I’ve recently developed a really embarrassing habit.
I have no idea why I have started doing this, or why I can’t seem to stop doing this, but I do know that I must be stopped because it’s embarrassing my children
I can’t stop giving people The Thumb’s Up. And I’m not talking about it in a joking manner. I’m talking about using it in actual, real life situations as a valid form of communication.
I’ve already busted out The Thumb twice today.
While at Starbucks, the barista asked me if it was ok that she put whipped cream on Gabby’s hot chocolate. Instead of saying “Yes, that’s fine!” I did this…

Then, while at my Weight Watchers meeting (More on THAT in just a bit) I threw a Big Thumbs Up combined with a wink to the lady who asked if I was happy with the program.
Maybe it’s not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be, but in my experience, only Assholes use The Thumb’s Up gesture in real life conversations.
Well, assholes and The Fonz.
I suppose there are times in life when using a “thumb’s up” is necessary and/or acceptable. For instance, your husband asks you to help him back the moving truck into the yard by letting him know if he’s going to hit the tree. You stand behind the truck and when you realize he’s going to clear the tree just fine, you throw him a big ol’ thumb’s up to let him know that it’s all good and he can back that shit right up.
But when the Dish Network Technician tells you he’s all finished installing your service, TOTALLY NOT COOL to flip him the thumb while saying something totally not cool like “Right on, man..
I suppose that I have bigger things to be concerned with, like, you know, finding a place to live and um, losing the 30 pounds that I have put back on.
Of course, the finding a place to live is much more important than losing weight and so I’m spending much more time on Craigslist than I am on Weight Watchers, BUT, I am spending time (and money!) on Weight Watchers because over the past few months, I’ve let my weight once again spiral out of control and have put 32 pounds of the 70 that I had lost back on.
(Yes! I am spending my husband’s money on Weight Watchers! That makes you angry, doesn’t it? You’re outraged, aren’t you? Have you created an anonymous account to tell me to “get a job” yet? HAVE YOU? Well, don’t waste your time, because, I got a job. And? I may be getting another job that is actually kind of a dream job, so stop making your head explode by worrying about my life, ok? It’s all good. Alllllllll gooooooood.)
Long story short, I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped making healthy food choices, I stopped working out (except for an Aerobic Dance Class here and there), I pretty much stopped caring. Life got overwhelming and I caved to the pressure by taking it out on my body.
But, it wasn’t all sad and upsetting as one may think. Sure, I hated that I wasn’t fitting in my clothes, and I hated that I didn’t have to put my head down to make a double chin, but I also was enjoying the HELL out of not obsessing over what foods I was eating and going to the gym.
It was actually kind of scary just how little I cared.
I was tired of working so hard to lose weight, I was tired of watching every damn thing that I put in my mouth, I was tired of feeling guilty for having a cookie.
And I won’t lie, it was kind of fun turning into “Doug Heffernan” for a few months. (Yes, I actually rubbed my fat stomach and said “This is for the kids” on more than one occasion.) But, the truth is that being unhealthy is NOT funny. I may be all “ha! ha! none of my clothes fit me! and ha! ha! Look at my belly slap me in the face when I jump!” But deep down, I want to cry.
Because I don’t feel good.
When I finally decided that I needed to get serious about my health again, which was just last week, I decided that Weight Watchers was the way to go.
Hi, my name is Y and I am a have joined and quit and rejoined Weight Watchers at least 40 times.
I’m happy with my choice to once again count points and obsess over everything that I put into my mouth. I only (YES, I SAID ONLY) lost 3.6 pounds in my first week and that pisses me off (and the first person who says “at least you didn’t GAIN weight” gets my thumb up their ass, unless you like that sort of thing, then it’ll be my foot in your teeth.) but it just motivates me to try harder next week.
(And by “try harder” I mean “actually eat vegetables and not use all of my points on coffee and string cheese.”)
I’ve thought about whether I should document my progress/failures/but mostly progress (positive thinking!) in pictures again, but I’ve not made up my mind yet. I am not sure if that was actually more harmful than helpful for my progress. I do know that my pictures and my candor on my battle with this thing called The Fat has inspired and encouraged complete strangers on the internet to lose weight, so that’s one reason to do it, *cue song by Chicago* but I also know that there are some raging, throbbing assholes on the internet who have nothing better to do with their time then create flickr accounts to leave me asshole comments. In the end, I realize that no one really cares what I do, but that it’s a personal decision I have to make.
And I think that I should do it, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be really embarrassing to post a picture with the numbers “203” in the title after having posted a picture like this. (oh, how I miss you oh 170ish waist)
But hey, at least I’m being honest. And at least I’m trying to do something about it and I think that deserves one big old Fonzarelli Thumbs Up.

