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Cheeseburgher 2.0!!!
In the beginning, there were cheeseburgers…
At BlogHer 07, a few friends bought a few bags of burgers and fries and had a party in their hotel room. Things quickly got out of control. The room filled with cheeseburger eaters. Security was called. And a CheeseburgHer Party Tradition was born.
At BlogHer 2008, Alpha Mom stepped in and sponsored the CheeseburgHer Party. Hundreds of burgers were purchased. Hundreds of people showed up to par-tay. Celebrities came. Security was called. The legend grew…
And that brings us to tonight.
Yes, peeps, there was one reason and one reason alone that Yvonne and I came to Mom 2.0 in Houston this weekend….
That’s right. Tonight, Isabel, Yvonne and I are throwing another majorly awesome CheeseburgHer Party, with the help of Burger King and Alpha Mom, who have generously agreed to sponsor the whole thing!
And if you’re in the Houston area tonight, you’re invited! It’s at Warehouse Live in the VIP room. Come early for the Mom2Summit Carnivale! party and the cost is $30, (tickets are available here, but hurry, there aren’t many left!) And if you come at eleven, the party is FREE. Yes, you heard me… FREE.

15 thoughts on “Tonight!

  1. Michele

    I’m not at mom2.0, but I’m hoping to make it to BlogHer… Which means I’m missing the party! Does this mean no security breakups? You’ve gone *gasp* Legit?! Last year was a blast – hope you all have a great time!

  2. DeannaBanana

    Dude, you know what this means right? Officially, you’ve made it. You have an event specifically named and based off of your awesomely awesome cheeseburger party idea.
    Can I have your autograph??

  3. apathy lounge

    Wow. D/FW never seemed so far away as it does right now. I’d love to go…but can’t. Whatever happened to Sarcastic Journalist. Did she fall off the face of the earth?

  4. A'Dell

    Heh – the current ad in rotation is for Boca Burgers. How oddly inappropriate considering this event was sponsored by BK!
    Hope you had fun!

  5. lynne

    If I knew Sarcastic Journalist would be there y’know I might just consider getting on a plane. I really miss her writing.I hope she and her family are doing well.

  6. Suzy Q

    All of this happened because of you, Y. This was YOUR IDEA originally. Some of us do remember!
    So, I hope you’re proud of yourself and that others remember, too. Cheeseburgers rock!

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