Respect… My Press Pass.

(Ok, I am a jackass. I had accidently posted this entry twice and instead of deleting the one with ZERO comments, I deleted the one with all of the comments. I’m so sorry if you took the time to leave a comment, and because I feel so bad, I will probably go through my email and repost your comment. GOD.)
Last week I received an email from Lisa Stone asking if I’d be interested in going to see a taping of The New Adventures of Old Christine.
I’ve been to several tapings for television shows (Friends, The Price is Right, Kids Incorporated.**) and it’s always been a fun experience (well, except for OUTHOUSES that we had to use at the taping of friends because God forbid the “little people” actually get to use real restrooms.) and so I said that I would love to go see a taping of that show.
Lisa said that someone from CBS would be in contact with me to give me more information about the taping.
The next day, I received an email containing the details for the taping.
The set visit will take place from 2:00-3:30pm and will include a pre-taping and interview with the entire cast and show creator and executive producer Kari Lizer.
Interview? With the entire cast? And creator/executive producer?
My first thought was to back out. No way in hell could I do such a thing and let me list the reasons that ran through my head in no particular order.
“I have nothing to wear!”
“I’ve never done an interview before!”
“I have ugly teeth!”
“I’ll be the only fat girl there!”
“I’m just not smart, funny or thin enough to do something this awesome.”
This is what I do to myself every single time an opportunity presents itself in my life. I think of all of the reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I really don’t give myself much credit and the thought of failing or ruining EVERYTHING makes me physically ill and so I retreat and let the opportunity pass me by.
Then, I spend weeks, months, sometimes even years regretting it and crying about it.
It’s a pathetic way to live, really and over the past few years, I’ve learned to stop listening to those voices. They’re still there, I hear them, but I don’t give them as much power as I used to. (Thank you Internet and Dr.Phil for THAT.)
I’ve decided to go ahead and do it. I’m stepping (way) outside of my comfort zone –my “bubble”, if you will– but I know that if I let my (stupid) fears stop me, I will want to kick the crap out of myself later on for missing out on such a great experience.
There will be other bloggers there (quite possibly HER, which, holycrap I may die from the excitement!) although I’m not exactly sure how many. I’m hoping at least 100 so that no one will notice my giant body, or the gas that I will be expelling, or the fact that I have never interviewed anyone in my entire life and that the nervousness might get the best of me and I’ll end up doing something stupid, like, um, The Monkey.
(Lisa Stone is all “WHAT HAVE I DONE? WHY DID I ASK HER?”)
Here’s where you, my precious readers whom I love so much, can help me.
If you were me and you were sitting across from the entire cast and creator of The New Adventures of Old Christine, what question would you want to ask?
This may be considered “cheating” but I consider it giving me a chance to stand up and say “I write for a blog called Joy Unexpected and I have hundred of intelligent, articulate clean readers who have come up with some awesome questions that I’d love to ask you…”
I should let you know that Lisa is the one who gave me the idea to ask you. This is what she said.
Even better, why don’t you ask your readers what they think about the show and ask them for questions? They’re a FANTASTIC group. I adore you — but your readers make it even better.
She ADORES you, people. And so do I and man, I would really appreciate any help you could give me with this.

**Actually, I was an extra in a dance scene. I was 10 years old and I already had The Moves, people.

55 thoughts on “Respect… My Press Pass.

  1. CharmingDriver

    Hey Y, I don’t have any suggestions for the interview but I really hope you can keep reminding yourself that the whole world is waiting to ignore their own flaws to point out yours so don’t give them a head-start before you even walk out the door.
    Not to get all Stuart Smalley on your ass but you ARE good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people DO like you. Also, you’re pretty and kind and I think you need to be reminded of that, frequently, so you can live outside of your comfort zone and not just step out on occasion.
    Have a great time! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. meritt

    I had nooooooo idea what you were talking about (I didn’t even know it was a tv show) until I saw Julia’s name. Then I kind of sorta knew that you must be talking about a tv show. LOL.
    Ummm… have fun???
    If you were at the Price Is Right tapin on February 4th, 1990 you would have seen ME up there! LOL.