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  1. CharmingDriver

    I used to do the thumbs up thing with a truck-ton of irony and sarcasm but at some point it became…habit and all kinds of un-ironic and the day I realized that I ”meant it” I felt like a big ole goober. But whatever {insert thumbs up here}, if it’s good enough for Y and The Fonz, it’s good enough for me.
    Also, YAY JOB(s)!! And Weight Watchers (though I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than get weighed in public because I am nothing if not chicken-shit). Good for you!

  2. Cheryl in Missouri

    I hadn’t been out in a long time and this past Saturday night I went to an outdoor party. One of the hosts walked by where I was sitting and eating and asked how the food was (they had barbecued hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the sides). I smiled really big and gave him a thumbs up and then thought what the hell did I just do!? It would be have been justifiable if I had had food in my mouth but I didn’t! I think I gave someone else the thumbs up later that night but that was after many beers and some Smirnoff’s Wild Grape. I don’t know what possessed me to do it! I’ve never been a thumbs up person. And I’m back on the wagon of dealing with my weight and not taking care of myself. I’ve been watching reruns of The Biggest Loser and going to the website getting all geared up to start. LOL this is too funny to me that we’re on the same wavelength…especially about the thumbs up.

  3. angie

    Good luck! I understand more than you can imagine!
    Just remember, for every asshole who leaves a comment, there are at least 45 nice ones from people who love you!!
    PS I love Fonzie! In preschool or Kindergarten, I don’t remember which, I had a Fonzie Beach towel for nap time. My mom was awesome!

  4. Meegan

    I say good for you for joining Weight Watchers! If it’s what you need to do to feel Good, then It’s Worth It! I am currently waffling (mmmm….waffles) my way through a half-assed attempt at the South Beach Diet. I’m still breastfeeding my 8 month old and that right there is my crutch. It goes like this. “I’m sooo hungry! I have to eat something immediately because I’M NURSING. If I don’t put food into my mouth in the next 8 seconds it’ll effect my milk supply. So THIS FOOD IS FOR THE BABY!”. Um, yeah. Anyway, I applaud your efforts. And lady, I’d take a 3+ pound weight loss any week. But to each her own! 🙂

  5. Kyla

    Awesome, Y. You can do it. We all know you can.
    Me? I skipped the gym totally last week and didn’t go today either. Damn.

  6. Beth

    I totally do the thumbs-up with my six-year-old son. I think he started it. Yes, now that I think about it, I’m sure he did. So it’s his fault. But it’s awfully cute to see him giving me the thumbs-up when he’s standing in the outfield at a tee-ball game, and really, how can I deny him the thumbs-up in return? I just can’t. Hello, eternal nerdhood. ;^)

  7. Susan

    And, OMG, you are double-jointed like me! No one ever pointed out for the first 35 years of my life, until my husband finally did a few years ago. LOL

  8. Jenny

    Hey, mama! Good for you on the WW. You can/will give ’em hell. And by the way… I see your thumb’s up and raise you an exaggerated eye-roll, because OMG, like I’m so mature.

