Yes, my outfit is from Target.

A few months ago I was contacted by a producer from Telepictures.
He thought my blog was funny and wanted to meet with me in person
about a project involving “moms.”
A week later, I was driving to the telepictures office in Burbank.
The entire way there I was trying to imagine what they wanted to talk
to me about. I was stressed out the entire way there because I had no
idea what was going to happen once I arrived there.
I can’t even tell you the amount of “nervous gas” that built up inside
of me as I made my way up the elevator to meet with people I didn’t
know about something I was clueless about.
*pfrrrrrrrrrat taaatataaatrrrrrdadtaaa*
I was greeted in the lobby by Jason, the man who had originally
contacted me. He was very friendly. So friendly that I kind of wanted
to invite him on a picnic where I would feed him fried chicken and
potato salad from Albertson’s deli and push him on the swings and make
him go reeeeeaaaaally high while we both giggles and he and shouted
things like “Higher, Y! Higher! Weeee!”
No, seriously, he was that sweet.
He took me back into an office where there were two women waiting to meet me.
It was a casual environment, which made me feel at ease immediately.
For some reason, I had imagined a huge room full of Very Important
People sitting in very large chairs staring at me, like “Who is this
Large Woman wearing an Old Navy Tshirt and a plaid skirt and why is
she wasting our time?”
Luckily, my day dream was way off base. There were no awkward stares
or very large chairs. Instead, there were three very friendly, funny
people who wanted to sit down and listen to me talk about myself and
my children.
No! Really!
Long story short—they had found my blog. They liked it, thought I was funny and that I was a good “story teller” (Shut it.). We talked, I toldstories. I left. A few months went by, yada yada yada, next thing you know I’m sitting with a group of incredibly funny, intelligent woman (one of them who just happened to be the (soon to be ex) wife of Shaquille O’Neal) shooting the shit about being moms.
And oh, there were cameras there to record it.
Go ahead and watch it if you’re curious as to what I have to say about spanking, but quite honestly, I didn’t say much. Being on camera didn’t come naturally to me. (as you can see.) I was also very self conscience my LARGE-NESS and was trying to not move so as not to jiggle. (ha ha. Look at how stiff I was.) What I would have said had I not felt awkward and large was probably something like this:
I used spanking with my first son, because it was the form of discipline that was familiar to me as I was spanked as a child. (In fact, the last spanking I got from my dad happened when I was 18 years old. And NO, I did not hit him back, Chris. Ha. Ha. But, that’s another story for another time.) I didn’t spank the way that my parents spanked. There were no belts or sticks involved and it was usually done in the exact moment that my child was talking back or doing things that were dangerous and could cause him harm, like, oh, I don’t know, LIGHTING MATCHES. But by the time my second son was born, I realized that there were other, more effective ways of disciplining a child.
Anyway. There was a lot more said that day and I have no idea as to whether that will ever go up on the site. What I do know is that entire experience was incredibly fun and although I hate looking at myself on camera (only watched it once, will NEVER watch it again.) I am glad that I didn’t let my insecurities and fear stop me from doing it. It’s not every day that a major production company finds your blog, thinks you’re funny and asks you to come on down and be a part of something like that.

102 thoughts on “Yes, my outfit is from Target.

  1. witchypoo

    Awesome! I liked what you had to say. I didn’t spank because I was spanked as a kid, and it only made me sneaky.
    You looked like the only real mom there, the rest of them were so Hollywood looking.
    We love you.

  2. Norma

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year or so and I’m so excited for you. You are getting to do such exciting things! Your wonderful spirit and joy from life come through in every post.

  3. Karla

    Oh my goodness Y! That is so incredibly awesome. Congratulations! Loved being able to put a voice to the words. And oh what a beautiful voice you have!

  4. Helen

    I am SO in awe of you because you DO this suff, even though you are scared of it , I was thinking about my trip to LA in THREE WEEKS! And the chances I have to meet some GREAT women and all that ‘oooh I can’t I am SO fat and they will cringe and die when they see my hugeness’ and you know what? I would come home and be sad that I gave up that chance……so, if you’ll have me we WILL meet and I will bring such English treats that we can stuff our faces and laugh at how much the skinny ones are missing. That said… have the most beautiful skin and lovely hair and I am all grey and STILL have ACNE, hell how bloody unfair is that???

  5. Y

    Helen, they have wonderful make up artists, so there.
    Also, I have missed out on so many things in my life because I was ashamed of my weight (and, sadly, I wasn’t fat then, but I thought I was.) I just decided NO MORE. I can’t lie, I’m embarrassed of the fact that I’ve gained more than half of the weight that I lost back, but really, is that a reason to not live life? No, it’s not.
    Now, you better call when you’re here. We’ll have fun, I’m sure of it.