  3. dpwmom

    Ok. I really liked this show when I first starting watching it from Pilot. The thing that was a little frustrating about it was that they seemed to keep changing the plot line and characters. The original plot was that Christine’s ex husband was in love with a younger woman named Christine (hence, the “old Christine” reference for Julia’s character). It was a funny and poignant plot line about how Julia’s character had to forge a new life and stop holding on to the old life, etc.
    But, then they seemed to mix things up and the New Christine wasn’t on for a long time as they introduced other new characters which I really didn’t like that much.
    In the last episode the New Christine has broken up with Julia’s ex husband. So my question is will the New Christine be back or will Richard and Christine get back together or will they go a whole new plot line all together? And what happened to Wanda Sykes?
    See its confusing even asking the question! Good luck at the taping and interview Y. I love your Blog and you will do GREAT! 🙂

  4. Katie

    My first question would be “Can you tell us what this show is all about, because I’ve never even heard of it.” But maybe you don’t want to say that. tee hee

  5. Jess

    I love this show! Because I am a dork and watch everything one can possibly watch on network TV. I would ask her if she pulls any of the character of Christine from Elaine on Seinfled. They are both pretty neurotic and not that far from each other, in my opinion. And if the little boy is there ask him if he is getting any extra attention from the girls now that he’s on the show.
    Wow, that wasn’t much help. Sorry!!

  6. KK

    Hey Y, I have a question for you to ask..
    Can you ask the ex-husband if he’ll be my “baby-daddy”!?! Don’t know why– but I think hes kinda sex-ay.. hahaha..
    Seriously though.. have fun with the whole experience.. Jeez.. why doesnt this kind of thing ever happen to me?? I would LOVE to go do the interview.. Hey, can you pack me in your luggage and take me with you?? Pretty please?? 🙂

  7. demondoll

    I don’t know much about the show, but JLD seems a pretty with lady. I’d like to know how she juggles her schedules? ( I know… boring, but I can’t come up with anything but asking her opinion on Michael Richards- which might be uncomfortable)

  8. D

    I’d probably just smile a lot and spit would come out when I finally blurted out some inane comment like, “uh, I really like your show… uh, like, do you like it too?” so, I”m no help to you. sorry. must go eat chocolate now.

  9. jen from boston

    I might ask Lisa if Wanda Sykes is still on the show (that question may answer itself at the taping). Love her and she seems like she’s not on much anymore.
    What’s her favorite episode to date.
    Does she think her character will ever get it on with teacher man, Blair Underwood (cuz uh, he’s hot if case you didn’t know)
    that’s all I got for now. be prepared to have her son’s character grate.

  10. Mom101

    Dude, you’re going to meet JLD and you think you’ll die from meeting ME? You’re a warped, warped human being.
    I think cheese, as you mentioned, is a good start.
    Ask her her favorite cheese.
    I dare you.

  11. Mrs Butter B

    Personally, I think I’d ask Julia L-D which role gives her more personal satisfaction- “Old Christine” or “Elaine” from Seinfeld, and why. (I’m personally curious whether she felt the liberated, independent and less needy Elaine role better described her, or if she truly feels as insecure and unfocused as “Old Christine” portrays)
    I would also ask the costars how it feels to work with a previously type-cast character (Julie L-D) in such a different sitcom setting.
    Maybe a question for the producers as to the motivation for the show’s creation? Something along the lines of “whose life mimics this role?”
    I think you’ll have a blast! You’ll do great, and who knows, maybe your cleavage will catch the ex-h’s eye, and you’ll find yourself doing a cameo…..
    Good luck!

  12. Lisa

    Um, Y, it might help with your anxiety and unfortunate self-defeating attitude (and I mean that sincerely, I’m not being snide: I love your blog, you are an excellent writer and photographer and seem like a totally fun person to be around) to remind yourself that most of the people you meet on a day-to-day basis do not care about any of the things you are worried about. They just don’t. And the people who are really important to you don’t care about that stuff, either, because they know that your clothes, and your teeth, and your weight are just the outside: they are not *you* (‘course, the gas is on the inside . . . . ). And they care about you because of *you.*
    So just worry about the one thing that they do care about: the interview questions. Worrying about that one thing is much more manageable than woorrying about five or ten things. Plus, you have control over the interview questions and can prepare. So, nothing to worry about, right?
    I’m not a psychiatrist, I jut play one on TV.

  13. Brandi

    Yeah what everyone else said. I am so excited for you, what a cool opportunity for you!
    I’m telling you, you damned west coast people have all the fun.

  14. Y

    I really appreciate that comment.
    I do understand all of that now, but I still have those thoughts. Difference between now and the past is that I don’t actually let them stop me from doing things.
    Thank God for psychiatrists, therapists, and people like you who tell it like it is.