  9. Heather

    1. I actually do the thumbs up thing sometimes too and, therefore, do not think it’s creepy.
    2. Congrats on going back to WW. It takes strength to even admit you need to go back, so I am proud of you. I know you’ll be shedding the pounds again in no time. Three pounds is something significant, even if it seems frustrating and small right now.
    3. Thanks for posting about how you were feeling when you put the weight back on. I gained back fifty lost pounds and felt just the same way! I really was enjoying NOT caring about food, while at the same time feeling terrible about the way I looked and felt. I am trying to get back now… and it works some days and not others.
    4. I have no idea why I made this a numbered list. I am a weirdo.

  10. anne nahm

    Wow can I sing that song, chapter and verse, same as the first. I gained weight on this past move too, and damn if that ‘thumbs up’ grin falls off, because I am just a big weepy mess underneath it this week.
    Strangely therapeutic (and here let me look like the biggest lame-ass tv watching stalky cyber fan) but *ahem* that Bravo show Workout? Some of those episodes are like group therapy. Especially when I jump off the sofa (totally knocking Dibbs out of my lap) and yell at the TV: “You have to change your lifestyle to lose weight! Don’t you get that?”

  11. Lizarita

    Thumbs up, dude! (sorry…I couldn’t help mahself.)
    And I’m right there with ya on the WW program.
    Good luck, sister!

  12. MamaLee

    I understand. I just started my weight loss program (doing the low carb thing) 2 weeks ago…AGAIN. Lots to lose, and a long road ahead.
    I’ve lost 8 pounds so far. I’m here for ya. xoxo

  13. ~T

    I loved WW. I did find this great site, http://www.sparkpeople.com that has all sorts of motivational articles and such along with a nutrition program and exercises that don’t totally suck. Best of all it’s totally FREE. I know I sound like a damn commercial, but I’ve lost 10 pounds this month just by watching what I eat.

  14. Danielle

    This post again tells me so many reason why I love you.
    I’m right there with you about the weight. I’m up 25 pounds and trying so hard to convince myself that I care. If only I still had my “fat” clothing. I think that I wouldn’t even notice. I’m trying to make myself care. It just sucks to feel so sick and know it’s because I’ve put on so much weight and I’m eating crap. (Not really poop but you know.)
    Ok, there must be something in the universe with the thumbs up because I just started doing this in the past week. I was thinking about how totally dorky it was but then I forgot about it because I remembered how long it had been since I showered and how that didn’t stop me from going into public. Now I remember.
    I love you. Thumbs and all.

  15. Hol

    Oh gosh, big thumbs up here too! I started doing it sarcastically and now it’s stuck as a habit – although I’m still sarcastic when I do it. (I don’t think it’s creepy. I actually laugh when I see myself giving a thumbs up.)

  16. sarcastic journalist

    HEEEEY! Dude….don’t we always say that on the phone? I think that we’re channelling the Fonz.
    Also…the eating thing? I know it is important to watch what you eat, but you can’t feel guilty about the occassional cookie.
    Cookies are an important part of life.

  17. Jamie

    Thumbs up for taking care of yourself! 🙂 (I use smiley faces too much… how mature is that?)
    And hey, the potential dream job sounds COOL.
    Thanks for the flashback to Happy Days. Just don’t go all Lavergne and Shirley on our asses.

  18. Amy

    I do the thumbs up thing too. But sadly, the only person I embarrass is myself. (I have no children and my husband can no longer be embarrassed by me…he has given up.) I only really care that I’ve just been hopelessly uncool when I do it to a person much cooler than I. Like people who dress like I want to dress and have perfect hair. I just want to be cool around them, and all I can manage is hopelessly, possibly endearingly uncool. Oh well, embrace your oddities. 🙂

  19. Amy

    And now I’ve been all uncool at the cool kid’s blog because I used the words “cool” and “uncool” an uncool number of times in my super cool post. Super cool. Oh yeah.

