I have a history of doing really bad things with scissors.
Every time that I pick up a pair of scissors to cut someone’s hair, I know that I shouldn’t do it, because it always ends up badly. But every time, I convince myself that “this time I can do it! Because, this time, I will be careful and will just cut this ONE LITTLE PIECE.
And every single time, I screw up in a very big way because “I have to even it out!” and an innocent victim is left without sideburns, or with an entire chunk of hair missing in the back of their head, or with a hairless dog peenie.

With a set of



I’ve apologized to her and promised to take her to the little kids salon down the street so that they can fix it and perhaps make the bangs blend in with the rest of her hair and as you can see, she’s trying really hard to force a smile and forgive me.

PigHunter, on the other hand, isn’t being so forgiving about it because every TWO SECONDS he sighs and says “YOU REALLY JACKED HER HAIR UP, BABE.”
I’m not mad at him, though. I realize he’s still traumatized from the Haircut of 1993 in which he had to walk around living his life without any sideburns.

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  1. Jenny H.

    I am sadly, and rather unjustly, not allowed to use scissors anymore. I don’t think I did THAT bad of a job… The stylist gave me a really dirty look when she was “fixing” (her word!) my youngest child’s hair.
    And my family has never let me hear the end of it.Sigh… I totally feel your pain.

  2. meritt

    Awwww… poor thing. Looks like she hates it! Even at that young of an age. LOL.
    For the record – it’s not bad! Who cares if she has bangs? LOL. She’s little – it’s the typical 2 year old hair that you almost every little girl in.

  3. Y

    I told Tony that. Every little girl gets a bad haircut with bangs that are too short at some point in their little lives.
    These pictures don’t do the injustice justice because they are too short and do not blend with the rest of her hair, but it can be fixed and she will look so cute.
    I just wish Tony would LET IT GO.

  4. DebbieS

    I love the “Bridgette Jones” scrunched-up face! The bangs will be cute once they’re blended in. She has gorgeous hair, too, looks like it grows really fast.
    I have to get Seph’s hair cut. She’s 18 mos now and has a slightly curly blonde mullet. At best she looks like the mom on the Brady Bunch! I think I will take this post as a learning experience and have someone else fix it! I’m just as bad with scissors as you say you are, AND I’m a lefty!

  5. Summer

    AAWWWW She’s adorable. I wanna kiss those cheeks. You didn’t do such a bad job Y. It’s a little too short but not super dupper bad.

  6. Jamie

    She’s still damn adorable! And the nice thing is at her age she’ll forget about it. Just put down the scissors Y. 😉
    p.s. my 4 year old cut my 2 1/2 year old’s hair a while back…a BIG chunk outta her bangs…OY!

  7. Becki

    I feel you. I have a pair of electric clippers and my two sons are at my mercy!! Oh the first year or two were really bad. Unblended lines that were more than apparent with my younger son who has dark brown hair, but my older son has this blonde hair that you can hardly tell!! So until they are old enough to really complain or care, I will continue cutting and saving $30 every month!!!

  8. KristaMB

    Delurking for the first time…
    Just tell Tony that they are “French bangs” and you cut them that way on purpose! My friend has her daughter’s bangs cut into “French bangs” by a salon. They’re not my style, but I’ve gotten used to them.
    I don’t think her hair looks bad, and I’m sure once you get it fixed nobody will know the difference!

  9. Leslie

    I’ve done a good job butchering my daughter’s bangs. The last time I took her to the salon, they did a terrible job. I looked at her and thought, “Hey, I could do that and it wouldn’t cost me anything.”
    They don’t look so bad! She’s so cute, it doesn’t even matter.

  10. Tuesday

    I did this to my daughter. Twice.
    Then I got yelled at my the owner of the kidz cuts salon.
    Now I am growing out her bangs. I have enough stress in my life.

  11. Susan

    Y, I think they’re precious! She looks sweet. And give it a week or two, and they’ll grow out just a tad more and you won’t even think about ’em anymore.

  12. danelle

    When I used to cut my girls’ bangs I would put a piece of tape across them at the right length, then they wouldn’t be too short and they’d be even too! Give it a shot! (next time)

  13. Julianna

    Oh! They are not bad at all! She kinda looks like a mini-Amelie! I think French bangs are not bad on the right people (ie not me). Now let’s see if after a month of NO, it lets me comment.