  6. Teresa

    You’re amazing! Congrats on putting yourself out there. Wishing you all the best. Your stories are always so interesting.

  7. AA

    So, since I am at work I can only watch with the sound off, but you LOOK good. I’ll watch with sound when I get home tonight.
    I just didn’t want to wait to comment ’cause I know by then you’ll have hundreds of comments and I’ll be all, “Hey I saw it too ’cause I check her blog as often as you do and just because I’m at work doesn’t mean I don’t care” – in my head you know.

  8. Procrastamom

    Wowza! Congratulations!
    I will watch it when I get home, because they don’t give me bonuses here at work….like sound for mah ‘puter.
    (Yes. I just typed “Wowza!”. And although I feel sort of stupid and geeky about it, I’m leaving it there)

  9. Which Box

    Congratualtions! I am so happy you are not letting doubt and insecurity stop you from doing cool things. You ARE an inspiration to the masses. I think you are very strong – and sometimes (maybe this is presumptious) I wish you believed in yourself as much as everyone here believes in you.

  10. AmyM

    You are fabulous.
    Though I can’t believe you let your son play with matches. But matches are cheaper than toys, so you must have been doing the math.

  11. Kristy

    Long time reader…rarely comment. That aside, I think you look adorable in the video! I’d have had a bad case of shake-voice and red face. I’m so envious of how confident you are!

  12. Y

    NO! I do not let him play with matches. Perhaps I worded it wrong.
    I was trying to I will only spank when my son does something dangerous that could harm him, like, lighting matches.
    I wasn’t saying that I allow him to light matches, because OH HELL NO I DO NOT.

  13. cain

    Well. If your writing is as good as your “hand/palm” while spanking, I’d say Television is very ready for you!
    ~~You know, they could use a few good writers (particularly, while on strike!)…
    …Now, that I think of it:
    Spanking could be the next great subject for a reality TV show! (steal that idea..I don’t mind)
    spank* , with affection,

  14. josey

    hey Y 😀
    i just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. i SWEAR after reading your comment and seeing you on cam, we are like, almost twins. ROTFL! okay, now dont go scouring the internet for pix of me *teehee* i dont mean we look like sisters, but your comment (way up there ^^) sounded like you ripped it right out of my demented-little-insecure brain. yeah, this one: “I have missed out on so many things in my life because I was ashamed of my weight (and, sadly, I wasn’t fat then, but I thought I was.)”
    that’s me, in a nutshell. (and probably so many other women–who have a hard time admitting it! AND moving past it!)
    i am REALLY proud of you. i mean SUPERDUPERREALLY. i sincerely understand how hard that was for you, esp being with the other women and how they look, as vain as that sounds. YAY YOU!
    and for the record, i think you looked very polite and super cute on cam!!
    and i like, TOTALLY love the TAR-JHAY outfit. WOOT! =D

  15. Amy

    OMG – you look great on here – except for the stillness and all! no, seriously, I second the comment that you are the only real looking person in this and you’re so darn cute – I just hate that you can’t see how fantastic you are and let all the other stuff go. Maybe in time…

  16. Tirzah

    What a cool experience! I love to sit around and talk with my friends about stuff like that, then again my friends already know me and what I’m all about. Glad you had the opportunity to hang out with some big wigs, I’m sure you’ll get to again, you’re hilarious!!!

  17. Danielle

    I’m so excited for you. My husband came and and I was all, “There’s Y! She’s my friend and look at her.” Then he wanted to know how I knew you and I felt really dorky saying, “cause I read her blog.” But it’s still so cool!

  18. AmyM

    Yeah…no. I didn’t think you were intentionally allowing him to play with matches. I was being a smart ass.

  19. Y

    I seriously thought I worded it wrong and thought the entire internet was going to hate me because I let my son play with matches.
    How did I miss that you were just being a smart ass? I mean, you even included “did the math” which should have clued me in.
    I’m such a jackass.

  20. schoolofmom

    Y! You are totally my hero now. 🙂 Not that you weren’t before… or… anything… I’d better stop before I scare off your readers with a Bette Midler impression.

  21. schoolofmom

    Y! You are totally my hero now. 🙂 Not that you weren’t before… or… anything… I’d better stop before I scare off your readers with a Bette Midler impression.

  22. alimomof2

    I am a lurker, but had to comment to say congratulations. First, you look fabulous and I didn’t think you looked stiff. Second your voice is so soft and sweet. I “hear” you in my head as a little more tough chick (in a complimentary way)! I agree that you are a great storyteller and I look forward to your posts.