  20. nazilam

    Holy crap I have been thumbs upping all weekend too.
    Oh wait, I also thought of the fonz too.
    Good for you on getting back to WW, I just cancelled my 39 buck a month program because I wasn’t even going (embarrased).
    I have started and stopped at least 40 times as well.

  21. demondoll

    Hell, I still say Dude. Do ya wink as you give the thumbs up?
    Say, the Fonz just came out with a new book- maybe that’s what brought it back…

  22. Stacie

    I’m worse…I recently started doing a DOUBLE thumbs up. I can’t seem to stop myself!

  23. Christine

    I’m so glad you posted about the thumbs up. This is just ONE of the things I have been doing lately that is making me feel like such a old dork. I recently started working after being an at-home mom for 7 years, and I am so out of practice on presenting myself as a normal, cool person. Every single time I’m finished discussing a new project with my boss, I give him the thumbs up. I CAN’T STOP DOING IT! He must think I am such a freak. But in addition to that, I’ve been committing faux-paus everywhere I go. I’m talking major foot-in-mouth syndrome. I honestly feel like I’m losing it. I’ve become that lady the young kids laugh at. So yeah, thanks for posting…I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering this.
    And Good for you for getting back on WW! 🙂

  24. Nothing But Bonfires

    Oh my god, I ALSO went through a phase of The Thumbs Up! I can’t remember why, or how I kicked the habit to the curb, but I do remember cringing after every time I did it. If the solution comes back to me, I’ll let you know.
    Former Thumbs Up Giver (now recovered)

  25. Mallory

    Congrats on your new job and your potential even cooler new job. I will send you good “hire Y mojo”. Don’t even waste one minute beating yourself up about the regain–falling down is part of the process. The important part is getting back up again. Which you did. So yay you! Did you know that in much of the world, the thumbs up sign is a huge insult, the equivilant of “up your ass!” Which is exactly what you should tell all the trolls who make stupid assed comments about your weight or how you spend your money. Heeeeeyyyyyy!

  26. Maria

    Two thumbs up to you. Anyone who is wussy enough to create an account just to leave a nasty comment or anyone who feels compeled to leave negative comments is a Loser!
    I will come back to cheer you on.
    P.S. Would you PLEASE tell me what is your favorite bean dip? Please!

  27. Naeva - Mom of 2

    It’s embarassing, thumbs-up? You think I have to stop doing that so I don’t have to embarass my kids?
    Hm…ok then.
    BTW, WTG on the weight watchers!

  28. Michelle S.

    Y, congrats on the WW!! I myself just joined and am finishing up Week Two. I have to say it does feel REALLY good to back in control of my eating. I have a lot to lose but I am very very optimistic and have been doing a lot of “visualizing” of myself as thinner. My health wasn’t an issue (yet) but I’m heading into the big 4-0 next year so I really want to look fabulous for that milestone! Good luck to both of us and I’ll keep positive thoughts for you and me!

  29. JoAnn

    I feel like I could have written that post myself! I too find myself flashing the thumbs up sign a little more than necessary lately. Tell me, what the hell is that all about????? And the WW thing- totally me. I have put back on 20 of the nearly 40 I lost for the same exact reason as you. I religously went to the gym 5 days a week and for the past 2 mos- nothing! I too got sick and tired of obsessing over every single effing thing I put in my mouth. Funny- how over time what starts out as extremely motivating turns out to be the thing that does you in. But like you, I am getting back on track ( I do WW online) and putting myself first again. I let myself take a backseat and I too, am not happy. I have a whole new wardrobe in my closet that doesn’t fit anymore. I HATE getting dressed in the morning. I used to LOVE it 20 lbs ago. I feel like shit and I told myself I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER go back to where I was. Guess what? The scale is heading in the wrong direction and I am turning it around. This weight battle sucks. I can’t think of one day in my life where I haven’t thought about my weight. I just want to be free and happy about it once and for all. This time when I lose my 20 lbs- I am going to be happy there. And not continue to try to lose that ” just 5 more” because then I will be really happy. I will reach my realistic goal and I will be happy there-dammit!!!!
    Good for you for taking control Y before it gets out of hand. You’ve lost 70 before- you know what to do and what it takes and you can do it again!

