’m so glad other people think the same as me. I love little Elliott. I just want to be friends with him, so when we go to the park and take turns pushing each other on the tire swing, he can sing songs to me all the livelong day.

  2. Sarah

    1. Elliot Yamin used to live in my town (Richmond VA) and he babysat for me back in the day. I go to his rival highschool, and i vote for him all the time.
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  3. Hed

    I really hope that he and Taylor are the ones competing for the end. It’s so hard to pick a favourite now, but I’m leaning toward those two. It actually went the right way as far as votes this time! I couldn’t believe it! I thought for sure that stupid Pickler girl would at least make it to the top three, because it always seemed to go that way in the past. Glad to see that at least some of America has taste, and Elliot can belt!

  4. a Random Person

    (sniffs) I miss Chris …
    but the people who bring up Elliot’s looks in comparison to his ability to sing are idiots. because he has a GREAT voice.
    Even if I do still miss Chris. 🙁

  5. tj

    i want taylor or elliot to win, they can BOTH sing. i mean, Kat can sing too, and she sure is a looker … but … meh.

  6. Aimee

    I am SO going to be in the minority here, but can’t help but throw out a dissenting opinion…
    Elliot?! Why?! I just do not get it. What’s so great about his voice? I mean, most of the time I think the music is louder than he is. I dunno. Just not for me.
    Never fear though, people! I’m not voting. 🙂

  7. jenfromboston

    I love Elliott, don’t get me wrong – but he had the opportunity AND the voice to knock the shit out of Open Arms but instead he played it so safe. He can hit the Steve Perry high notes and I agree w/ Simon – it was the perfect song for him but he was too stiff. he just needs to let it rip. let it RIP, Elliott! take it to the mat!
    I also agree w/ aimee – sometimes the music doesseem louder than he is. Tho maybe that’s b/c he half deaf and he doesn’t know? I can forgive that.

  8. Y

    I agree he played it safe last night, which totally sucked, but I TOTALLY blame the 98% deafness.
    Also, I was watching The Tonight Show and Simon was on. He said he thinks Elliot has one of the BEST voices of any contestant in the history of the show.

  9. Tammy

    Don’t shoot me….I think Elliot can sing with the best of them, but I’m rooting for Taylor. I suspect Kat will win, though. None of my thoughts matter, though, since I’m Canadian and I don’t get to vote!

  10. Flippy

    Can’t stand Elliott. He makes icky faces when he sings. I do like him more than Kobe though. 😉
    I liked Chris best, but this season I’m not really feeling it anymore, dawg. I’m looking forward to the bad auditions for next season.

  11. Lex

    Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but was I the only one brought to tears over Kat’s Over the Rainbow? I do have a soft spot for Elliot with his deaf ear and diabetes. But I have to say, I don’t care for the times when he overly does it by dragging out notes with that up and down caterwauling style (there’s a name for that but I don’t know what it is.) I do think he did a great job last night though with his last two songs but he blew his chance on Open Arms. Taylor’s just so weird with his dancing and facial expressions. My votes went to Kat. She’s been my favorite since the first auditions along with Chris. I miss him so. *sniff*

  12. dana michelle

    I heart Elliot too, and I have from the beginning. His voice is gorgeous. Kinda Harry Connick-y. Then again, I’m a sucker for those old standards, and that’s what they both do best. I would definitely buy his CD.
    He started out pretty funny looking, but he has come such a long way with his looks and his grooming. Just go to the Idol website and look at the pictures of him from the first few weeks, and compare them to now. I think he’s kinda cute now. He just needs some dental work.
    While I’m still in shock over Chris being knocked off, Elliot’s my guy now. I called for an hour last night and was only able to get through 3 times, so I’m hopeful.

  13. Jenfromboston

    Fox showed Todd “willis” Bridges in the audience tonight and this was necessary…because??? Was suffering thru his performances in Skating with the Stars not enough?? GOD, FOX.

  14. Carla

    I was just pissed that f’ng Soul Patrol was still there. He’s not American Idol, he’s easy listening. Ugh. I thought Katherine was only there because she cute but she did pretty good last night. I don’t like the sultry shit she tries to do on camera though.

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