  15. Werbie

    If you are indeed interviewing everyone, you should come up with a question that incorporates everyone, not just JLD. Like, “How do you [writers] communicate what you want the character to be, and how do you [actors] interpret that?” Or, “What similarities do you see between your creative processes?”
    Then again, there’s always the classic “What’s your porn name?”
    (Mine’s Poochie Bud.)

  16. Heather

    #1. This sounds awesome.
    #2. Go you for stepping out.
    #3. I’m requesting pictures from Kids Incorporated. K-I-D-S, yeah!
    Sorry, just brought in the dork…

  17. carolyn

    Hi Y!
    I was thrilled when I got your e-mail!(from d-lurking day).
    Ask her about her time on Saturday Night Live, like a good memory, her favorite cast mate, or did she write any of the skits.

  18. sally

    I second the cheese question. You know how sick of the “standard” questions they must be? I bet they never get asked about cheese. Go with mom101’s question. I think she might triple dog dare you.

  19. chrissylas

    Cheese question for the win!
    You are so lucky… I gotta say though, I’d much prefer you have this opportunity than almost anyone else simply because now I get to hear all about it!
    I personally would actually like to know what her favorite tv show is.

  20. carolyn

    OMG! That is awesome for you! I’m so proud of you for stepping outside the zone! No, I don’t have any intelligent questions for ya…. I just wanted to tell you how great it is that you’re doing this! You will have so much fun! I look forward to reading all about the day!!!

  21. Denise

    Ugly teeth? Girl, you crazy. You have a beautiful smile. And all the other negative stuff you said about yourself is bogus, too. I can’t wait to read the story follow up from this experience of yours!

  22. Fiddledeedee @ It Coulda' Been Worse

    As many years as I lived in LA, I never went to a taping. Now I wished I had. At the very least, “The Price Is Right.” So, I have no good advice for you. Other than pee before you go.
    This is my first time here. I usually don’t venture out of my blogging comfort zone. I’m glad I did. I have tears of laughter in my coffee mug.

  23. Velma

    Here are some questions I thought of for you to ask:
    1. “What do your kid/s (not sure how many she has) think about you being back in sitcom-land? They were pretty little (or in utero) during ‘Seinfeld,’ so has there been anything that has cropped up on the show that is hugely embarrassing for them?”
    2. “Would you like to see me do ‘The Worm?'”

  24. Velma

    Oh! I thought of another one!
    3. “Do actors who become known for popular catch phrases ever accidentally use them in real life? Do you ever find yourself saying something is ‘spongeworthy’ and then cringe, or are you especially careful not to let it pop out of your mouth?”

  25. Amy S

    I would ask them this:
    Do you ever find some of the things that are said or done on the show objectionable or something you wouldn’t do or say?

  26. Amy S

    I would ask them this:
    Do you ever find some of the things that are said or done on the show objectionable or something you wouldn’t do or say?
    Have you read my website?

  27. Jen

    For the writers: you could ask if they do anything differently when their main character is from an uber-famous show than they would if she were a new star. Is there material they stay away from because it will seem like Seinfeld areadly went there?
    For JLD: Does she think people have a hard time seeing her as a new character, when they’re so used to her as Elaine? Is it a detriment to her acting career post-Seinfeld, or is her fame a draw for viewers to her new show?

  28. Marriage-101

    I don’t know if these have been asked, but I’d like to know if she sees similarities between her characters Elaine and Christine? If so, what are they? Also, which character does she identify with in real life? Where did the character for Christine come from? How involved is she in the writing of the script? Does she think real women identify with Christine? Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Hope it helps!

  29. Kelly

    You should write all of your questions down and then give it to them and tell them that they can make notes before you start your interview. I bet they have never seen that either!

  30. The Real Kyla

    OMG!! I’m SO jealous!! You are indeed famous!
    Can you ask her to do the Elaine dance? I know this interview isn’t about Elaine…but I LOVE the dance.
    And also? Tell her I loved her on Arrested Development.
    Okay, I’ll try and think of something actually interview-y and come back later. 🙂

  31. Jane

    Since you’re a “mommyblogger,” ask her about being a mother and how she maintains work/life balance. Ask how her husband helps out (he’s someone mildly famous-Brad Hall). Ask if she has that same regret/pulled-in-two-directions feeling that “normal” moms have. Ask her if she has time to exercise and if not, how she stays slim. Ask her if her kids treat her differently than a “normal” mom because she’s on t.v. Ask if her kids’ friends treat them differently because she’s on t.v. Oh, and ask her for a job.