  30. sam

    OMG, Laughing my ASS off here!
    Oh…I have this GREAT Fonz image…
    I thought of it as soon as I read this post!
    I’ll email it because I don’t think I can post it here.

  31. Jennifer

    Congrats on joining WW! I joined again 3 weeks ago for the upteenth million time! Oh, and I was so surprised when I opened my local paper and there was an article from the Wall Street Journal featuring you! I was so excited!!!!! I told my hubby, this is the lady with the awesome artichoke dip recipe!!! And gave him a thumbs up.. okay.. I threw in the thumbs up!
    Love ya!

  32. norm

    Dude. Wait. COFFEE has POINTS? Oh no. No, no, no, freakin’ no. That’s just unjust. Unjust, I tell you.
    Aside from that, cool. You get the big non-ironic thumbs up from me. Y == hottie. Healthy, happy Y? Unstoppable 😉

  33. Heidi

    Hi Y, I’m right there with you on this bandwagon called “reducing the fat”. For the past 4 years I’ve sat on my ass and ate while going through school. Fast forward one divorce, 3 sizes larger and 40 lbs heavier…I now find myself walking everday and going to lift weights three times a week, because I refuse to be unhappy about my body when I turn 37….damn it!
    Haven’t tried the Weight Watchers option yet, but maybe I should, because I haven’t started obsessing about what I put in my mouth as much as I’ve been just passing on all the extra sugar.

  34. kim

    i am SO done with ww. i’ve started and quit so many times now, it’s not working any more. i’m just tired of constantly counting and thinking about food. even though it works of course, it only does when you count and i don’t wanna do this for the rest of my life… i just started something similar so this: http://www.stellastyle.com and i’ve heard so many great things about it that i’m all excited. now let’s just hope it works to get rid of some of that ass… 🙂
    hope ww will work again for you though!

  35. queenuseless

    Y- I love your blog I still say “like” which is really embarrassing when you’re trying to have a serious conversation. I’m working on finding a replacement word IMMEDIATELY. When scolding your child the conversation should never go – “son, i thought I like told you before that when you go to the bathroom you should like totally put up the seat.”
    Have a great day and good luck with the weight watchers. I too have wasted a days worth of points – – – on carrot cake and thai iced teas.

  36. Jen

    I tried to give someone a thumbs up the other day but it kind of got mixed in with an a-ok sign and it sort of looked like I was flashing a gang sign. So, it could be worse. At least it appears that you’ve got your thumbs up skills in order. I’ll probably be shot before I perfect mine.

  37. AmyM

    Reading this post just made me realize that I also do the ‘thumbs up’ thing. So, you have a friend in the Land of the Retarded Gestures.
    And losing weight is HAAARRRDDDDD! I hate it. The Fat is The Devil. I gained 80# with my last pregnancy. I’ve only been half-assed trying, which is pretty obvious, because the child from that pregnancy will be 2 this summer and I have only lost 25-ish of those pounds, 8 1/2 of which was the baby I gave birth to. So I applaud you for actually being able to do it. It’s not an easy thing. When you’re done losing your 30something pounds, come lose 70 for me. Because I can’t do it alone. My husband has some kind of strong internal “I can do it alone” driving force that I don’t have, but he insists EVERYONE has it. Mine must be buried under all this fat.

  38. Lisa

    I do the thumb’s up thing all the time! Especially at work, ’cause my boss is deaf as a post!
    I just joined Weight Watchers last week. It’s hell. But I need to lose some of this extra baggage I’m carrying around and eat healthier. The whole points thing is killing me. Oy!