  14. Danielle

    Y, you are not alone in this. Everytime I pick up the scissors I’m sure that this time I will do it right. I just did #1 son’s hair about two weeks ago and it was right up there with bad haircut from a salon. Not just bad haircut from home.
    I have clippers and want to use them but Mr. Husband wants to grow the boys hair out a little. We live in Florida, so I’m not sure why but still.
    I took Little Girl to the salon because I just felt bad trying to cut her hair. At least if I do the boys’ hair really badly, I can just buzz it and no one knows.
    It really didn’t look bad but I’m sure that next time will be the one. If you stop now the terrorists win!

  15. jenny

    ok….baby bangs are what they are called. they are completely in style right now and they look fantastic on her face. and one of these days i’m gonna send you an email in hopes you’ll respond cuz i have some non-public things i want to say to you. grab your tissues.

  16. chickadee

    They don’t look bad at all, Y – the French bangs look darling on her and it looks like G’s hair grows FAST.
    (Unlike mine. I gave my bangs “a trim” two months ago and am still unable to leave the house without a headband.)

  17. Jessica

    I have been forbidden from cutting my children’s hair, after my little boy ended up with a little bit of a bowl cut when I got a hold of the clippers. I thought it was cute. My husband thought it was horrifying.

  18. Opal

    See, but on G, it looks adorable.
    My mom was still coming at me with the scissors do give me those bangs in high school. So many photos to burn, so little time…

  19. Melody

    I think she looks really cute! The kids’ hairstylist has cut my daughter’s bangs way shorter than that. I think G looks adorable!!

  20. Empie

    It’s not so bad, girl what I did to my son a few years ago was really bad, he looked in the mirror and just cried, and then said to me OMG Mom, look what you did to me! Yeah I thought the number one blade on clippers meant it was the the longest setting not shortest!
    The best way I have learned when it comes to cutting my Bella’s hair is I take the scissors and rest it against her forehead directly above her eyebrow’s, so far its worked well for me, it’s keeping the rugrat still long enough to allow you to do a straight cut, the more they wiggle around the more lopsided the hair is!
    Good luck!

  21. Mandi

    They don’t look bad at all!! I adore short bangs on little girls, it looks so sweet. I’ve done a number on my 2nd daughter’s hair before. She has STRAIGHT hair (like mine) and unfortunately, it’s soooo easy to screw it up.
    Don’t feel too bad though. I actually PAID for a horrendous haircut. This moron cut a huge chunk of hair out of the back of her hair (my 2nd daughter w/ the unforgivably straight hair) and then skulked off to the back room while I paid for the cut.
    Don’t feel bad! Even professionals can screw up royally. NOT that you did (this time)!!

  22. Stephanie

    Aww, I think that length of bangs looks really cute on her. They just need to be straightened a little (which you can only tell in that last pic), but then they will be super adorable. Plus, since they are shorter, it’ll take longer for them to grow out so they won’t be right back in her eyes again.

  23. Trishie

    Okay, is it just me? Because I don’t see anything wrong with them!
    I think they look absolutely adorable!! 🙂
    Still, her face is priceless.
    If all else fails…bribe!

  24. Amanda

    They really don’t look bad! She looks adorable anyway. Just think though, the more you practice the better you get. When the hubby goes to get his haircut, nine times out of ten they are going to mess it up, and I end up fixing it. At first I just made it look even worse, but now after I’ve been cutting it awhile it looks just fine! Don’t sweat it, she looks cute!

  25. Y

    She was SO pissed, because she was all “no cut my hair mommy!”
    I have to admit, they look CUTE in those pictures. The only problem is that they’re actually too short and they don’t blend in with the rest of her hair and they’re also very crooked.
    But, other than that, yes! they look cute on her.
    (I really have to get some shots from far so you can see what I mean.)

  26. Shannon

    I REALLY needed that laugh. THANK YOU for not putting down the sciccors. (coming from someone who would never let you near my young children or animals)

  27. cassie

    Ok, if I didn’t know that those were supposed to look bad, I’d think they look cute. But, I’m the kid who cut my own 80s bangs when I was about 5 years old. Anything looks better on a kid than that.

  28. nila

    Those must be good pictures, because they look pretty darn cute to me. My sister is always trying to perfect those short short bangs. She’s big into Betty Paige.
    And they do grow. Best thing about hair. Tell Pig Hunter to get over it, it could have been a lot worse, like her whole head.

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