If he would have bought me a card, it would have said something like “We’ll go out next week because it’s way too crowded on Valentines Day anyway. P.S. Drink lots of wine tonight, WINK WINK.”

I know.
You hate Valentines Day.
I understand. I don’t particularly love it myself.
We love each other every day and All That Cheese.
That said, I hope that YOU had a Happy Valentines Day and that the love of YOUR life at least bought you a card, or, I don’t know– a piece of chocolate?
Happy Valentines Day
Update– about 10 minutes after I published this, PigHunter handed me flowers, chocolate and a card. Now I sorta feel like an A-S-S-H-O-L-E.

31 thoughts on “If he would have bought me a card, it would have said something like “We’ll go out next week because it’s way too crowded on Valentines Day anyway. P.S. Drink lots of wine tonight, WINK WINK.”

  1. Y

    “bolog” made me laugh.
    Nah, I know my husband is a good guy. He just isn’t good at The Romance.
    But I still love him long time.

  2. Mr Lady

    Every single member of my household woke up to a card, candies and a treat beside their bed this morning, except for me. That was fine. I said Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, and no one said it back. Also, fine. We ran out of coffee and my husband asked me to go pick up some more for us, and handed me extra cash for a big, fancy latte before I headed out. Again, I was cool. Later today, I emailed him a scandelously adult photograph of myself on the floor of our bedroom and wrote “Hurry home from work” in the email. His reply?
    “Holy shit! Did you clean the bedroom?”
    Now I’m just pissed.

  3. Angella

    GAH! ME TOO!
    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He even brought it up the other day to confirm that we were not exchanging presents.
    I suck.

  4. Katie

    Aw, that’s sweet!
    My dumbass husband (after I told him I didn’t want anything) sent me a pink fuzzy box of rose scented bath&body stuff. I hate pink and I hate rose scented stuff. I would have preferred nothing like I had ask instead of $65 (duh, I see charges from our joint credit card) worth of crap I don’t want or use. And then he called me an ungrateful brat when I complained.
    Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to dump in your comments, I can’t blog about this kind of stuff anymore…

  5. Sylvia

    You know what? I didn’t bitch because I thought my boyfriend would do exactly what Pighunter did, suddenly come out with chocolate or something after I bitched at the universe that he hadn’t bothered.
    But I was right the first time. When I pointed out that a flower or something would have been nice, he said, you only do that for new people in your life.
    No, I am not speaking to him.

  6. Wisconsin Mommy

    Okay – I feel a little better about being totally IGNORED on Valentine’s Day…at least I wasn’t the only one. I think I would have even welcomed the pink bath stuff (which I don’t use either) since it would have meant that he at least TRIED.
    I also cannot blog about this since my husband reads my blog and I am pretending that I don’t care! (And yes, I am five.)

  7. beth

    I HATE Valentines day with a PASSION. I DON’T DO Valentine’s Day…but I did get mu hubs a card…and he got me candy (that he likes) and a bear. what the hell am I supposed to do with a stuffed bear????
    I love you and your blog. Been reading for a coulple of years now. You are a hoot!!!

  8. Lisa

    Well, late is much better than NEVER! We didn’t do anything, nor did he even tell me Happy Vday….and even after I handed him his card and a hershey’s kiss the size of his head he just said “oh…. thanks.”
    Men. GEEZE!

  9. Sarah

    Happy belated Valentine’s! It sounds like it must have been nice, at least because he remembered. My husband waited until my dad called to “remember.” Lol. Men.

  10. Cindy

    I didn’t get him something to get something. Especially since he had NOT gotten anything. Then he goes out and wastes 30 bucks on flowers that are going to die!! and a stuffed bear??? I’m sorry ladies but I have been married 20 years…a stuffed bear? I’d rather have a $30 Gift card for the bookstore i love! lol

  11. wifey615

    I am with Cindy and the others…we have been married 20 years. you have NEVER seen me swoon at a stuffed animal..possibly never even seen me hold a stuffed animal…so why oh why would you get me one that ISNT EVEN CUTE?
    but he made up for that awful gift later 🙂

  12. jen from boston

    I am the lesser of the two in the romance dept.
    I bought my husband a nose hair trimmer device for the occassion.
    I did preface it with “it’s the gift that keeps on giving”. He also got a card from me that sang the Tiffany song, “I Think We’re Alone Now” – so hopefully, I redeemed myself in part.

  13. Norma

    Y, what technique do you use to get that style on your photos? You use it often and I love it. I’m new to photography and I have photoshop CS3 but I can’t find anything that looks like your photos. Thanks for your help.

  14. lettergirl

    First, that picture makes me want to learn photography. It’s that beautiful. I am amazed all the time at how talented you have become.
    Second, hahahahahaha. I think I am married to PigHunter’s gringo brother.

  15. Beena

    I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s. I was more upset that he told me he didn’t have time then if he would have said he had just forgotten.

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