  39. Stefanie

    Wow, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Y, you are really really funny. That thumbs up image is hard to beat in the humor world.
    Sorry you’re having trouble with the weight thing. But, hey, here’s a tip. If you’re feeling hungry, why not have a refreshing glass of water? It’s so much more satifying than say, “Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.”
    P.S. I have a hilarious Henry Winkler button with him giving the thumbs up. I sometimes wear it to be ironic. As if anyone gets irony anymore.

  40. 2shews

    Sadly, I zoomed right past The Thumb and shot straight to the “Rock On” hand. Sometimes with both hands. If something particularly rocks.
    Good luck with the WW. I am right there with you– I actually just found your blog and found your last journey so inspiring that I am cheating on WW right this minute. I mean, DOING WW. Not cheating. Really.

  41. stephanie

    Hee… it’s not as recent a habit as you think. There was just a Flickr pic up there from Sept. ’05 of you giving a thumbs up. 🙂
    Anyway, I think it’s making a comeback. I’ve found myself suddenly doing it lately, and others too. Maybe it’s part of the whole return of all things 80s.

  42. kheatherg

    Did i miss the whole job thing? I dont remember reading that you had gotten a job? I was following that, hence my company closed and i was laid off and i remember thinking…… hey, Y is looking for a job too!

  43. Janelle

    hello Y, i have read your archive of ur blogs in the past month or so and i want to tell u that u make me smile and laugh on a daily bases. I love to hear about your wonderful boys and you very beautiful daughter. I think your an amazing person and you have brought a lot of fun into my boring desk job (yep thats right i get paid to sit here and read you blog) i saw some pictures you posted of a duck and some turtles humping last year and i instantly recognized the park, i live about two blocks from it. I just wanted to thank u and tell u that im happy i found ur blog and to know u make people laugh and feel good.

  44. Trishie

    I am SO proud of you for re-joining Weight Watchers.
    Seriously, if you need a buddy or an accountability partner, I would love to help you. I’ve got a ways to go, and I would love to help keep you motivated and on track.
    I won’t say atleast you didn’t GAIN weight, BUT 3.6 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment!!! 3.6 pounds is almost a small sack of potatoes! It’s almost 4 boxes of butter! Its a sack of sugar! DON’T tell yourself “ONLY” – even if you want to. You have to be positive for YOURSELF.
    And remember – What you eat in private, shows in public. 🙂

  45. Katie

    OMG. I read this post yesterday and giggled about the thumbs up. Then I was in the grocery store today and was at the meat counter, the butcher handed me the chicken I asked for and I totally gave him the THUMBS UP with a big shit-eating grin without even thinking about it. WTF? Either the thumbs up got into my psyche and I’ve started doing it, too, or I’ve been doing it all along and had no idea.
    I’ve heard great things about WW and wish you all the strength and luck in the world. I’m going to be doing the same post-pregnancy…

  46. Jennifer

    I am all for starting a WW loop, group etc.. if anyone is interested… :::thumbs up::: okay, I am sarcastic, so shoot me! Seriously tho…

  47. Helen

    Hey! I think the thumbs up thing is a new trend….it even made it’s way all the way to England, we are hip and trendy for thumbs upping!

  48. Yak

    The kids do thumbs-up all the time because it turns out to be a useful way to say “yes” when their mother asks them a question right after they’ve taken a big bite of food. We also use it to express the whole range of opinions, from thumbs-down to thumb-wavering-at-roughly-horizontal to mean “so-so.” But hey, if this is a problem for you, just switch to the “OK!” sign (thumb and forefinger in a circle, other three fingers spread). You can really add some panache if you whip out this sign with a swirl or a flourish. It’s not nerdy, it’s the new cool, soon to replace the YO!-fingers-like-pistols-pointing-down thing.