  32. Clementine

    OH. MY. GAWD. You were on Kids Incorporated?! That’s the funniest thing I ever heard! I used to love that show; I had a mad crush on Stacey. Who knew, huh?
    “We’re Kids Incorporated. K.I.D.S. Yeah!”
    Which episode were you on?

  33. TamiW

    I was going to tell you to ask her to do the Elaine dance on the new show…it was a wonderful schtick and she should use it in any character she plays.

  34. Melina

    I love that show, CBS has a great Monday night line up of good citcoms, but I have no idea what to ask. Have fun and don’t worry the questions will come to you.
    I used to watch Kids Inc also, that’s pretty awesome that you were on it. I didn’t see anybody mention in the comments that Stacey on Kids is none other then Miss Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. That’s right goofy little Stacey that always had something happen to her is now Miss Fergalious. Just thought you’d like to know if you didn’t.

  35. Tiffany

    OMG! Kids Incorporated!! I loved that show!” We’re K-I-D-S…whoa looks like we’ve made it were KIDS INCORPORATED!” I am such a nerd. See when you live in Texas, you don’t get to do fun stuff like tapings of funny TV shows. Have fun and just be yourself, you are hilarious!

  36. Terri Richardson

    JLD is wealthier than Paris Hilton, or at least their respective dads are, but JLD is cool and beautiful to boot. You and JLD both are Phat (pretty hot and tasty) so ignore the stick figure image and go with the idea that you are as beautiful as the rest of us think you are. You are so pretty; where else do you think those good looking kids came from?

  37. Kait

    How exciting for you! You’ll have so much fun. I’m really sorry that I have no questions for you, but I can wish you good times!

  38. Suburban Turmoil

    YOU were on Kids Incorporated? I KNEW I knew you from somewhere! I am so jealous! Did you get to touch Fergie or Martika? I always wanted to be Renee, myself. I was OBSESSED.
    Just relax and have fun at the taping. I’m jealous- I wish I could be there, but there’s no way in hell I’m flying across the country 8 1/2 months pregnant.

  39. chrissylas

    I just wanted to second Izzy’s comment. We ALL think you are absolutely fabulous Y! Be proud of who you are, we do!

  40. Y

    You’re not an idiot. I know what you meant, that’s all that matters.
    I love you guys. Thank you for the suggestions and the encouragment. If I believed in virtual hugs, I’d totally give you one.

  41. kim

    OMG YOU SAW A TAPING OF FRIENDS? THAT FRIENDS? the one with the six FRIENDS? the one i’m a HUGE fan of? man, i envy you. and you know i love you anyway so stop the i’m not good enough… i’m too…-crap RIGHT NOW.

  42. Ro

    I’ve never even seen that show, is it any good? I would SOOOOOOOOOO ask her to do the ELAINE DANCE from SEINFELD! lol.

  43. Natalie

    When I read that, I thought that they’d be doing the pre-taping and an interview, like the cast would be getting interviewed, and the audience would be present for those things.
    But since you actually get to ask questions, that is totally freaking awesome, and I am way jealous.

  44. Melissa @ Organized Chaos

    Oh this sounds fun! When we lived in LA we went to a few TV tapings and they were so much fun. Except the time we went to see “Mad ABout You” and I spent the entire time hating Helen Hunt. (OMG she is a snot!)
    I love JLD – and you’ve already got a ton of great questions. One time I saw her on Ellen (I think?) and she mentioned that her family are really environmentally friendly and they built a really cool house with solar panels etc… Maybe look that info up and ask her an enviromental question? And you’ll be the smartest one there!! ha!!!

  45. Dawn

    I would ask what made her (Julia) decide to become an actress/what her 1st acting job was/ and maybe silly but was that a stuffed toy squirrel or a stuffed real squirrel that jumped out at her in the National Lampoon’s christmas Vacation movie….
    Also I’d ask if she’d talked to Kramer lately and if I could touch her hair… it is so pretty LOL
    ♥ Dawn (Reebi)

  46. Oh, The Joys

    Here it is! Y – I missed this one. I was away last week for a funeral and missed many things including this. I know all will go well. Remember – PIMP THOSE RATS!

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