  23. Susan

    I thought you looked beautiful and calm and sounded intelligent. Quit being so hard on yourself! *hugs*

  24. mauniejames3

    I am so impressed…you are so real..the moment I discovered you I started reading you every day..I have a select few people I have to read..and you are adorable on sounded and looked so normal and …I would have been blubbering and you were totally relaxed…awesome

  25. Suz

    I think you look great too, your outfit was very flattering. But I know what you mean, when you see yourself in a picture or video and it doesn’t match your mental image of yourself, it can be very upsetting. I’m so glad you didn’t let those feelings stop you from being involved in this cool project. I hope you get a chance to do many more!

  26. Y

    Thank you all for saying such kind things about my little 30 seconds of fame. I appreciate how supportive you (always) are. xo

  27. Kay

    Damn girlfriend! You are a celebrity! WHOO HOO!
    ANd seriously, it is not the bean dip causing the nervous gas, really, I know, it is on the can, um, I think.

  28. Kay

    Damn girlfriend! You are a celebrity! WHOO HOO!
    ANd seriously, it is not the bean dip causing the nervous gas, really, I know, it is on the can, um, I think.

  29. Les~

    #1 – Friends with Jay! woooot!
    #2 – Got to be on the New Adventures of Old Christine blogger panel! woooot!
    #3 – Panel with Shaq’s (soon to be ex) wife! woooot!
    Our own celebrity blogger!
    Much props girl! Much props!

  30. Valeta

    Wow, we have a lot in common. Except for the whole meeting awesome people thing. I have never met anyone who is awesome.
    All of my outfits are from old navy or target.
    I sometimes spank my 4 year old boy. He is crazy.
    I was spanked as a child. The last time I was spanked when when I was 13 and I punched my mom in the face for hitting my butt and she punched me back. I remember it every time I spank my son.

  31. surcie

    Not that I need to say “yer real purdy” after everyone else has, but truly, you are just as attractive as those other mamas. PLUS you’re a talented writer. So you win!

  32. steppingoverthejunk

    You’re gorgeous!!! I thought you were totally natural, a natural fit to the group. I just swatted my 5 year old’s bum this afternoon when she threw a bucket of markers at me because I wouldnt let her watch tv. just to get her attention.

  33. Dawn

    You looked and sounded great! And, as far as the “Target” outfit…I swear to you, I bought the IDENTICAL shirt (only different color) from Kohl’s for which I’m sure I paid WAY too much money for recently. It was flattering though, but when I went to look for the same shirt in different colors, there were none to be found. (Target must have scapped them all up!)
    Yay for you for going for it! You are my inspiration…

  34. Laura

    aww you did look nervous but you were NOT HUGE!! I think we are about the same size but your face is much prettier than I could ever dream of. I don’t think you have a double chin like me!!!
    My take on spanking is I was one of those people who before she had kids said I’d never do it and anyone who did should be in jail for child abuse.
    Then I became a mom to a boy who wanted to steal every ounce of sanity I had…
    I am only ashamed of 2 spankings I gave him. The first one ever he was probably 9-10 months old and would NOT lay still for a diaper change and he got poop all over the couch. I admit I spanked out of frustration there and that was wrong.
    Every other time I’ve done it, it’s worked. Time outs don’t always work for him and when he’s had enough warnings I tell him that’s it, if he does it again I will spank. Usually that works.. and the older he is, the less I’ve needed to do it. I can take away his precious trains instead. I guess the key is finding their currency!! It’s how I potty trained him too! Yes I bribed with trains but once he got the hang of it he didn’t need bribing, he was proud to be a big boy.
    Now when I see another parent spank, I give the parent a sympathetic look instead of the kid.. spanking hurts us more than them.

  35. Lily

    That was absolutely wonderful — YOU were absolutely wonderful; and it made me proud all over again to know you — ahh, I mean, read your blog 😉 Wonderful job, Y!

  36. ela

    You were so real! – But, I think seemed a bit uncomfortable with other moms that seem to be much more comfortable with spanking. I used to think it *might* be okay, now I see that it just doesn’t work. there is a difference between instilling fear and respect.
    YOU rock!

  37. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    You were great…and didn’t show you were should watch it again….I’ve spent much of my life heavier, and I still think I’m beautiful…..It’s my smile and look at life. And I share as much of my philosophy as I can to help people realize…our looks are only part of the beauty package…
    Remember I’m 61, so you should consider my advice, I’ve lived longer…..
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  38. Luka

    i think that’s the first time I’ve heard your voice! – it was higher than I read your writing, ya know what I mean? 🙂 lol anyway, i think you looked beautiful! 🙂

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