  49. Beckie

    OMG, I gave someone the thumbs up last night and I thought of you!
    I can’t remember EVER giving the thumbs up before last night.

  50. Snickrsnack Katie

    I do the thumbs up now and again. And the thumbs up, wink combination. And even sometimes the thumbs up, wink, mouth clicking combo. I am sure I look like a tool – but it just SO gets the point across! (Especially when I am being sarcastic.)
    Congrats on the Weight Watchers. But you know what? You are be-yoo-tiful!

  51. Shelley

    Hey Y-
    Did you happen to catch the Dancing with the Stars finale last night?
    I thought of you because not one, not two, but three people flashed the thumbs up during the 2 hour finale. First Kelly (1st year’s winner) flashed the thumbs up in the flashback to her winning. Joey Fatone flashed the double thumbs up…and someone else too…can’t remember who.
    So, I think I have it figured out. It’s not that you are dorky…it’s the dancing. If people dance…they also use the thumbs up!
    *thumbs up to ya*

  52. Mellissa

    Hello Y! I haven’t visited your site in ages, because I popped out a little baby boy a few months ago and life has been a whirlwind ever since. I must say, I was sooooo excited the first time I squirted boobie milk all over the place, because now I could be JUST LIKE Y! Can’t believe how much your gorgeous children have grown in such a short amount of time.
    When I was about 3 I had a cat and I named him Fonzie. He never did the thumbs up, but I’m sure he would have if he’d had thumbs.

  53. sarcastic journalist

    HEEEEEEY! I heard a rumor you went to the gym last night.
    But then again, I had a drink with dinner (a MOMMY drink) and then I called your phone and started yelling ‘HEEEEEEYYYYYY!’ into the phone because I didn’t realize it was one of your kids.
    Tell them the crazy lady from the Internet says hi.

  54. Jen

    At the risk of sounding like a manic multi-tasker (both true) I have a great suggestion for you, and anyone else who writes for long periods of time at the computer. A mini-bike! It’s like a wheel with pedals, and fits under your desk. You can exercise while writing. That’s hot.

  55. Susan

    I freaked out a minute ago when I came to visit your site and it didn’t load on the first try. I got some error message and actually thought, “Oh no! Her mom found her site, and she pulled it off the net!!” Then I hit refresh and calmed down … and thought about giving my monitor a thumbs up.

  56. Katie

    We once went out to a fancy dinner and after a few too many mini-cups of Saki, my good friend looked at the waitress who was handing out dishes and with the world’s biggest thumbs up said, “you’re doing a wonderful job” with maybe four exclamation points at the end. I think we were all made less cool by the experience.
    I think thumbs up are totally(!) awesome(!) in small, undrunk quantities.
    And congrats on WW. You’re an inspiration, really. I might even get up off the couch and grab a water instead of a bag of chips. Might…

  57. erin

    Y, you rock. I just rejoined WW two weeks ago myself, and while you may think you have a problem, I used to be a WW LEADER! And, then not only did I regain all my weight but I also added 25 extra pounds. BUt you know, I really needed your entry, because I am sad I have to do it again, but I know it’s good for me no matter how many times I rejoin. Let’s do it together?
    Yes, I know, I’m some anon person in the blogosphere, but I truly know how you feel. Of course, trying to save points for food after a couple drinks IS a struggle. THANK GOD FOR YOU because I need you to make sure I’m not alone.
    BTW 235 to start. Yah. Sucks.

  58. Liz

    Hi Y–
    I also just joined Weight Watchers. After having my son 14 months ago and then having my gall bladder removed (which is the THE ONLY THING that kept me from gaining 60 lbs in my pregnancy), I gained and gained and gained.
    My goal is 50lbs by October, when I’ll be tortured…I mean I’ll be a bridesmaid (I’m just too fucking old for this crap, really).
    Anyhoo: keep on keepin’ on. I’m banking ALL of my WW points for some Chicago pizza while at BlogHer.

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